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HSSB736: A fake descends


Within that statue, Yan Zhaoge looked at these higher echelon experts of Great Snowy Mountain.

Observing them carefully, there were four Martial Saints and over ten Martial Grandmasters here.

Of the four Martial Saints, one of them was currently at the third level of the Martial Saint realm, another at the second and the final two both at the first.

If Bai Ziming who had just ascended to the World beyond Worlds not long ago was counted in, at least five Martial Saint experts in total had been watching over Great Snowy Mountain before this.

Bai Ziming had once said that his Great Snowy Mountain was not the strongest power within this Floating Gate World.

He himself was also not the first person of the Floating Gate World who had attained the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm and ascended.

Yan Zhaoge nodded inwardly, “Indeed, this is a world where the martial civilisation has developed better than in the current Eight Extremities World, flourishing more greatly.”

Still, this was not something that Yan Zhaoge had the leisure to think about now.

He was currently still within the variant wound of the sky with danger lurking all around and Madame Kang, Tan Jin and the others also waiting murderously by the side.

As soon as the bloodred vortex disappeared and the wound of the sky regained its normalcy, Madame Kang and Tan Jin would have the chance to make a move.

Also, Tan Jin and the other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were there to assist their Chief, Luo Zhiyuan, in returning to the World beyond Worlds.

If this expert at the peak of the Seeing Divinity stage were to return, Yan Zhaoge would end up in an even worse predicament.

Having successfully come to the Floating Gate World with much difficulty, Yan Zhaoge had to consider how to get in touch with his Grand Master, Yuan Zhengfeng.

The current situation left Yan Zhaoge somewhat not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

The people of Great Snowy Mountain indeed worked fast.

It had just been a while since Bai Ziming had ascended, yet even his altar had already been constructed by them.

A strand of divine will attached to the jade green smoke from the jade pendant that Bai Ziming had given him descended here, being a little like conveying a message in one’s dreams.

Yan Zhaoge felt that it should actually be because of this that Great Snowy Mountain had established Bai Ziming’s altar.

It was to make it convenient for their ascended ancestor to be able to continue interacting with his descendants of the Floating Gate World, providing guidance.

Bai Ziming having been unable to accurately locate the Floating Gate World before this, this method had not been used before.

Now that someone had successfully descended for the first time, it was actually him rather than Bai Ziming.

Looking at the joyful expressions on the faces of those of Great Snowy Mountain, the impersonator Yan Zhaoge felt greatly pressured like a mountain was weighing down upon him.

He had originally wanted to make use of the jade pendant to guide his way, helping his Northern Ocean Clone to descend directly into the Floating Life World.

Who would have thought that this would instead have happened.

Yan Zhaoge pondered about it.

Could it be that he would have to perform an impersonation here

“It shouldn’t be that easy, right Otherwise, Bai Ziming would not have given the jade pendant to me so easily.

He would surely have been wary of me swindling his kin here in the Floating Gate World”

While thinking this, Yan Zhaoge now saw that of the Great Snowy Mountain martial practitioners before him, the smile on the face of the Martial Saint who led them immediately faded as his gaze turned quizzical and vigilant.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge knew that he had indeed predicted correctly and it was not so easy to be a swindler.

That late Merging Avatar expert asked, “May I ask-who are you, and why is it that senior apprentice-brother Bai’s Descending Spirit Jade Pendant is in your possession”

The other Great Snowy Mountain martial practitioners had still yet to notice this as they were still bowing enthusiastically towards Bai Ziming’s statue.

Those four Martial Saints of Great Snowy Mountain did not prevent them from doing so.

While they were unclear on Yan Zhaoge’s background, they were also uncertain on how Bai Ziming was doing.

They acted with the utmost caution, not daring to do anything to startle or infuriate Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge answered candidly, “I am surnamed Yan, Yan Zhaoge.

I am currently in the World beyond Worlds, and have had the fortune to be acquainted with Mister Bai.”

“Afterwards, I learnt from Mister Bai that I have a senior who is currently in the Floating Gate World, thus wanting to come to look for him.

