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HSSB735: The Floating Gate World


The boundaries of space distorted amidst great chaos.

While time flowed differently within, all these varying regions of spacetime were currently covered by a bloodred layer.

Madame Kang who was greatly knowledgeable immediately felt deadly grave, “…Blood Devil Plate”

Yan Zhaoge reached out, breaking the skin of his fingertip and substituting his finger for a pen as he used his essence blood to speedily draw out an entire row of characters within the air.

These were not characters that were commonly seen, instead being a unique kind that was rare and ancient, hard to understand as its meaning was abstruse.

Bloodred characters were inscribed amidst space, merging together with that layer of bloodred light.

Yan Zhaoge roared in a strange, unrecognisable language, “Sacrifice!”

The bloodred light instantly seemed to have come alive as an extremely ancient will traversed infinite space, descending on this area.

That will was formless and indistinct.

It was unknown even whether its owner was dead or alive.

Yet, it seemed to traverse millennia at this moment, emitting a great roar that intimidated one’s heart.

The entire wound of the sky was ripped further apart, the spatial crevice doubling or even tripling in size!

Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan who had been outside of the wound of the sky were unable to flee in time as they were instantly sucked within the crevice.

Greatly shocked, Madame Kang no longer tried to lock down the wound of the sky as her sword-light expanded, sweeping along Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan as she intended to flee before anything else.

Yet, this sacrificial ritual that Yan Zhaoge had unleashed caused the wound of the sky to seem as though it truly possessed a life of its own, resembling an actual colossal, ferocious beast.

Where the bloodred light passed, the spatial crevice was sealed, with one only able to enter as they were unable to leave.

Space rotated, a massive bloodred vortex forming which looked to devour everyone within.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone were in the same predicament as well.

This abnormal wound of the sky was similarly brutal and ferocious towards all that existed in its area of influence.

Tan Jin and the others of the Radiant Light Sect were similarly not spared.

The only thing Madame Kang could feel relieved about was that with this variant wound of the sky so incomparably chaotic, its glow had dissipated completely as the power of dimensions no longer distorted and intersected so greatly.

Like this, Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan who had yet to attain the Seeing Divinity stage could still stay here for a long period of time without being crushed by the power of dimensions.

Yan Zhaoge kept the paper fan as well, standing together with the Northern Ocean Clone and trying strongly to stabilise his figure lest he was completely devoured by the bloodred vortex amidst space.

Having established this sacrificial ritual himself, he was naturally the clearest on it.

If one fell within that bloodred vortex, they would not be swept away by the chaotic flows of space.

Instead, they would become sacrifices for the ritual as they would be sacrificed on the spot, dying without question.

The three groups all descended into a stalemate for a time.

With everyone trying hard to stay stable so as to not be devoured by the bloodred vortex, they had not the time to worry about one another.

Having been the one to establish this ritual, Yan Zhaoge was affected by it as well.

Still, he did still have the leisure to think about other things as well for the time being.

Madame Kang and the Head of the Radiant Light Sect’s Illusory Light Hall, Tan Jin, possessed high enough cultivation bases that they were still able to hold on despite this.

The time of this ritual would be limited at the end of the day.

They firmly believed that so long as they could hold out for a period of time, they would then be able to escape successfully.

While they were both enemies themselves, these two female experts of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm were both currently feeling despondent beyond compare, wishing that they could hurry and slay Yan Zhaoge to vent it all out.

If they joined hands, it would make for remarkable prowess.

Still, there was currently no chance at all for such as they had been trapped by Yan Zhaoge’s alteration of the wound of the sky, unable to do anything at all with them feeling frustrated beyond compare.

Both of them simultaneously decided to get rid of Yan Zhaoge as soon as they managed to extricate themselves from this situation before anything else.

Otherwise, who knew what strange methods Yan Zhaoge might still demonstrate thereafter.

