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HSSB73: The time to shine has come once again


While Yan Zhaoge appeared completely ordinary on the outside, his body currently contained an explosive power.

Within each of the acupoints on his body, there seemed to be coiling an ice dragon as well as a fire dragon.

Fire and ice intersected like yin and yang, complementing each other and benefiting from each other’s strengths as each cycle passed.

In the time it took to lift a hand or raise a leg, it was like there were innumerable ice and fire dragons moving about impatiently together.

Having reached the front of the crowd, Yan Zhaoge finally landed on the ground, bowing in greeting.

Only now did everyone finally recover from their dazed, stunned state, though the way they looked at Yan Zhaoge now was, understandably, extremely weird.

He had taken a month before achieving his breakthrough from the early to the mid outer aura stage, then spent half a year before once again breaking through into the late outer aura stage.

At first glance, the speed of the latter seemed to have decreased.

But everyone present knew that the former required achieving a certain epiphany and level of understanding before one could break through the bottleneck and form weapons with their qi, whereas the latter required lots of pure, grinding effort, accumulating and refining one’s aura-qi to a certain point before the breakthrough could be successful.

From a certain perspective, what was needed was just a lot of time.

However, in such a time-consuming process, Yan Zhaoge had actually also surpassed people by so, so much, having completed it in a far shorter time.

“How exactly did he manage it” Everyone could only feel dizzy as their heads spun, “Could it still be said that there was a shortcut for this”

Like the Sacred Sun Clan’s Divine Sun Needle technique, as long as it was a technique that helped one to progress using such unnatural ways, it would generally by followed by some severe side-effects.

Oftentimes, the cost would be greater than the benefits.

Unless there was no other choice, no one would choose to utilise such methods.

Also, such methods could not be used more than once.

After having been used the first time, the side-effects it would leave behind would eliminate the possibility of using it ever again.

Therefore, the way everyone was looking at Yan Zhaoge now was like how they would look at a monster.

Yan Zhaoge pretended not to notice this.

Taking to the air and levitating had been to show off his new cultivation base.

Now that this goal had already been achieved, he no longer had to express anything about it in words.

What words could he say

Just take a glance and figure it out for yourself.

“En, it should be just like this.” Yan Zhaoge was very satisfied with the effect, thus completely not mentioning the topic that the crowd had been discussing previously, instead asking like nothing had happened, “Everyone gathering here—could it be that something major has happened”

The others awakened one by one, one of them answering, “The black fog within the Sealing Dragon Abyss has been rapidly expanding once again, even more densely than before.

Even ordinary Martial Scholars are finding it hard to approach.”

“With the abnormalities in the Sealing Dragon Abyss having intensified, Elder Qin, Elder Yan and the others are preparing to venture deep into the Sealing Dragon Abyss and suppress the black fog, as well as investigate the situation.”

The scale of the abnormalities this time was something that had never been seen before.

But to Broad Creed Mountain, the Sacred Sun Clan as well as the Eastern Tang Kingdom, it was also a good chance to settle the problem for good.

If they only treated the symptoms rather than the root, it would turn into a long-term problem, involving even more of their attention in the future.

Before this, the few powers had always been observing from the side, just waiting for the problem of the Sealing Dragon Abyss to completely erupt out for good before moving once to see where the cause of the symptoms lay, thus resolving the situation.

At the same time, the root of the problem should lie in Hell.

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

He had exited seclusion at just the right time.

Not speaking unnecessarily, Yan Zhaoge and the others went together to meet Elder Qin as well as the other high-level experts of Broad Creed Mountain.

Other than Elder Qin and Yan Xu, Broad Creed Mountain also had a long-time Elder who had hurried over to the East Heaven Region to help keep an eye on the Sacred Sun Clan.

He was likewise a longtime Martial Grandmaster, possessing strong ability.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Elder Qin said, “This time, you shouldn’t enter the Sealing Dragon Abyss along with this old man and the others.”

“In such a critical period, it’s very hard to say what actions the Sacred Sun Clan will take.

Our clan places caution as a priority—we cannot afford to not stand vigilant against them.”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “I understand.”

That Elder who had just arrived from Broad Creed Mountain remained outside to hold down the formation as well as look after Yan Zhaoge, also monitoring the Sacred Sun Clan’s movements in the meantime.

