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HSSB728: I also like trashing weaklings


That figure that suddenly appeared before Yan Zhaoge was that of a red-clothed youth.

Boundless blazing fire was also swept along around him as he chopped towards Yan Zhaoge with his palm poised into a sabre, resembling the flapping of a fiery phoenix’s wings.

Yan Zhaoge blinked.

The other party was a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

While he appeared young, he was actually also an experienced expert.

In the battle between Wang Hui and the other two initially as well as that between her and the Northern Ocean Clone later on, he had lacked the strength to make much of a difference.

Now, however, Wang Hui controlled the golden inkslab to block Bai Ziming and the North Sea Sword Pavilion Elder while she herself faced the Northern Ocean Clone, this youth assaulting Yan Zhaoge in the meantime!

“Capture him! If we can force him to control that Seeing Divinity Martial Saint in assisting us, we will have a chance to escape!”

Without having to communicate in detail, Wang Hui and her junior apprentice-brother had already tacitly decided on such a plan of action.

While he had seemed inconsequential before this, Yan Zhaoge who was merely at the first level of the Martial Saint realm suddenly became especially desirable and significant in the eyes of the two.

He seemed to be the key to resolving the tough predicament before them.

Seeing the sabre chopping towards him that enveloped the area and cut off all his possible paths of retreat, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile.

He did not evade helplessly like the other party had predicted, instead striding forth towards that flaming sabre-light.

The red-clothed man was stunned slightly as he could not understand how an early Merging Avatar Martial Saint would dare to do such a thing.

This seemed no different at all from sending himself to his death, throwing himself into the sabre-light on his own accord.

Yan Zhaoge raised his palm, flipping it over and bringing it down towards the other party’s head.

Where his palm passed, it was like the heavens were toppling!

The all-encompassing flames that had originally been bearing down on Yan Zhaoge all distorted as they were swept back at this moment.

The scene that appeared before the red-clothed man’s eyes was that of the sky overhead seemingly collapsing, wanting to smash down onto his head.

Greatly shocked, he no longer dared to consider capturing Yan Zhaoge alive as he executed his sabre arts with all his might.

The fiery phoenix spread its wings, all-encompassing blazing fire transforming into endless blades of sabres which hacked towards Yan Zhaoge with the momentum of incinerating plains.

His current opponent was definitely not simple!

What he and Wang Hui had come up with earlier was completely mistaken.

Yan Zhaoge was not the small fry he imagined who could be captured so easily.

Instead, he was a powerful enemy who had the power to render him dead!

He only wished to defeat and slay Yan Zhaoge now.

Yan Zhaoge ignored the other party’s actions, just clapping down with a palm!

In the eyes of others, it only seemed as though the sky was collapsing.

However, the red-clothed man who was directly across from Yan Zhaoge was greatly shocked as not only was the sky collapsing, the heavens and earth were even circulating in reverse at this moment!

The heavens and the earth reversed, causality and effect shifting!

Amidst this terrifying calamity that flipped the heavens and overturned the earth, the all-encompassing fire resembled a weak spluttering flame of a candle as it was extinguished!

The red-clothed man emitted a long cry, blazing fire surging as he transformed into a crimson phoenix and swiftly retreated!

The light of fire traversed the heavens and the earth, wanting to escape intact from the massive calamity before it where the heavens and earth were being overturned.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge smiled before raising his other hand as well, next clapping down with both hands simultaneously!

It was not just in the red-clothed man’s consciousness.

A whole region of space collapsed beneath this attack of Yan Zhaoge’s!

The red-clothed man had no way of avoiding it as he could only yell, bringing his arms upwards as he hastily parried Yan Zhaoge’s descending palms.

As they collided, the red-clothed man’s entire body shuddered intensely, his bones popping with exploding noises as he seemed about to be slammed directly into the ground by Yan Zhaoge now.

“Such great strength! This is an early Merging Avatar Martial Saint” The red-clothed man was dumbfounded, “Just in terms of his strength alone, it really could not be any higher for an early Merging Avatar Martial Saint, right”

A muffled groan resounded as lustrous purple light also appeared on his body.