I obtained Mister Bai’s help, borrowing this Descending Spirit Jade Pendant from him such that I am talking with you now.

I had not understood this situation prior to this.

Do forgive me if I have acted inappropriately.”

The four exchanged looks and pondered for a moment before the one at their head waved towards the remaining people of the sect, indicating that they should take their leave.

Everyone was taken aback, yet could only listen to their Chief’s instructions as they all retreated, with only the four Martial Saint experts of Great Snowy Mountain remaining within the great hall.

The one at their head said, “Young Master Yan is polite.

Since senior apprentice-brother Bai was willing to lend you the Descending Spirit Jade Pendant, Young Master Yan is a friend of my Great Snowy Mountain.

Yet, I wonder what this senior of yours is called”

Bai Ziming himself had been unable to successfully establish communication with the Floating Gate World using the Descending Spirit Jade Pendant.

Otherwise, he would definitely have rushed to try it, first meeting and greeting the others of his sect.

Having lent the item to Yan Zhaoge, it was to establish a good relationship with him on the one hand while on the other, to try to borrow Yan Zhaoge’s help in order to successfully finish this connection.

After all, Yan Zhaoge often achieved shocking feats, being exceptionally astonishing in formations as well as various unorthodox studies.

Now, Bai Ziming had been proven to have guessed right.

Yan Zhaoge and the four Great Snowy Mountain Martial Saints were all fully aware of this.

There was no need for them to say it aloud.

Yan Zhaoge said, “My Grand Master is surnamed Yuan, Yuan Zhengfeng.”

Hearing Yuan Zhengfeng’s name, the Great Snowy Mountain Martial Saints all seemed slightly taken aback before they then exchanged looks.

Seeing that their expressions were not quite right, Yan Zhaoge asked, “Mister Bai said that he once met my Grand Master.

When he ascended to the World beyond Worlds previously, my Grand Master even came to Great Snowy Mountain to observe the ceremony at the time.”

Bitter smiles surfaced somewhat on the faces of the four Great Snowy Mountain experts.

One of them sighed, “To tell you the truth, we naturally know your Grand Master, Mister Yuan.

While we have only met a few times, we have a deep impression of him.


He shook his head slightly before diverting the topic, “Senior apprentice-brother Bai once said before ascending that Mister Yuan should have the possibility of breaking through to the Seeing Divinity stage very soon.

Still, Young Master Yan should not be seeing him ascending to the World beyond Worlds within a short period of time.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Why is this so”

The other party replied, “Your Grand Master, Heaven Equalling Yuan, was once a guest Elder of our Floating Gate World’s Towering Wave Pavilion.

A while back, the Towering Wave Pavilion ended up being destroyed by the Heavy Sun Sect.

While your Grand Master is not of their direct lineage, he was thought rather highly of by the Heavy Sun Sect as they schemed to trap him in the West Sea.”

Yan Zhaoge was rendered speechless.

He had heard Bai Ziming mention the Heavy Sun Sect before.

It was the number one power of the Floating Gate World which had been their strongest sect for many years.

They had a number of experts who had ascended to the World beyond Worlds, and it was said that they had even re-built their sect there, setting up base someplace that was not the Royal Reed Sea.

He heard the Great Snowy Mountain Elder continue, “Mister Yuan possesses shocking power such that even the Chief of the Heavy Sun Sect was not his match.

The Heavy Sun Sect only managed to catch him unawares and trap him in the mouth of a geyser with a scheme, only then launching a sneak attack and thereby destroying Towering Wave Pavilion.”

Yan Zhaoge asked in a heavy tone, “How is my Grand Master now”

The Great Snowy Mountain Elder answered, “After the Heavy Sun Sect destroyed Towering Wave Pavilion, they dispatched numerous experts to the West Sea, just that they were just unable to do anything to your Grand Master.

They could only continue making use of the geography of the mouth of a geyser to trap him with a formation.

Both sides are currently locked in a stalemate.

It is believed that the Heavy Sun Sect intends to slowly whittle away at his power.”


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