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HSSB737: Help me to do two things


When discussing Yuan Zhengfeng, these Elders of Great Snowy Mountain spoke rather admiringly.

Previously, when Yuan Zhengfeng had been Towering Wave Pavilion’s guest Elder, during those few times that he had made a move, he had not really displayed much of his actual strength.

It was such that most people had undervalued him.

It was only recently with the many continuous battles between the Heavy Sun Sect and Towering Wave Pavilion that Yuan Zhengfeng had finally gone all out, displaying his full prowess.

Only then had everyone realised that he possessed great strength that was sufficient for him to preside arrogantly over the entire Floating Gate World.

Even for Bai Ziming who had just ascended to the World beyond Worlds, when he had still been at the peak of the late Merging Avatar stage like Yuan Zhengfeng and yet to ascend, his strength then had actually been inferior to his.

This having occurred only after Bai Ziming’s ascension, he had naturally been unaware of it.

As these longtime Elders of Great Snowy Mountain were currently faced with Yan Zhaoge who claimed to be Yuan Zhengfeng’s descendant, they again felt admiration as they secretly thought to themselves that it was indeed so.

Yuan Zhengfeng had suddenly appeared in the Floating Gate World with his origins a mystery, Thus, everyone guessed him to be from some other world.

Now, these Great Snowy Mountain longtime Elders were taking Yuan Zhengfeng to be a native of the World beyond Worlds who had somehow ended up coming to their Floating Gate World.

That Yuan Zhengfeng had previously kept a low profile and diligently cultivated was now seen by them as his preparations to return to the World beyond Worlds more quickly.

As they saw it now, this was really only a natural thing.

Yan Zhaoge was not in the mood to ponder on their thoughts.

It was still fine that he was currently trapped within a wound of the sky.

He being the one who had caused the situation, he naturally had a way to get out of it.

However, it would be hard for him to descend to the Floating Gate World within a short period of time.

His Grand Master Yuan Zhengfeng was currently trapped in the Floating Gate World.

While it did not appear a major problem in the short term, a solution would have to be found before it was too late.

Yan Zhaoge was currently in the Floating Gate World as a strand of divine will with the help of Bai Ziming’s Descending Spirit Jade Pendant.

This could only be maintained for a short period of time.

“Borrowing the geography of the mouth of a geyser to set up a formation,” Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before suddenly asking, “Can you describe the local environment over there to this Yan”

The four Great Snowy Mountain Martial Saints looked taken aback.

They exchanged looks before one of them described to Yan Zhaoge what he wanted.

“It is one in the form of a vortex That’s good then,” Yan Zhaoge instantly relaxed before he said solemnly, “Since that is so, this Yan has two things that I would like you to help me out with.”

The Great Snowy Mountain longtime Elders fell silent.

While Yan Zhaoge bore Bai Ziming’s Descending Spirit Jade Pendant, his relationship with Bai Ziming was still uncertain.

Everything still rested on those one-sided claims of his that could not be proven.

Still, after discussing secretly via sound transmission for a while, they still asked, “Can Young Master Yan explain what it is that you would like us to do”

From what Yan Zhaoge had said, it did not sound like he wanted them directly moving to assist Yuan Zhengfeng, thus going against the Heavy Sun Sect.

Thus, they could not help but feel rather curious as to what Yan Zhaoge intended for them to do.

Yan Zhaoge said, “It is actually not hard.

I heard Mister Bai mention that there is a treasure in the Floating Gate World known as the Unseeping Sea Bone”

Great Snowy Mountain’s current Chief nodded, “That’s right.

It is a special product of the West Sea.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Firstly, I would like your Great Snowy Mountain to collect some Unseeping Sea Bones.

Not many will be needed; just three or four complete ones will be fine.

Afterwards, bury them 350km north of the geyser mouth of the West Sea, moving through the earth veins and directly entering the fire pith veins.”

The other part asked, “What then”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “The first thing is as simple as that.

Nothing else has to be done.”

The Great Snowy Mountain Martial Saints all exchanged looks as they appeared uncomprehending.

Yan Zhaoge said, “You need only do as I ask.

