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HSSB712: Behind the great door


Zhou Haosheng’s face was livid as he wielded the Soul Brocade Banner, striking out towards Luo Zhiyuan with a full-powered blow!

Boundless dimness obscured the area, the chaotic space seemingly descending completely into darkness at this moment.

Radiance and heat all vanished, only extremely coldness left within the air.

It was like the universe was reaching its end, everything cold and desolate, also seeming like when the heavens and the earth had just been split apart, the universe born of the primordial darkness.

The next instant, the primordial darkness was extinguished, the very first light radiating forth!

A supreme martial art of the Dim Darkness Sect, Primordial Darkness Extinguishing!

This full-powered blow of Zhou Haosheng’s targeted Luo Zhiyuan’s vitals in order to extricate the Dim Darkness Adept and the Dim Radiant Lamp from their precarious plight.

Yet, golden armour appeared all around Luo Zhiyuan’s body, the mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Inextinguishable Light Armour forcibly taking on the full powered-blow of Zhou Haosheng who wielded the Soul Brocade Banner.

Meanwhile, he did not cease in his actions as the Sun Moon Wheels locked the Dim Darkness Adept and the Dim Radiant Lamp in place before he continued unleashing his third technique.

Luo Zhiyuan lined his index and middle fingers into a sword, quick as flashing lightning as he executed a Radiant Light Sword, stabbing towards the brow of the injured Dim Darkness Adept.

If this sword hit, the Dim Darkness Adept would immediately perish.

The Dim Darkness Adept barely raised its hand to block Luo Zhichao’s instant Radiant Light Sword, its palm being directly pierced through by Luo Zhichao’s fingers.

At the same time, Zhou Haosheng used the Soul Brocade Banner as a spear, sweeping along indestructible radiance which mightily struck the Inextinguishable Light Armour.

The dazzling radiance was instantly extinguished!

A mighty mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Inextinguishable Light Armour, was directly destroyed by the full-powered blow of Zhou Haosheng and the Soul Brocade Banner!

A mid-grade Sacred Artifact was ruined completely just like that!

However, the Inextinguishable Light Armour had won sufficient time for Luo Zhiyuan whose Radiant Light Sword changed into the Great Radiant Light Sabre, domineeringly chopping off the arm of the Dim Darkness Adept which was clutching the Dim Radiant Lamp!

The martial practitioners of the Dim Darkness Sect all howled unresignedly as they could only watch the Dim Radiant Lamp which had almost been refined by Zhou Haosheng become ownerless again.

The black patterns on the lamp’s surface faded like the tides of the sea, swiftly dispersing.

Yan Zhaoge circulated the true essence of his entire body, connected with the Myriad Dragon Palace and the stone door behind him as it was hard for him to pay attention to other matters.

The light dragon formed of the Myriad Dragon Palace had already virtually merged completely with the stone door.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and heavy as he surveyed the overall situation.

With the price of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the original slight advantage that the Dim Darkness Sect had possessed had been caught up to, even being overturned!

After destroying the Inextinguishable Light Armour, Zhou Haosheng immediately struck out once more, continuing to attack Luo Zhiyuan.

However, the Sun Moon Wheels which had been freed turned back into immeasurable radiance, blocking Zhou Haosheng.

This time, it was no longer so easy for Zhou Haosheng to break through his enemy’s defences.

Luo Zhiyuan repelled the heavily wounded Dim Darkness Adept with another blow before grabbing out towards the Dim Radiant Lamp.

Instantly, the black patterns dispersed, bright patterns spreading on the Dim Radiant Lamp’s surface!

“Finally…the Emperor’s accompanying Sacred Artifact!” Luo Zhiyuan raised his head and roared towards the heavens, the Sun Moon Wheels transforming back into the great golden sun and the bright silvery moon as they shone together above his head, seeming eternal and inextinguishable.

Despair and unwillingness appeared within the gazes of Zhou Haosheng and the other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners.

They had worked so hard, yet ended up losing it to the Radiant Light Sect in the end!

How would they be able to stand against a Radiant Light Sect which possessed two great high-grade Sacred Artifacts

The winds of change blew swiftly, the attacking and defending sides being overturned as the initiative completely changed hands.

Now, it was the Radiant Light Sect that was in the lead.

Now, Zhou Haosheng and the others had to interfere with and prevent Luo Zhiyuan from refining the Dim Radiant Lamp.

