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HSSB726: Without all five Virtues, you are but a featherless phoenix


The Northern Ocean Clone substituted a spear with his fist.

After punching out with his right fist, his left fist immediately shot out.

His fists resembled the tips of two peerless spears that swept along the immense, boundless power of the Kunpeng in attacking towards his opponent.

That woman was greatly shocked.

While the martial arts in which she cultivated were also extremely superb, having gained the true form of the phoenix with the intricate profundities of blazing fire, she was still completely unable to match the Kunpeng in the area of close combat.

Her expression turned grave as she was no longer panicked and restless, the clear cry of a phoenix now being emitted from her mouth.

True essence roiled about her entire body, transforming into a blessed purple light that enveloped it.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone punched out once more.

Yet, this time, it was obstructed by the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue.

“Oh” The Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze focused slightly, “Able to cultivate in the Virtuous Blessed Purple Light.

That is a concept which is possessed not just by the fire phoenix, but a phoenix which truly bears all the Five Virtues”

Blessed with fortuitous virtue, impenetrable by slaughter.

The Virtuous Blessed Purple Light that the woman had cultivated in based on her martial arts was a defensive martial art that was superior to the Inextinguishable Light Body of the Radiant Light Sect.

The purple light that seemed insubstantial had powerfully protected her, blocking the Northern Ocean Divine Spear of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone which was fierce and tyrannical and overflowed with killing intent.

Despite having failed to achieve his desired effect, the Northern Ocean Clone did not cease in his movements in the slightest as he changed his fists into claws, switching from the Northern Ocean Divine Spear to the Fish-Roc Divine Claw in domineeringly clawing out straight at the purple light!

Not to kill, but to break his opponent’s arts!

The woman’s expression changed.

She dared not forcibly resist this head-on, instead emitting a cry.

A golden light shot over from the distance, descending from the sky as it descended towards the Northern Ocean Clone.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instead laughed, “Unable to successfully cultivate meritorious virtue.”

Blessed with fortuitous virtue, one would be impenetrable by slaughter.

Meanwhile, meritorious virtue was boundless, replenishing the heavens and enhancing the dao.

It would really have been ideal for dealing with the damage on the Virtuous Blessed Purple Light by the Fish-Roc Divine Claw.

Yet, the other party was merely able to summon a treasure to save herself.

From this, it could be seen that while she had successfully cultivated in the Virtuous Blessed Purple Light, she had not been able to do so the same for the thick earth of meritorious virtue.

The other party’s golden light having arrived close by, as Yan Zhaoge glanced at it, he saw that it was a golden inkslab.

As this inkslab flew over, it directly crushed the space around it with numerous black cracks forming all around as its power was tyrannical to the extreme!

It was clearly a mid-grade Sacred Artifact!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change.

The Northern Ocean Clone halted his technique and retreated, evading the attack of that golden inkslab.

The other party immediately transformed into a fiery phoenix and soared into the air, again heading straight for the Myriad Dragon Palace that was between the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds and the chaotic flows of space.

A powerful aura emanated in the distant horizon as it appeared that she was indeed being pursued right now.

Yan Zhaoge was slightly taken aback by the fact that he recognised the ones who were chasing this middle-aged woman.

A longtime Elder of the North Sea Sword Pavilion of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Seeing Divinity stage.

There was also an old man of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Seeing Divinity stage.

It was Bai Ziming whom he had once met on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly as he could already guess the woman’s identity somewhat.

Seeing her pursuers draw close, the woman controlled the golden inkslab to block Bai Ziming and companion once more before shooting towards the Myriad Dragon Palace with the momentum of sending them both into the chaotic flows of space in trying to escape her pursuers.

As for how the Myriad Dragon Palace might end up as a result, she cared not about it at all.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “From the looks of it, you definitely don’t have the water ripples of holy virtue, and it might be so even for the dawn mist of moral virtue.”

Originally having been retreating, the Northern Ocean Clone’s figure was before the Myriad Dragon Palace again in a flash, transforming into a Kunpeng as he collided with that fire phoenix once more!

While both of them were Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, despite only just having attained the Seeing Divinity stage, the Northern Ocean Clone was faster than his opponent!

The woman was utterly enraged.

She roared, the phoenix that she had transformed into surging into the air, its wings transforming into the sabre-light of flames which directly cleaved the heavens and smashed the earth apart.

