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HSSB711: Clashing and deceiving


While Luo Zhiyuan and the others had successfully entered the internal region of the Dim Radiant Mausoleum by a stroke of great luck, the Chief of the Dim Darkness Sect, Zhou Haosheng, was still slightly in the lead.

He wielded the Soul Brocade Banner, battling  it out with Luo Zhiyuan.

Meanwhile, the Dim Darkness Adept grasped the Dim Radiant Lamp in one hand whilst similarly unleashing supreme martial arts of the Dim Darkness Sect with the other, attacking Luo Zhiyuan as well.

Luo Zhiyuan’s expression was cold and focused as he simultaneously raised a golden sun and a bright moon with both his hands that rose slowly into the air.

Amidst the interchanging of the sun and moon that rose and set, immeasurable radiance illuminated the surrounding area.

Where this radiance passed, the dimness was dispelled.

The sun and moon flickered interchangeably with changes between light and darkness.

The mighty, infinite power of two extremities was shockingly integrated within, resembling the dominating power of the heavens and the earth that broke through all that stood before it.

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze jolted lightly, “High-grade Sacred Artifact, Sun Moon Wheels!”

As a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect, Luo Zhiyuan, was still unable to exert and wield the full power of the Sun Moon Wheels.

Even so, at this moment, he seemed to be bolstered by the sun and the moon, resembling a divinity as he was vast and mighty like the hegemon of these heavens and earth.

Zhou Haosheng was unable to forcibly clash head-on with him.

He continued waving the Soul Brocade Banner in his hands, boundless dimness of the deep abyss forming which slowed the progression of the interchanging sun and moon.

The long banner that resembled a flag whilst also a spear expanded, dimness enveloping the area.

The supreme martial art of the Dim Darkness Sect, the Thousand Darkness Non-Brightness Spear transformed the area into a world without light, virtually within an independent space of its own.

All radiance which trespassed into this world was dissipated into nothingness.

The attacks and forms of the enemies seemed not to exist within this world as well.

This world that was without light resembled a deep abyss that devoured all things, condemning myriad lifeforms to eternal darkness.

Yet, where Luo Zhiyuan wielded the Sun Moon Wheels, immeasurable light was emitted which seemed to surpass the bearable limits of this world without brightness.

As the flickering radiance of the sun and moon was devoured, yet more of it surged into existence.

As the radiance circulated, the boundaries of the surrounding space grew blurry.

From Yan Zhaoge’s perspective, it was like a world of light was advancing unceasingly, pressuring over towards that dim world whose boundaries gradually retracted backwards without stopping.

The Dim Darkness Adept clasped the Dim Radiant Lamp with one hand, chopping forward with the other.

The dim radiance that was half bright and half dark formed sabre-light that was not dazzling yet contained extreme pressure, whittling down the golden radiance of the sun and moon.

Controlled by Zhou Haosheng, he continued urgently refining the Dim Radiant Lamp even as he attempted to borrow its power to meet Luo Zhiyuan in battle.

Numerous black patterns appeared atop the Dim Radiant Lamp, not emitting any lustre as they unceasingly expanded.

From the intense clash between the two sides, it could currently be seen that of the interchanging sun and moon which possessed a majestic aura, the great sun still remained magnificent, yet the bright moon had slowed somewhat amidst its changes in completeness.

The bright moon just seemed unable to achieve the complete full moon no matter what.

It was often rumoured that the moon wheel of the Sun Moon Wheels had previously been damaged, never having managed to recover from this deficiency ever since then.

The current scene seemed to prove this.

It was precisely because of this that while Luo Zhiyuan continually advanced, pressuring down on him, with the help of the Dim Darkness Adept, Zhou Haosheng was still barely able to hold on.

If this continued dragging out like this, when Zhou Haosheng had completely refined the Dim Radiant Lamp, even if it was actually also damaged, the situation would change immediately.

The other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners madly approached the area where the two Chiefs were currently battling it out.

Yet, the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners too did not fall behind.

As the two sides clashed unceasingly, they saw the black patterns on the surface of the Dim Radiant Lamp becoming more and more densely packed.

Bright light seemed about to be birthed amidst the boundless darkness.

The Dim Radiant Lamp looked like it was about to be lit up once more.

Seeing this, the faces of the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners all relaxed.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge was not feeling optimistic.