Yan Zhaoge resisted the suction force of the bloodred vortex even as he carefully scrutinised the changes in the surrounding space.

A change had occurred with the wound in the sky which temporarily prevented them from leaving the World beyond Worlds and descending to the lower worlds as their paths had been sealed off.

The bloodred light resembled a barrier that enveloped this whole region of space.

Whether it was Madame Kang and her sons, those of the Radiant Light Sect or he himself, they were all restricted within this space for the time being with none of them able to leave at all.

The layers of folded space resembled a bright, shining wall as they combined with the bloodred light, forming a crimson crystal wall that resembled a solid entity.

Outside of the crimson crystal wall, the changes in space were gradually stabilising to become more ordered and organised.

It was even stabler and calmer than it usually was.

The inside and outside of a streak of bloodred light demonstrated two diametrically different worlds.

The more stable spacetime was, the more beneficial this would be towards them finding the Floating Gate World.

Due to the crimson crystal wall, he was unable to leave right now.

Still, it was not like he was completely incapable of doing anything at all.

Yan Zhaoge controlled the Myriad Dragon Palace, carefully stabilising his figure with the help of the Northern Ocean Clone before he retrieved the jade pendant that he had obtained from Bai Ziming.

He infused his true essence with the jade pendant from which jade green smoke was immediately emitted once more.

As the smoke came into contact with the crimson crystal wall, it remained unobstructed as it then slowly penetrated through the crimson crystal wall that was composed of layers of folded space.

Passing through the crimson crystal wall, the jade green smoke still drifted within the air, travelling far off into the distance as it gradually condensed into a single line that expanded into the distance.

A portion of Yan Zhaoge’s mind remained with that green smoke as if his thoughts too had drifted.

There seemed to be some kind of fate that seemed to be drawing him to that particular direction.

Still, after who knew how long, a glow gradually appeared before the jet-black space before them.

The jade green smoke which had originally been drifting along aimlessly suddenly sunk, seemingly having found a location as it merged within that glow.

After the light dissipated, numerous scenes appeared before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, that of countless mountains and lakes amidst a beautiful land.

“This is the Floating Gate World” As Yan Zhaoge pondered, his mind was simultaneously swept along with the jade green smoke in rapidly flying into the distance.

The scenes before his eyes changed, pure white snow appearing.

“This old man hails from Great Snowy Mountain in the northern regions of the Floating Gate World,” As Yan Zhaoge remembered Bai Ziming’s words and looked at the northern flair of the environment here, he knew that the jade green smoke had led him right to Great Snowy Mountain from which Bai Ziming had come in the Floating Gate World.

It was just that Yuan Zhengfeng was not a guest Elder of Great Snowy Mountain.

The jade green smoke speedily traversed the horizon.

As Yan Zhaoge pondered, he saw the scenes before his eyes change once more as a great continuous chain of mountains appeared, enveloped beneath the snow.

Amongst the snowy mountains, an ice palace entered his vision.

Yan Zhaoge’s mind followed that jade green smoke, descending towards the ice palace.

The seemingly formless jade green smoke stimulated the guardian grand formation of the ice palace.

Radiance flickered all around, combining with that jade green smoke, not repelling it as the smoke was instead drawn into the interior of the majestic ice palace.

Arriving at a hall alongside the smoke, Yan Zhaoge saw that an ancestral tablet and a carved statue were clearly currently being worshipped there.

Carefully viewing that statue, its appearance was no different at all from Bai Ziming’s.

Before Yan Zhaoge could think more on this, the jade green smoke shot straight into the statue.

The statue jolted before its eyes suddenly lit up, the ancestral tablet before it also glowing brightly.

As Yan Zhaoge regained his mental clarity, he discovered that his field of vision was clearly the same as that carved statue’s, as if he was currently residing within it.

At the same time, numerous martial practitioners congregated within the great hall before him, all being the higher echelons of Great Snowy Mountain.


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