As those attacks descended, their fierceness was truly mighty.

The Northern Ocean Clone was expressionless as he hugged his arms as if he had the moon in his embrace.

He was not embracing the moon right now.

Instead, it was a strange black hole that he hugged.

All-encompassing flowing fire was devoured by the black hole.

The phoenix before them appeared like it was forcing itself into a corner as it seemed about to slam straight into the black hole.

The cry of a phoenix resounded, a crimson sabre-light flickering.

Apart from possessing a mid-grade Sacred Artifact in the form of a golden inkslab, the woman actually possessed a low-grade Sacred Artifact as well!

The acupoints of her entire body pulsed simultaneously now.

They resonated with the true stars of the wide universe.

Bolstered by the power of stars, the fiery red sabre-light in which endless flames was condensed possessed a terrifying destructive power as it forcibly broke through the black hole formed of the Northern Ocean Clone’s fist-intent!

However, a ray of golden light suddenly shot out from within the shattered black hole!

Fish Dragon Spear!

While both of them were wielding mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, the Northern Ocean Clone was even more terrifying as he launched a ferocious strike with the Northern Ocean Divine Spear!

With limitless power concentrated at the tip of the spear, its bright golden edge seemed able to penetrate through the heavens and earth of the universe at this moment!

Before the woman’s sabre-light could cleave through the Northern Ocean Clone, she would first have been stabbed straight through to death!

The woman’s expression changed slightly.

She swept out horizontally with her sabre-light, blocking before her as the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue appeared which stopped this otherwise virtually fatal spear of the Northern Ocean Clone’s.

However, the Northern Ocean Clone had long since been prepared for this as he ferociously swept along his spear with a single hand, its shaft drawing a graceful arc within the air.

At the same time, the Northern Ocean Clone strode forward, unleashing another Fish-Roc Divine Claw to break the Virtuous Blessed Purple Light.

After drawing that arc, the Fish Dragon Spear stabbed towards its target with a sure-kill momentum!

The woman emitted a clear cry, a faint white qi surging into existence which helped her to obtain a lease of life with just the narrowest of margins, avoiding this spear by the Northern Ocean Clone!

The concealed chance of nether virtue, life never runs dry!

A smile suddenly appeared on the Northern Ocean Clone’s expressionless face.

“Without all five Virtues, you are but a featherless phoenix.”

He shot upright abruptly, the Baihui acupoint above his head pulsing.

The North Star flickered within the sky above, shaking indeterminately!

At this moment, chaos seemed to reign between the heavens and the earth.

The speck of golden light at the tip of the Fish Dragon Spear mightily exploded.

The great roc spread its wings in mid-air.

Countless streaks of golden light shot out like a tempestuous storm, breaking through space as they were far more terrifying than the rain of comets which the other party had unleashed previously!

Of the Great Wilderness Fish-Roc Art, Heaven Shattering Plume!

Even though the martial arts that the woman cultivated in possessed the true intent of the phoenix and she had successfully cultivated the white qi of nether virtue, against the Northern Ocean Clone who similarly understood the true-intent of the Kunpeng, there was a low chance of her survival!

A long spray of blood flew as the woman stumbled backwards in retreat.

Yan Zhaoge controlled the Myriad Dragon Palace, continuing at his own pace as they successfully broke free of the chaotic flows of space, returning to the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds.

At this point, Yan Zhaoge was no longer of the mind to battle with this woman.

Sadly, however, in just the blink of an eye, Bai Ziming and his companion had already well and truly caught up, one at the front and one at the back as they blocked off all the woman’s paths of escape.

A fissure which had opened amidst the sky that connected to the chaotic flows of space was not something that would remain for long as it would very soon be vanishing.

Hindered by Bai Ziming’s group, this woman was unable to swiftly escape as she was only able to watch on helplessly as the fissure disappeared amidst space.

She instead calmed herself now as she gazed towards the Northern Ocean Clone and the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Yan Zhaoge himself walked out of the Myriad Dragon Palace, similarly appraising her.

Seeing that it was Yan Zhaoge, Bai Ziming and his companion were both taken aback.

“Little Friend Yan, this is the person who attempted to kill a young disciple of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage,” Bai Ziming said in a heavy tone.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows lightly, thinking that it was indeed so.


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