He hastily sped up his unsealing of the stone door even whilst narrowing his eyes and carefully appraising the moon wheel of the Sun Moon Wheels.

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

As the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners were all feeling slightly relaxed, Yan Zhaoge suddenly raised his tone in warning, “Be careful of deception! The Sun Moon Wheels may already have made a full recovery!”

Amidst the chaotic space, all of them who were currently in different spaces might not even be able to hear one another’s voices as they tried to speak now.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s voice still stably travelled into all their ears.

The Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners were all taken aback upon hearing this.

Zhou Haosheng’s heart jolted suddenly.

Having been emotionless previously, the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect Luo Zhiyuan instead suddenly laughed now.

The radiance of the interchanging sun and moon suddenly grew even stronger!

The bright moon which had always been incomplete before assumed the shape of a full circle now as streams of radiance scattered.

The power of the Sun Moon Interchanging Art suddenly rose as if having undergone a qualitative change.

Zhou Haosheng’s pupils dilated intensely, “The moon wheel has really been restored!”

Luo Zhiyuan raised his palms simultaneously above his head, bringing them together in mid-air.

Then, he chopped towards out forward with a cold smile on his face.

As the radiance of the sun and moon flickered interchangeably, it transformed into a terrifying sabre.

With just a single sabre, the dim world formed of Zhou Haosheng’s Thousand Dim Non-Brightness Spear was directly broken through!

Seeing this, the Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners were all greatly shocked.

How had the moon wheel that they had previously been unable to repair suddenly been restored entirely just like this

The current Sun Moon Wheels was a flawless, perfect high-grade Sacred Artifact, no longer carrying any flaws as it had returned to its peak of the past!

Even though Luo Zhiyuan was unable to exert all its power, the fierceness of his high-grade Sacred Artifact was not something that could be questioned at all.

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows, his previous suspicion having been confirmed.

The Extreme Yin Crown.

After having received the Extreme Yin Crown, while the Radiant Light Sect might not be able to freely wield it, they had still benefited from it.

Luo Zhiyuan’s sudden power-up was out of Zhou Haosheng’s predictions as he was temporarily sent into retreat by him.

Thankfully, at Yan Zhaoge’s reminder, he virtually instinctively controlled the Dim Darkness Adept into retreating with the Dim Radiant Lamp, avoiding this sudden assault by Luo Zhiyuan.

Luo Zhiyuan’s gaze swept coldly across Yan Zhaoge and Zhou Haosheng, “A meaningless struggle.”

He waved his palm again, the immeasurable sabre formed of the sun and moon again hacking down.

He was faster than Zhou Haosheng.

As soon as Zhou Haosheng’s stance was broken by him, it would be hard for him to restrict his speed.

The Dim Darkness Adept barely blocked this, yet this Great Radiant Light Sabre had been a feint on Luo Zhiyuan’s part.

The immeasurable radiance of his sabre-light suddenly split into two, transforming into one sun and one moon, one golden and one silver.

The golden sunlight turned dark, transforming into a dim black sun.

The silvery moonlight turned colder, transforming into a cold blue moon.

As the two met in mid-air, the Dim Darkness Adept and the Dim Radiant Lamp were instantly locked in place.

As light and darkness intersected, they actually vaguely resonated with the Dim Radiant Lamp.

Luo Zhiyuan’s figure flickered, quick as a flash as he was instantly before the Dim Darkness Adept, striking out with a palm.

At the end of the day, the Dim Darkness Adept was only a puppet.

While it was at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm as well, it was still unable to stand against Luo Zhiyuan who was just a half-step away from the Immortal Bridge stage.

Forcibly clashing against the first palm, the Dim Darkness Adept was still barely able to hold on.

Yet, Luo Zhiyuan changed his stance in the second exchange.

The Dim Darkness Adept was unable to react in time as it instantly suffered a grave injury from Luo Zhiyuan’s sword!

Zhou Haosheng roared in rage, chasing towards Luo Zhiyuan from behind with a full-powered attack, trying to force him to defend himself.

Yet, Luo Zhiyuan did not turn back at all.

Streams of light surged about his body, transforming into golden armour that emitted immeasurable light, engraved into eternity.

It was clearly another mid-grade Sacred Artifact which he was currently making use of to defend against Zhou Haosheng’s attack!


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