Where the purple light passed, it obstructed Yan Zhaoge’s descending palm, saving the red-clothed man from the unenviable fate of being smashed to smithereens.

Seeing that the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue had surged on the body of this red-clothed man as well, Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, “Have you cultivated in the Nether Virtue White Qi”

Executing Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, Yan Zhaoge sent out palm after palm, the terrifying force of which resembled an endless chain thunderbolt combo as it went on and on without halting at all!

The heaven-roiling, earth overturning power unceasingly reversed and disturbed the Virtuous Blessed Purple Light that protected the red-clothed man’s body.

Beneath the terrifying concept of the principles of extremities that had come about after the world had been created, beneath continuous bombardments, even that blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue which was impenetrable by slaughter began breaking apart!

Beneath the shocked, panicked gaze of that red-clothed man, the purple light that protected his body was forcibly broken through by Yan Zhaoge!

A tyrannical, vigorous force seeped into his body, surging through and shattering the bones and blood vessels of his entire body!

What left him even more shocked was how beneath the palm force of Yan Zhaoge’s terrifying Cyclic Heavenly Seal, the true essence within his body that had been blazing hot as fire actually turned completely cold and gloomy, freezing him to the core as even his soul was thoroughly chilled.

“This…” The red-clothed man opened his mouth wide, yet was unable to say anything as he already no longer possessed the ability to resist Yan Zhaoge’s descending palm.

Yan Zhaoge’s massive, heaven-obscuring palm descended, the red-clothed man’s head directly caving in with all his brain fluids splattering as he instantly perished.

“Stop!” Having been taken by surprise, Wang Hui wanted to wield the golden inkslab to assist, yet was obstructed by Bai Ziming and the North Sea Sword Pavilion Elder.

She herself was even less a match for the Northern Ocean Clone as her shoulder was directly pierced through by his spear.

Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly, “Sorry, but the martial arts this Yan cultivates in are rather more violent in nature, such that holding back would not be easy.

Please do not take offence.”

Wang Hui grit her teeth, staring at Yan Zhaoge, “You…you actually…”

Yan Zhaoge disinterestedly clapped, “While it is true that your Master is the Southern Exalt, this does not mean that you are as able as your Master.

It means even less that this Yan has to let you capture me whenever you feel like it, doing whatever you want with me.”

“If you want to trash some weaklings, it’s fine,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “I like trashing weaklings too!”

The world before Wang Hui’s eyes spun dizzyingly as she nearly vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Bai Ziming and the North Sea Sword Pavilion Elder were also looking at Yan Zhaoge with shock on their faces.

While they had heard that Yan Zhaoge possessed domineering, inestimable strength, far surpassing other martial practitioners of the same cultivation level, seeing him who was at the first level of the Martial Saint realm slay an expert of the third level of the Martial Saint realm with a single palm, the two of them both felt a chill rising up their backs.

This was especially so considering how this red-clothed man was actually not weak.

On the contrary, as a disciple of the Southern Exalt’s lineage, he should possess outstanding strength amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level!

Yet, against Yan Zhaoge, he had been defeated without even the slightest chance of victory.

“It is not that he was too weak, it is that this Yan Zhaoge is too strong…” Bai Ziming inhaled a breath of cold air, “Wait, I seem to have seen this palm technique of his somewhere before, though it was not as majestic and tyrannical as this, with the feeling of one being unable to do a thing against it…”

Wang Hui wanted to put up a struggle, but a powerful aura now suddenly emanated from the distance, the heavens and the earth shaking.

The cloud layer broke apart, strong winds sweeping through the area as a massive divine vessel appeared in their fields of vision.

It was precisely the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Zheng Ming stood on the deck of the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel, his expression rather gloomy.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge, Bai Ziming and the others knew that the late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint whom he had been pursuing had most likely escaped.

Seeing Wang Hui, Zheng Ming instantly heaved a sigh of relief.


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