Yan Xu, being naturally familiar with the situation as the Principal Elder of the Eastern Tang, was also left to assist with the situation outside.

Elder Qin and the others were thus set to venture into the depths of the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

From the Eastern Tang, their King, Zhao Shicheng, would also venture there personally.

Although, as king, he shouldn’t take the risk himself and stand at the frontlines like a simple foot soldier, he was duty-bound to participate as he was the only one who could activate the power of Jingyang City’s grand formation from a long distance away.

The lands of the Eastern Tang were firmly connected with the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

As Jingyang City was the central area where all of the power of the Eastern Tang Kingdom’s earth veins congregated, it would be of great help to the expedition.

In order to prepare for the worst, the group of Broad Creed Mountain experts led by Elder Qin would travel alongside Zhao Shicheng and the other Eastern Tang Kingdom martial practitioners.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Sun Clan also transmitted over the news that due to the fact that Hell along with the Sealing Dragon Abyss was a major, pressing issue, a group of their experts led by the East Rising Lord would also be venturing into the depths of the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

Infinite Boundless Mountain similarly sent news that they would not ignore this matter.

As the news was sent over, the Eastern Tang Kingdom citizens who were hovering on the brink of danger yet having a limited knowledge of the true situation naturally all rejoiced and danced in celebration.

At this moment, on the surface, the three Sacred Grounds looked like they had reached a common agreement and forgotten what had happened in the past between them.

But the inside story was something only that those involved would themselves know.

Standing on the ramparts of Overlooking Abyss City, gazing far away, Yan Zhaoge could see the contours of the Luliao Mountains.

At the same time, in another direction but still close to them, he saw an area with a thick black fog rising into the heavens.

Half of the entire sky appeared to have been enveloped by it.

Standing by Yan Zhaoge’s side, Ah Hu’s expression was more grave than usual.

“If the aura cannot be externalised, it would even be impossible to go near its outskirts.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked his chin.

“The crucial point actually lies with Hell.

The various Sacred Grounds have already dispatched some peak experts over to investigate, with the lineup being even more terrifying over on this side.

From our clan, my father headed out personally.”

Ah Hu stroked his chin as well in a copycat manner.

“With the Family Head moving personally, there shouldn’t be any problems, right The other Sacred Grounds probably also sent over their top bigwigs.”

Yan Zhaoge looked around his surroundings.

“It’s with me that there might easily be problems.”

“I have now become professional bait, specially used to get people on the hook.”

“Earlier, it was the Crimson Spirit Flag Master.

Now, it is the Sacred Sun Clan’s people.”

Ah Hu frowned, “Young Master, there have been no news of the Crimson Spirit Flag Master for such a long time.

It can’t be that he will also come over to fish in troubled waters this time”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “To him, the water here is already too troubled to fish in.

With three Sacred Grounds staring at this region of the Eastern Tang, it would be completely impossible for him to sneak himself in.”

“As soon as he appeared, he would die immediately.”

“Although Elder Qin has entered the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Elder Kong is waiting outside specifically for the people of the Sacred Sun Clan.”

Ah Hu gave a simple laugh.

“Young Master, your time to shine has come once again.”

“Get lost!” Yan Zhaoge scolded laughingly, “In your eyes, do I only ever rely on this kind of method to shine”

After having finished laughing, Yan Zhaoge asked, “Back to serious matters—has the news been sent out yet”

Ah Hu also stopped laughing and replied with a serious expression, “It was sent out as soon as Elder Qin and the others entered the Sealing Dragon Abyss.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, then looked towards the distance as he muttered to himself, “If he wants to move, it should be with this wave.

What I am interested in is—how does Yan Xu intend to deal with me”

As time passed, the faraway black fog roiled, its momentum seemingly growing to the point of wanting to surge into the heavens.

Who knows how long after, the black fog suddenly shook vigorously, before a bright, dazzling light rose up from within it, charging straight up towards the horizon!

Everyone from Overlooking Abyss City who had been paying close attention to the situation all let out a sigh of relief.

Although the situation was unclear, the momentum of the black fog was obviously gradually getting under control.

But Yan Zhaoge very quickly received yet another piece of news.

Upon receiving this piece of news, his good mood that had been borne from the situation within the Sealing Dragon Abyss falling under control, completely vanished.

“The King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Zhao Shicheng, met with danger in the Sealing Dragon Abyss!”


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