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HSSB714: The man-crazy young girl


The radiance atop the altar was bright at times whilst dim at others, forming a dense mist of light which obscured one’s sensory abilities such that even Yan Zhaoge was unable to see through it.

However, his heart jolted slightly as he felt that there was clearly still someone present at the foot of this altar amidst this pile of treasures.

This was rather out of Yan Zhaoge’s predictions.

After all, from the environment of the Dim Radiant Mausoleum outside, it had already been quite a while since the people who had entered had come.

Could it be that this person had been here all this time, not having left

Yan Zhaoge concentrated in that direction, seeing the pile of treasures that resembled a mountain suddenly shaking.

An even brighter light surged from below, pushing out through the pile of treasures and materials.

A blue bottle arose from amidst the bottom layer of the mountain of treasures, flying into the air.

Countless spirit patterns circulated on the surface of the bottle, gradually dispersing.

Observing these spirit patterns, Yan Zhaoge wondered, “It should be a seal that was at work.

Now that the seal has broken, what is it inside the bottle”

Could it be that there was a guardian of the treasures slumbering within that he would have to beat in order to obtain these treasures

A rather random thought appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s mind before he saw the seal which had been on the bottle vanish completely.

The bottle fell straight onto the ground, a seven-coloured light spurting out from within.

Amidst the light, a figure appeared.

Yan Zhaoge blinked, staring at that person whom he appraised for a long time, “That’s not it…”

While he was unsure whether he was feeling despondent or relaxed, Yan Zhaoge could be certain that he definitely wouldn’t be unable to recognise Xue Chuqing.

Whether it was from deep within his memories or the image that he had received from his father Yan Di just two years back, Yan Zhaoge was clearly able to remember Xue Chuqing’s appearance.

While this person before him was also a female, she was definitely someone else.

Also, she had the appearance of a young girl.

Wearing a white dress, this girl’s eyes both appeared drowsy, as if she had not had enough sleep.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge standing before her, the girl’s mind seemed to clear up somewhat, her big eyes suddenly blinking intermittently as she too appraised him.

After observing her for a while, Yan Zhaoge suddenly extended a finger, tapping towards her brows.

The girl looked dazed as she watched Yan Zhaoge surprisedly, somewhat unable to register this.

Still, as a martial practitioner, her body reacted faster than her mind as she instinctively dodged backwards.

With this, the martial arts that she used were naturally revealed as well.

Yan Zhaoge had intentionally reduced the speed of his finger to give her sufficient time to execute them, revealing her martial foundation.

With just this one move, Yan Zhaoge was already able to tell that this girl’s movement techniques were extremely close to that of the Jade Crane Su Yun of the Floating Life World who had been his mother’s attendant that year.

It was also similar to the martial foundations of Xue Chuqing which Yan Di had described to him before.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, retracting his finger and no longer making a move.

The girl looked blankly at Yan Zhaoge.

“Don’t be scared…” Yan Zhaoge smiled as he spoke in a warm tone, preparing to explain things and console her a little.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, that girl instead suddenly blurted out, “Young Master is so handsome…”

“Huh” Yan Zhaoge was caught rather unprepared by her reaction.

That girl seemed to finally have awoken fully from her slumber, regaining all her vitality.

However, she currently had a man-crazy, admiring look on her face as her hands clasped before her chest, she stared unblinkingly at Yan Zhaoge with wide, starstruck eyes, “Handsome appearance, straight, tall figure, refreshing as the spring breeze, divinity in his gaze, possessing a sharp, domineering aura and a composure of utmost confidence.

There is really no fault to be found in any area at all!”

Yan Zhaoge did not know whether to laugh or to cry, “I’ve got to admit that I feel very happy at your praise.

Still, are you only concerned about this”

The girl nodded forcefully, “This maid how Lady looks like, also having seen images of Lord before.

As for Young Master, this maid had only seen how you looked when you were young.

The flair of Young Master who possesses both the best features of Lady and Lord after having come of age-I have been anticipating it all this while!”

She held her face, twisting it from side to side, “Lady, Young Master really is handsome! Xiao Ai is so happy!”

Yan Zhaoge was rendered dumbstruck, feeling a little unable to keep up with this girl’s train of thought.

“This…you just called yourself Xiao Ai” Yan Zhaoge helplessly interrupted the girl who was currently caught in her fantasies and crying for joy, “I didn’t have any malicious intentions in acting just now.

It was just to test out your martial foundation.

From the looks of it now, all seems to be clear.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I am surnamed Yan, Yan Zhaoge.

My father is Yan Di, and my mother is Xue Chuqing.”

“Your martial arts are from the same lineage as my mother’s, being virtually exactly the same in the detailed, specific areas in a way that would be difficult to falsify.

You must have learned under her”

Xiao Ai nodded forcefully, “Right, Young Master! While serving Lady, this maid was also taught some martial arts by her on the side.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Just how can you be certain of my identity Is it just by looks alone There are many who look similar yet are not actually related by blood.”

Xiao Ai answered, “In order to treat this maid’s injuries, Lady left me within this foreign dimension, with this maid recuperating using the slumbering method of the Turtle Breathing Technique.

When someone entered the foreign dimension through a special technique, if this maid had already fully recuperated and was just slumbering, the barrier outside the bottle would automatically wake me.”

“If someone forcibly broke into the foreign dimension, this maid would not be awakened.

Therefore, as soon as this maid awoke, she knew that either Lady had personally returned or it must be Lord or Young Master who had come.”

She looked smilingly at Yan Zhaoge, “This maid has seen Lord’s recorded appearance before, while Young Master is still so young.”

Xiao Ai appraised Yan Zhaoge carefully with another glance before again holding her face, her head lowered as she shivered crazily, appearing incomparably excited, “A-grade!…No! A ! Young Master is definitely A !”

Yan Zhaoge was momentarily lost for words as he looked at this man-crazy maid, smiling wryly as he then interrupted her after pondering slightly, “Then, my…mother, she’s already gone Do you know where she was heading to and where she might be at now”

Xiao Ai shook her head, “This maid doesn’t know.”

She said in a righteous tone, “In this world, it is easy for Lady to find people, but it would be hard indeed for someone looking for Lady.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “These words…I’m beginning to share the same sentiments more and more.”

Xiao Ai’s mood seemed to have fallen as she sniffed, “If not for this maid getting injured back then, holding Lady back, Lady would not have been noticed and pursued, having to make use of this Dim Radiant Mausoleum in order to get rid of the pursuers.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze hardened, “Who was pursuing you”

Xiao Ai appeared rather bewildered, “This maid doesn’t know too.

Lady only said that the less this maid knows, the safer I’ll be.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, glancing at the altar before him and then surveying the surrounding space, “My mother brought you into the Dim Radiant Mausoleum There was no one who helped you to enter”

Xiao Ai said, “There were just the two us.

As for the rest, Lady said that all of them were turned into puppets by the restrictions of this mausoleum.”

Yan Zhaoge said rather interestedly, “I remember that my mother shouldn’t have any connection to the Dim Radiant Sect”

“This maid also isn’t very clear on this.

Lady only casually mentioned something once,” Xiao Ai said, “I think Lady said that her Grand Master was formerly a close friend of the Dim Radiant Emperor’s.”

She suddenly seemed to remember something as she tugged at Yan Zhaoge’s sleeve, pointing toward the top of the altar, “Young Master, young master! Lady once said that there’s a really remarkable thing up there!”


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