Yet, with the Sun Moon Wheels protecting him, the difficulty of this was much higher than when Luo Zhiyuan had been fighting from the lamp earlier.

Luo Zhiyuan did not have to fight with Zhou Haosheng at all now.

He was already on stable footing now, victory practically being assured.

In just a short period of time, he would be able to refine the Dim Radiant Lamp!

Having already been at an advantage in terms of strength before, the Radiant Light Sect would directly crush the Dim Darkness Sect experts, brutally slaughtering all of them without question!

Zhou Haosheng’s eyes appeared on the brink of imploding as he was forced to consider a problem of true practicality.

They virtually had no hopes of succeeding now, of breaking through the defences of the Sun Moon Wheels before Luo Zhiyuan could refine the Dim Radiant Lamp.

Like this, they could only watch Luo Zhiyuan refine the Dim Radiant Lamp.

Afterwards, all of them would unquestionably die here without a ground of burial.

Since that was so, shouldn’t they make use of the short gap of time when Luo Zhiyuan was still refining the Dim Radiant Lamp and hurriedly retreat, fleeing from the Dim Radiant Mausoleum

For the Chief of the Dim Darkness Sect, this would undoubtedly be an extremely humiliating choice.

As Luo Zhiyuan refined the Dim Radiant Lamp, he smiled coldly at Zhou Haosheng’s group, “Your sole choice is to flee now while you can.

You might just be able to leave this place alive.”

“Still, your Dim Darkness Sect’s main altar has already been destroyed.

There is no longer any place for you to hide; we will be able to find you whenever we want.

How long can you hide, I wonder”

“Traitors of the Dim Darkness Sect, your end has arrived!”

He gazed around at their surroundings, sighing at the heavens, “The Emperor’s relics belong to our sect.

The mausoleum will be left to our sect to worship in the future.

As the Emperor’s most orthodox lineage, it is only right that this happens.

The late Emperor will surely feel consoled by us descendants cleaning up the impurities for him, executing you lot of rebels!”

The faces of Zhou Haosheng and the other Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners were livid while the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were all in high spirits.

Their fight of so many years was finally going to reach a conclusion!

Looking at the Dim Radiant Lamp in Luo Zhiyuan’s hand, Yan Zhaoge knit his brows slightly as well.

“Brat, it is good that you are here as well,” Luo Zhiyuan’s gaze now turned towards Yan Zhaoge as he said in a tone that was cold to the extreme, “I was not able to deal with you before, allowing you to leap all about in continuously wrecking things for my sect, even killing many of our experts.”

“I too must admit that I have never seen any first level Martial Saint stir up as major a disturbance as you before.

Still, it is much too early for you to stand in opposition to our sect.

It is not by your own skill that you have been able to be carefree for so long.

It is merely because our sect has never truly focused our attention on you before.”

Luo Zhiyuan said coldly, “Your good luck ends now.”

He tilted his head slightly, “Junior apprentice-brother Guo, this matter began with that youngster you had set your eyes on.

Your disciple who had yet to enter our sect long since died by his hands.

Today, you should be the one to take care of things.”

Radiance illuminated the body of a Radiant Light Sect Elder as he forcibly traversed the chaotic flows of space, gradually approaching Yan Zhaoge.

A major figure of the Radiant Light Sect, the Head of the Eternal Light Hall Guo Song.

He was at the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, being a mid Seeing Divinity stage expert.

Back then, if Huang Jie had come to the World beyond Worlds, it had been decided that he would enter this person’s tutelage.

Facing his gaze that was like that of an eagle’s, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “This is the third time we are meeting.”

When Yan Zhaoge had informed the anti-Xuan coalition about the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s retreat previously, he had also seen Guo Song during that standoff with those of the Radiant Light Sect.

Still, only now did he learn that he was Huang Jie’s Master from the Radiant Light Sect up in the Worlds beyond Worlds.

Guo Son said mildly, “It is also the last time.”

He stared fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge like an eagle, “A youngster even more outstanding than Huang Jie- how he died to you is only natural.

However, a youth like you who doesn’t know his own limits dying at this old man’s hands today- that is even more natural.”

Saying thus, he struck mightily with a palm towards Yan Zhaoge, immeasurable radiance illuminating space!

Yan Zhaoge was neither shocked nor afraid as he smiled composedly, “You think too much.”

With but a thought on his part, he retreated backwards.

The stone door behind him abruptly opened!


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