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HSSB734: On the same boat


A change now occurred with the original wound of the sky.

Radiance still shone brightly near it, the overlapping power of dimensions distorting and intersecting as it exerted immense pressure even as it created a relatively stable zone.

The stability and equilibrium here was extremely fragile, having been temporarily created by the non-stop quaking of the area.

In the central zone of the spatial crevice, an existence that resembled a black hole existed that directly led to the chaotic flows of space.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone could remain somewhat safe within the folded region of space they were currently in.

Yet, Tan Jin and the others were swept towards the turbulent currents.

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners who noticed this were all feeling greatly panicked as they hurriedly tried to stabilise themselves.

“We already knew that this fella has strange methods that are out of the ordinary.

Despite all our cautiousness, we still fell to his tricks in the end!” Even as Tan Jin and the others felt despondent, they also felt their hairs rise on end, “How could this person from the lower worlds possess such shocking methods that seem to have no end to them”

While they were trapped within the chaotic flows of space due to a moment’s inattention, Tan Jin’s group still swiftly reacted as they worked hard to stabilise themselves.

The Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners who had come here all had rather high cultivation bases.

With their preparedness, these turbulent currents of spacetime swept along by the Northern Ocean Clone would not be able to restrict them so easily.

Even as Yan Zhaoge calmly observed this scene, more than half his attention remained outside of the wound of the sky.

Indeed, radiance flickered in the distance as three streaks of sword-light that resembled the flowing of time flew over in this direction.

The first was a refined, graceful woman.

It was precisely Madame Kang.

Behind her were two young-looking men, one with a heavy, majestic aura and the other an arrogant, unbridled look.

Yan Zhaoge recognised them to be Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan.

Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback, “It really is the Grand Xuan Dynasty! They actually bore the risk of further angering the Southeastern Exalt and came over here”

He instantly realised, “They should be here to check up on me after hearing about the rumours”

The trio remained vigilant.

Nearing the wound of the sky, Madame Kang was the first to strike.

Where the sword-light that resembled a long river passed, even the wound of the sky seemed to be frozen.

The flickering radiance slowed, seemingly playing out in slow motion.

The terrifying black hole was even more condensed, the very picture of passiveness.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge within the wound of the sky, Madame Kang’s expression was rather complex.

Kang Jinyuan said hatefully from the side, “Mother, let him die amidst the chaotic flows of space with none the wiser, with even the Southeastern Exalt unable to easily learn of it.”

Madame Kang pondered slightly before her gaze turned resolute, “The two of you, keep positions.”

Then, she soared into the air, a round mirror that resembled a heart-protecting mirror appearing before her, its radiance expanding to form an armour of light that bolstered her.

Protected by the mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour, Madame Kang waved her sword, transforming entirely into a sword-light that resembled the long river of time.

This sword-light directly enveloped the entire wound of the sky, the radiance that resembled water unceasingly encroaching on the inside of the crevice amidst space.

Beneath the encroachment of the radiance, changes shockingly occurred with the space within the crevice.

The flickering glow with the stable region formed of the distorting, overlapping power of dimensions began to shake.

The space that had originally been wrinkled gradually smoothened, regaining its original state.

With this, this wound of the sky was gradually unable to be maintained as it seemed about to heal!

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, “Somewhat skilled.”

With just a thought on his part, the Northern Ocean Clone was bolstered by the Imperious Cold Martial Armour with the Fish Dragon Spear in hand before he then struck out with all his might!

Dark golden radiance agglomerated at a single point, penetrating through just that one spot as a hole was forcibly broken through in that light of water.

The sword-light that resembled water swiftly circulated, filling up this hole with normalcy restored.

The Northern Ocean Clone did not cease in his movements as his true essence surged throughout, infused into the tip of his spear as his attacks persisted.

The light of water shook, as if a hole had appeared atop a surface of silk.

Due to this hole, a flaw appeared in the freezing of the wound of the sky by Madame Kang’s Time Flowing Sword.

Space distorted as the wound of the sky was thereby still maintained.

With the mid-grade Artifact, the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour in hand, Madame Kang who was at the mid Seeing Divinity stage was naturally stronger than the Northern Ocean Clone as she was even able to lock down the entire wound of the sky.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone concentrated all his power at a single point, he still managed to attain some results.

Madame Kang was unable to concentrate her power to deal with this, only able to watch as the Northern Ocean Clone’s spear stabbed out a hole through her sword-light.

Still, she was not flustered as she spoke mildly, “You have a treasure that protects you from being harmed by the power of dimensions in the wound of the sky.

Still, that will only be temporal.

How long will you be able to hold out”

Both sides had descended into a stalemate.

Madame Kang and the Northern Ocean Clone would be able to hold out as time passed.

Yet, it was not the same for Yan Zhaoge as well as Feng Yunsheng and the rest.

The paper fan naturally had an eventual limit to its protection.

Yan Zhaoge turned, seeing Tan Jin and the others of the Radiant Light Sect currently trying hard to break free from the chaotic flows of space.

Madame Kang’s methods had harmed them greatly as well.

Even as they of the Radiant Light Sect resisted the chaotic flows of space, they still had to dissolve the changes caused by Madame Kang’s sword-light.

A treasured mirror appeared in Tan Jin’s hands, flickering with radiance as the mirror-light seemed to penetrate through the distant space.

Seeing this mirror, Yan Zhaoge realised, “So that’s how it is.

Through some method, they have still maintained contact with Luo Zhiyuan’s group.

It was through this that they have come to attempt guiding Luo Zhiyuan back over to the World beyond Worlds with the help of this wound of the sky”

Noticing the actions of Tan Jin’s group, Madame Kang frowned slightly as well.

While they had been entrapped by Yan Zhaoge, in order to save themselves, Tan Jin and the others had ended up in the same boat as him now.

Beneath their combined forces, it was becoming increasingly harder for Madame Kang to continue suppressing this wound of the sky.

Outside of the crevice amidst space, Kang Jinyuan and Kang Maosheng were only able to helplessly wait as they watched on.

A sharp look flashed within Kang Jinyuan’s gaze as he took out a bloodred awl.

Seeing this, Kang Maosheng was instantly shocked, “Blood Incantation Shattering Space Awl Stop! Amidst the chaotic flows of space, who knows what this thing might cause!”

Kang Jinyuan said hatefully, “Nothing will happen to mother.

Apart from that, whatever happens, it will also be the responsibility of that fellow surnamed Yan!”

Saying thus, he made a throwing motion, the awl transforming into a streak of bloodred light which flew within the wound of the sky!

Seeing the bloodred light within the crevice amidst space, Madame Kang was taken aback.

Yan Zhaoge, Tan Jin and the others were somewhat stunned as well.

“This thing…why does it look so much like the Blood Incantation Shattering Space Awl” After his initial surprise, Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts flashed at lightning speed as he too flung his hand, another streak of bloodred light flying out.

It was a Blood Devil Plate that he had shattered himself.

This treasure was most proficient in breaking through all sorts of barriers.

Apart from that, it had various other wonderful uses as well.

As the two streaks of light met amidst the chaotic flows of space, they strangely merged together as one before exploding mightily, forming a screen of light which illuminated all these different regions of spacetime the colour of blood.


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