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HSSB713: A great mystery


The stone door behind Yan Zhaoge opened, the dim radiance that enveloped the space before him instantly beginning to turn tangible once more.

Luo Zhiyuan, Zhou Haosheng and the others in the distance as well as the nearby Chen Song who had just been about to attack him all vanished.

The Dim Radiant Mausoleum appeared once more, sturdy floorboards, walls and the like appearing before Yan Zhaoge.

However, just an instant later, the Dim Radiant Mausoleum began to dissipate once more, formless dust spreading which suffused the area with numerous different spaces being formed.

“Thinking of running” Luo Zhiyuan held the Dim Radiant Lamp amidst space far away, his gaze cold.

The exterior of the lamp was filled densely with bright patterns as the lamp’s light looked like it was about to be reignited once more.

Yan Zhaoge was neither hurried nor flustered as he struck towards the stone door with a palm.

From within the opened door suddenly appeared multiple strange qi currents.

The radiance that had already been dim originally instantly dimmed yet further, with even the Dim Radiant Lamp shaking slightly as a result.

The chaotic flow of space vanished once more, the internal structure of the mausoleum reappearing.

Chen Song’s palm mightily struck the wall of a passage of the mausoleum.

He frowned as he looked at this, not knowing where Yan Zhaoge might currently be.

While everyone was still within the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, they were in different areas.

After space had transformed into the mausoleum, they ended up located in different places within.

He had still been within sight a moment ago, but he was unable to locate him now.

The complex structure of the mausoleum made it such that it was difficult for one to distinguish directions.

The martial practitioners of the Radiant Light Sect and Dim Darkness Sect were instantly split up as well.

There were only those who had been clashing previously who still remained face-to-face now.

There were only Zhou Haosheng and the Dim Darkness Adept left in front of Luo Zhiyuan as well.

He ignored Zhou Haosheng, instead frowning as he looked at the Dim Radiant Lamp he grasped as well as the mausoleum that had reappeared.

Finally, Luo Zhiyuan’s gaze landed on the stone coffin on which the Dim Radiant Lamp was placed.

Looking at its empty interior, his gaze was heavy and focused, “Is the Emperor truly dead What lies behind that great door of the mausoleum”

Zhou Haosheng’s expression was gloomy and uncertain as he too was unable to get his head around the sudden change in the situation.

Eventually, Luo Zhiyuan retracted his gaze, focusing on things at hand.

Bright patterns surged unceasingly on the Dim Radiant Lamp, extending rapidly.

Luo Zhiyuan refined the Dim Radiant Lamp with all his might, wanting to get this supreme treasure completely under his control for good.

In the depths of the mausoleum, Yan Zhaoge sighed in relief as he saw the mausoleum’s passageway that had just reappeared before him, feeling even more curious about what existed behind the door.

The threat of Luo Zhiyuan, Guo Song and the others had temporarily been resolved.

Still, danger remained.

Yan Zhaoge naturally would not be happy to see Luo Zhiyuan and the Radiant Light Sect obtain the Dim Radiant Lamp as per their desires, causing their strength to skyrocket.

Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply before venturing beyond the opened stone door.

Beyond the stone door, the dim radiance that bewildered one’s senses which had been seen everywhere in the mausoleum had completely vanished.

An empty foreign dimension lay before him.

Everything was jet-black, with only a speck of radiance flickering in the distance, bright whilst also pure.

Yan Zhaoge carefully felt the flow of qi in this foreign dimension, his expression turning stern a moment later.

This foreign dimension seemed to have restored the primal beginnings of the universe, depicting everything stemming from the primordial darkness till the scenes of when the first light was born.

After that first speck of light was born, time seemed to have frozen at that one moment, changes occurring no more.

In that instant where everything had been preserved, the flow of time seemed to have lost all meaning, being mysterious beyond words.

Yan Zhaoge approached that speck of light of the beginning.

Yet, the darkness of the universe seemed to stretch out boundlessly.

However far he walked, that speck of light still appeared a considerable distance away as it did not seem to be getting any closer at all.

That feeling was like he was walking on the spot.

Looking at that insurmountable speck of light, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze began turning deep and distant as he silently circulated the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

Numerous qi currents that resembled chaos soundlessly appeared, suffusing the area beside him.

Yan Zhaoge advanced once more.

This time, there was finally a feeling of distance amidst space as Yan Zhaoge could visibly make out the distance between him and that speck of light diminishing.

Finally, arriving at the centre of this foreign dimension, he saw that this speck of light still remained as miniscule as a grain of rice.

Yan Zhaoge reached out, the qi currents about his entire body that resembled chaos encroaching on that speck of radiance.

While its glow had dimmed, Yan Zhaoge could already see that amidst that radiance that was as minute as a speck of dust was actually concealed an unusual world.

Enveloped by that glow was an altar.

While it appeared tiny, it emanated an extremely majestic feeling.

Yan Zhaoge even felt as if this altar was even grander and mightier than the entire Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

“The problem is-how do we get in” Yan Zhaoge carefully inspected the area, pondering unceasingly.

He reached out, tapping the radiance that resembled a speck of dust with his fingertip.

While it was just a single speck of radiance, it was like he was touching a whole independent world before him.

The power of dimensions seemed to possess form as it obstructed Yan Zhaoge.

This time, however, Yan Zhaoge felt something out of the ordinary.

The concept contained within that radiance did not just consist of the legacies of the former Dim Radiant Sect.

An aura which Yan Zhaoge felt to be familiar was also mixed within.

His expression now turned rather strange, “Why does this rather resemble the concept of the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture Also, based on the comprehension of the scripture, it seems to be the work of that elusive mother of mine”

Thinking this, Yan Zhaoge recalled his conversation with his father Yan Di back then as he extended a finger, drawing in the air.

His true essence transformed into light, leaving traces in the air where his finger drew as a very unique rune was quickly formed.

As the rune circulated, a profound, mysterious concept emanated from within.

Some things like secret codes which Yan Di had taught to him back then were all contained within.

Some of those things were still useless now, but some were already beginning to serve their use.

The rune shrunk, becoming even more miniscule than a speck of dust as it descended towards that altar.

The speck of radiance that resembled dust finally expanded, an existence that resembled a sphere of light manifesting with a door soundlessly opening on its surface.

Yan Zhaoge clicked his tongue in wonder.

Could the person who had entered the Dim Radiant Mausoleum previously be Xue Chuqing

How had she managed to do it

From projecting her cultivation base, even if she had improved rapidly, the possibility would still be comparatively small unless she had resided within a world where time flowed faster for many years.

Or maybe she had some special method with which she had done so.

Still, there was currently nothing which went to show that she had some connection to the Dim Radiant Sect.

As he pondered, Yan Zhaoge entered the world within the sphere of light.

The altar that had a majestic aura was erected at the centre of this space, seemingly densely filling the surrounding heavens and earth.

Radiance shone brightly at times whilst dimly at others atop the altar, flickering interchangeably.

A great many objects were piled up at the foot of the altar.

His gaze sweeping over them, Yan Zhaoge was surprised, “Good fella.

We’ve struck it rich this time.”

Gazing over, various precious resources and rare treasures of all kinds were piled up like a mountain before the altar.

The Dim Radiant Sect had flourished for some time back then, possessing a substantial foundation.

While the most important Dim Radiant Lamp wasn’t here, even a portion of the treasures that the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia had been buried with was already sufficient to take the breath of most away.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was more interested in what existed atop the altar.

As well as…was there anyone still here


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