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HSSB732: Enemies meet on a narrow path


The fog that was emitted from the jade pendant drifted in mid-air before gradually dispersing.

The jade green clouds merged with the surrounding space, seemingly penetrating deep within it as Yan Zhaoge could vaguely see a jade green path seemingly forming within the air.

It was just that this path continually meandered as it was hard to determine where it was headed to.

Bai Ziming had not come to the World beyond Worlds through the wounds of the sky.

Instead, he had ascended naturally after his cultivation base had surpassed the bearable limits of the Floating Gate World.

It had not been long since his ascension.

Also, having been travelling alongside Zheng Ming, Chen Zhiliang and the rest before this, he had not had the time to patiently analyse this.

Thus, it would similarly be difficult for he himself to attempt to return to the Floating Gate World within a short period of time.

As Bai Ziming had said earlier, it would depend more on Yan Zhaoge himself.

As Yan Zhaoge stared at that illusory path amidst space formed of the jade green clouds, thoughts vaguely formed within his mind.

“I will first find a wound of the sky.

After leaving the World beyond Worlds, I will make use of some other spatial traversing technique to confirm this and thereafter travel to the Floating Gate World.”

Having settled on a plan of action, Yan Zhaoge did not tarry as he headed south after taking his leave of Bai Ziming.

His goal was precisely the Phoenix Bearing Region of the Royal Reed Sea’s seventy-two regions from which he had first come to the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge was unsure about other places.

Still, there was definitely a wound of the sky here in the Phoenix Bearing Region.

It was through it that he had come to the World beyond Worlds previously.

The Phoenix Bearing Region was within the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s territory.

The Dim Darkness Sect’s influence had seeped into the area as well.

Currently, because the matter of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation had been exposed, for fear of angering the Southeastern Exalt, the Grand Xuan Dynasty no longer dared maintain a high profile.

As they stayed conservative and maintained a defensive position, it was actually equivalent to them having given up on border regions such as the Phoenix Bearing Region.

The Dim Darkness Sect had originally wanted to make use of this chance to occupy the area.

Still, not so long ago, the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm had trampled over their sect, almost wiping them out completely.

Having suffered a huge blow to its vitality, the Dim Darkness Sect too could only retreat and stay on the defensive.

Thus, the Phoenix Bearing Region had really been pretty much ungoverned recently.

The small and medium scale powers who were based here could only temporarily observe things.

After having arrived, Yan Zhaoge met with no one as he simply hurried to that wound of the sky through which he had come to the World beyond Worlds at his greatest possible speed.

The wound of the sky did not exist all the time.

After confirming its approximate position, Yan Zhaoge controlled the Northern Ocean Clone in sweeping through space.

As the Northern Ocean Clone who had already refined his acupoints to see Divinity shook the already unstable space, a crevice was soon gradually in the midst of being ripped open there.

It was not ordinary darkness that existed within the crevice.

Instead, it was completely bright within as the sonorous voice of the grand dao too seemed to be resounding.

Yan Zhaoge observed that wound of the sky for a long time before throwing the jade pendant in his hand and the paper fan of sturdy divine wood over to the Northern Ocean Clone.

Receiving the jade pendant, the Northern Ocean Clone immediately strode towards the wound of the sky.

The Northern Ocean Clone who had already attained the Seeing Divinity stage had the ability to traverse the wound of the sky normally without having to rely on any external objects.

Thus, he would be able to descend and search for the Floating Gate World without depleting the power of the fan at all.

If he managed to find his Grand Master when the time came, he would let Yuan Zhengfeng make a decision on his own on whether to borrow the power of the paper fan to first come directly to the World beyond Worlds or to rely on Yan Zhaoge’s marker to return to the Eight Extremities World.

With the preparations sufficient, all that mattered was simply what Yuan Zhengfeng’s decision was.

In the vicinity of the wound of the sky, the Northern Ocean Clone’s heart suddenly jolted slightly as he felt like he was being probed by someone.

Yet, focusing and carefully sensing his surroundings, everything seemed perfectly normal.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze scanned the surroundings.

Still, he could see nothing that was abnormal.

“Was I being too sensitive” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes, releasing his spiritual senses as he carefully felt the world all around him.

After hesitating slightly for a moment, the Northern Ocean Clone still strode towards the wound of the sky in the end


A distance away, distorted light concealed the image of a few figures beneath a fabricated illusion.

One of them was frowning, “Even with mother personally making a move, he nearly discovered it”

The person who had spoken was precisely the son of Kang Ping and Madame Kang, Kang Jinyuan.

Beside him stood a graceful, refined middle-aged woman, this naturally being Madame Kang.

Kang Maosheng was there as well.

Madame Kang said in a heavy tone, “We have long known that this person is extraordinary.

It is not all that surprising a thing.”

Kang Maosheng said slowly, “The rumours are true that he indeed comes from the lower worlds.

Yet, we still cannot know-how exactly is he related to the Exalted Solar Luminary”

The Grand Xuan Dynasty was currently keeping a low profile, not daring to be too ostentatious lest they anger the Southeastern Exalt further.

Still, facing Yan Zhaoge who had caused their predicament, those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty would naturally all hate him to the core.

At the same time that they hated Yan Zhaoge, they also felt curious about the background of this young man who had suddenly sprung out of nowhere, why he was able to possess such methods that completely surpassed their expectations.

Due to the news spread by the Radiant Light Sect initially, some things about Yan Zhaoge were now widely known.

Bearing a disbelieving attitude, everyone had begun verifying it.

Madame Kang and her sons had covertly come to the Phoenix Bearing Region with none the wiser.

Working through various rumours, they had gradually found where Yan Zhaoge had first appeared.

It was just that unexpectedly, Yan Zhaoge himself too had actually returned to the Phoenix Bearing Region now.

Madame Kang pondered even as she said, “There is a wound of the sky here.

From the looks of it, he intends to leave the World beyond Worlds I wonder where it is that he wants to go.

Is he returning to his original world, or is he planning to go elsewhere”

Kang Jinyuan lowered his head, not daring to look in Yan Zhaoge’s direction.

While he had long since known how remarkable Yan Zhaoge was, he had not thought that even with his mother having personally concealed their whereabouts, he still needed to be cautious and wary.

Just now, it was his gaze that Yan Zhaoge seemed to have detected, this thus having led to a telling off from his mother.

This caused Kang Jinyuan to feel stifled, “Mother, while that clone of his has unexpectedly reached the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Seeing Divinity stage, it is impossible for him to be your opponent.

Can’t you just directly act and capture him”

Madame Kang glanced dissatisfiedly at him, “When will you stop being so rash First not speaking of being cautious regarding the Southeastern Exalt’s thoughts, this Yan Zhaoge has a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal.

How would he be so easy to capture”

Kang Jinyuan hatefully lowered his head.

Seeing this, Madame Kang sighed inwardly as she turned over to look at the wound of the sky.

She saw that the Northern Ocean Clone had already entered it.

Yan Zhaoge himself remained by the wound of the sky, quietly watching it.

Now, the wound of the sky suddenly trembled intensely with light even overflowing greatly from it.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, seemingly taken aback.

This sudden change in the situation was out of Madame Kang’s predictions as well.

Her expression changed as she stared unblinkingly at the wound of the sky.


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