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HSSB725: Please move aside


Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Xiao Ai and Pan-Pan could all feel the heaven-shaking, earth-overturning changes that had happened with the Northern Ocean Clone.

For those of their current cultivation bases, the Northern Ocean Clone had already been extremely powerful before this.

Still clearly able to feel his immense increment in strength now, they were impacted greatly by it.

It was still fine for Xiao Ai who had lived in the World beyond Worlds for a long time.

Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu were both curiously appraising Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

To they who had always lived in the Eight Extremities World before this, there was a great difference between experts of the third and fourth levels of the Martial Saint realm.

Experts who had surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm and attained the Seeing Divinity stage would thus break free of the Eight Extremities World, ascending to the World beyond Worlds.

Just from this alone, the given impressions of these two cultivation levels seemed to be separated by an incomparable gulf which one would hold special significance in one’s mind.

Yan Zhaoge stood up, clapping lightly.

The Myriad Dragon Palace shook, seemingly transforming into a dragon of light which traversed the chaotic spacetime in the vicinity.

While the Dim Radiant Wheel remained silent and unmoving within, blurry radiance that was neither bright nor dark was circulating on its surface.

The Myriad Dragon Palace was also enveloped by a layer of dim radiance before it broke through space and escaped.

Numerous runes circulated amidst the chaotic flows of space, interfering with and causing the surrounding space to be even more chaotic.

Still, protected by the dim darkness, the Myriad Dragon Palace successfully broke through the numerous layers of space.

Within the palace, Yan Zhaoge extended his palm, a sigil visible on it on which light circulated.

A streak of light shot out from the top of the Myriad Dragon Palace, traversing through space as if leading the way.

At the end of its path, a black hole was formed amidst space with distorted scenes visible within.

Before Yan Zhaoge had come to the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, he had left a marker in the World beyond Worlds to make it more convenient for their return.

It was because the chaotic flows of space had been too fierce earlier that it would have been hard for them to succeed.

Now that this had fallen to an acceptable level, it was time for them to leave.

Amidst the distortion of time and space within the black hole, complex scenes gradually appeared.

Yet, the rhythm of the roiling spiritual qi flow within matched with the characteristics of the World beyond Worlds.

The Myriad Dragon Palace shook as it transformed into a light dragon, flying towards that black hole on a path that would lead back to the World beyond Worlds.

However, the black hole that the Myriad Dragon Palace was approaching suddenly distorted intensely as if about to shatter.

The changes in spacetime within the black hole became more intricately complex.

Already having been distorted originally, the scenes within was completely overwhelmed by varying colours as it now resembled a colourful vortex.

Ah Hu was shocked, “Young Master, is someone attempting to obstruct us, damaging your marker back to the World beyond Worlds”

Yan Zhaoge gazed at that strange vortex, “No, it isn’t that someone is intentionally trying to damage the marker that I left behind.

Instead, someone is currently also attempting to break through space someplace close to the place in the World beyond Worlds where I left my marker.”

They were currently attempting to break free of the chaotic flows of space, returning to the World beyond Worlds.

And in the Royal Reed Sea of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, someone was currently also attempting to leave the World beyond Worlds in order to escape amidst the chaotic flows of space.

The other party was attempting to break through space not far from where Yan Zhaoge had left his marker in the World beyond Worlds previously.

Therefore, as they exerted force together, they ended up working together in concert, concentrating their might on where the spatial tunnel had been opened.

The seemingly colourful vortex gradually became stable the next moment, regaining its former look.

Within it, the surface of the Royal Reed Sea of the World beyond Worlds appeared before their eyes.

The Myriad Dragon Palace shot into the World beyond Worlds through the spatial tunnel, breaking free of the chaotic flows of space behind it.

Up ahead, someone was shooting forward straight towards them.

The other party’s domineering fist-intent shook the surrounding space, forming blazing fire in which a phoenix spread its wings with the momentum of incinerating plains.

The cry of a phoenix thoroughly reverberated amidst the horizon together with the roars of dragons, colliding head-on in mid-air.

The Myriad Dragon Palace mightily quaked, nearly collapsing from the force of the impact.

If not for it having refined the door of white jade, were it still its previous self, the Myriad Dragon Palace might have fallen apart with just a single punch by this opponent.

While the qi of true dragons in the palace was still abundant, it was unsuited for such direct combat.

As for the Dim Radiant Wheel, it had only protected the Myriad Dragon Palace from being destroyed by the spatial storms unleashed upon the collapse of the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, having otherwise been silent.

Yan Zhaoge had no way of controlling it for his own use.

The other party’s fist was like fire, violent and swift in its momentum as it caused the Myriad Dragon Palace to teeter on the brink of collapse, seemingly virtually about to topple back amidst the chaotic flows of space.

Within the palace, Ah Hu had a nervous expression on his face, “Young Master!”

If they were rammed back in like this, the marker which had served as their guidepost having been depleted, it would no longer be so easy for them to successfully return to the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “It’s fine.”

The other party seemed extremely desperate as well, appearing as though their brows were on fire as they fled in a frenzied rush.

Still, there only existed one path.

There was no way Yan Zhaoge could give way.

Seeing the phoenix within the air, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Please move aside.”

Before his words had landed, the door of the Myriad Dragon Palace opened, a streak of light that was half-black and half-golden shooting out from within, crying out as it collided with that phoenix!

It seemed to abruptly expand to become incomparably massive amidst space, a massive fish emerging from within, transforming into a great roc as it shot out from the ocean’s surface.

The roc spread its wings, soaring through the nine heavens as it directly rammed that phoenix into halting in mid-air.

Without the force of the phoenix, the Myriad Dragon Palace instantly terminated its backwards momentum as it was saved from the unlucky fate of toppling back into the chaotic flows of space.

“Get lost!” The panicked voice of a woman resounded from amidst the silhouette of the phoenix.

The next moment, the phoenix spread its wings, an infinite, endless rain of fire descending from the skies!

Every single raindrop was like a terrifying comet, seemingly sufficient to level the heavens and earth.

Countless comets thus congregated, forming an all-encompassing, plummeting terrifying rain of fire.

Even the boundless clouds and winds that surged alongside the flapping of the great roc’s wings were instantly riddled with holes, scattered about all over the place.

However, the roc emitted a cry as it transformed, turning into a massive black fish once more.

The massive fish rampaged between the heavens and the earth, the dense radiance that was half-black and half-golden seeming vast as the ocean as it effectively blocked the terrifying rain of flames.

The next moment, the massive black fish emerged from the water once more, seemingly possessing immense, boundless force that was sufficient to mow down divine mountains as it directly ripped through the sea of flames, mightily colliding with that phoenix silhouette!

The light of fire exploded, dissipating within the air.

The figure of a middle-aged woman was revealed.

She was currently looking at the massive Kunpeng before her with an utterly disbelieving gaze.

As its silhouette dispersed, a body that was silent as an abyss and tall as a mountain appeared.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

The Northern Ocean Clone clenched his right fist, extending it forward.

That woman raised her arms to block, shielding herself from the terrifying fist of the Northern Ocean Clone.

She could only feel like the other party’s fist resembled a terrifying spear, nearly penetrating straight through her arms that were defensively upraised before her before stabbing straight into her throat!

While they had not actually been stabbed right through, intense pain told her that the bones of her arms were likely already broken.

The Northern Ocean Clone looked indifferently at the woman, expressionless.

He did not move his right arm, following up with his left as he punched straight out once more!


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