Afterwards, you will be able to see my Grand Master safely leaving the geyser mouth and then dealing with the Heavy Sun Sect.

Wouldn’t this be a good thing for your sect as well”

Of course this would be a good thing, also carrying no risks on their part.

The Great Snowy Mountain martial experts did not feel embarrassed, just finding it inconceivable.

A distance of 350km was close, extremely close for Martial Saint experts.

If they tried to bury Unseeping Sea Bones at such a place, they would definitely be noticed by the Heavy Yang Sect.

Still, with the Heavy Yang Sect ignorant as to what was going on, they would most likely let it slide.

After all, a single Yuan Zhengfeng was already so bothersome for them to deal with.

Before they had taken care of him, however much power they had, they did not wish for unexpected events to occur.

Great Snowy Mountain was not all that easy to oppress.

With Bai Ziming having ascended, they too could be considered as having a backer in the World beyond Worlds.

“What about the second thing” Great Snowy Mountain’s Chief did not promise anything as he pondered for a bit before asking again, “I wonder what the second matter that Young Master Yan speaks of is”

Yan Zhaoge said that, “The second matter is that after the matter in the West Sea has been settled, please invite my Grand Master to this ice palace and hand these two spirit talismans over to him.”

Now, light flickered within the eyes of Bai Ziming’s statue that Yan Zhaoge was currently residing in.

A wisp of radiance shot out from the statue before manifesting as two runes in front of the shrine.

Seeing this, the four Great Snowy Mountain martial practitioners could basically recognise them as something akin to spatial markers.

Still, they were unable to tell anything more specific from them.

The Chief of Great Snowy Mountain pondered for a moment before taking out two jade talismans and storing those two runes within, turning them into spirit talismans.

The four exchanged looks, discussing in secret.

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before smiling as he saw them hesitant, “This Yan has already confirmed the coordinates of the Floating Gate World this time.

It will be much more convenient for Mister Bai’s divine will to descend or for him to personally return to the Floating Gate World now.”

“In the World beyond Worlds, there are Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories who reign supreme.

Old Mister Bai is currently a guest Elder to the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage, having much free time as well as leisure.

I believe that he will surely contact you guys very soon.”

Hearing his words, the hearts of the Great Snowy Mountain experts jolted slightly.

While Yan Zhaoge’s words appeared casual, they were not totally without meaning.

Instead, he was hinting that Bai Ziming was currently doing well up there in the World beyond Worlds, already having successfully secured a stable position and even obtained a mighty backer.

While the Heavy Yang Sect had some power up in the World beyond Worlds, it was not that Bai Ziming had to be afraid of them.

With this, there was also no need for Great Snowy Mountain to fear the Heavy Sun Sect making things difficult for them here in the Floating Gate World.

Moreover, they were not directly opposing the Heavy Yang Sect.

The Heavy Sun Sect would also have to think twice if they wanted to make an enemy out of their Great Snowy Mountain.

Without anything left to worry about, that old man of the third level of the Martial Saint realm gazed at the other three, saying secretly via sound transmission, “If this person speaks true, his background as well as that of Yuan Zhengfeng is not to be underestimated.

Otherwise, senior apprentice-brother Bai would not have lent him the Descending Spirit Jade Pendant.”

Someone asked hesitantly, “We are currently unable to contact senior apprentice-brother Bai.

How can we know that he is speaking the truth”

The old man said, “His earlier action already proves his words.”

The other party realised, “Right his method in the creation of the spirit talisman is the same as senior apprentice-brother Bai’s.

This is proof that senior apprentice-brother Bai taught it to him personally, also being the best proof of their relationship.”

A cold look surfaced in his eyes, “If Yuan Zhengfeng escapes from the geyser mouth of the West Sea, whether the Heavy Sun Sect would be able to guard against his rage would already be a problem.

There is no way they would still have the leisure to angrily retaliate against us then.”

“If the Heavy Sun Sect declines, it is our Great Snowy Mountain that will reign supreme in the Floating Gate World.

In the face of this, what do some risks matter”

Hearing his words, the other three were silent, slowly nodding after a while.

The old man thus said emotionally, “You can rest assured, Young Master Yan.

This old man will definitely fulfil your requests.”


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