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HSSB738: Blocking your way out


Hearing the other party agree, Yan Zhaoge smiled to himself.

Yan Zhaoge had gained some understanding of the Floating Gate World’s situation from Bai Ziming.

The Heavy Sun Sect being powerful, pressure would definitely be exerted by them on Great Snowy Mountain and the other sects.

If there was a chance to topple the Heavy Sun Sect, the other sects, especially their Great Snowy Mountain whose strength was inferior only to theirs, would naturally be happy to see it happen.

Yuan Zhengfeng’s strength was something that exceeded the expectations of everyone of the Floating Gate World.

It was even to the point that even Towering Wave Pavilion where he had been residing might not have been aware of the full extent of his capabilities.

Afterwards, the Heavy Sun Sect had nearly kicked an iron board as they tried to decimate Towering Wave Pavilion.

It was fortunate that making use of Yuan Zhengfeng’s unfamiliarity with the locality, they had managed to capitalise on the unique geography of the West Sea to trap him.

Even though they had managed to trap Yuan Zhengfeng, he still remained an extremely troublesome opponent for them as they were still unable to deal with him easily at all.

With this, Great Snowy Mountain and those other sects would inevitably have some thoughts arise within their minds.

It was just that the Heavy Sun Sect was powerful at the end of the day, also having many experts in the World beyond Worlds.

With their strong background and deep foundation, Great Snowy Mountain did not see themselves likely to succeed as they dared not move lightly.

Now, however, having learnt from Yan Zhaoge that Bai Ziming had obtained a major backer in the World beyond Worlds that did not fear the might of the Heavy Sun Sect, the reservations held by these Great Snowy Mountain experts were instantly wiped away.

Toppling the Heavy Sun Sect was something that would benefit them greatly in the first place.

If the time was ripe, not needing anyone else to say it, they too would surely muster their troops.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge did not have to worry about them refusing his request.

It could be said that this was entirely something that was beneficial to both sides.

He and his Grand Master might even be helping Great Snowy Mountain out here.

Otherwise, just Great Snowy Mountain alone would never be able to topple the Heavy Sun Sect in the Floating Gate World.

Bai Ziming being affiliated to the Southeastern Exalt in the World beyond Worlds, it was sufficient for defence whilst insufficient for offence.

The Heavy Sun Sect fearing the Southeastern Exalt, they would not dare to make things difficult for Bai Ziming and Great Snowy Mountain.

Yet, it would similarly be impossible for Bai Ziming to invite the descendants of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage to help him by descending to the Floating Gate World and attacking the Heavy Sun Sect.

At the very least, this would definitely be impossible with Bai Ziming’s current position in Golden Court Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge believed that as long as Great Snowy Mountain had the ambition to replace the Heavy Sun Sect as the overlords of the Floating Gate World, they would most likely agree to his requests.

At most, they would only suspect him of exaggerating and cheating them, being worried about the potential retaliation by Heavy Sun Sect experts coming from the World beyond Worlds afterwards.

Still, as they did not have to personally clash with the Heavy Sun Sect, the risk had unquestionably already been lowered to the utmost for them.

If Yuan Zhengfeng managed to escape, with the Heavy Sun Sect already hard pressed to deal with him, how would they still have the energy to find fault with them

At that time, even if they really joined forces with Yuan Zhengfeng and the Heavy Sun Sect therefore descended from the World beyond Worlds, it was still hard to say who would obtain the final victory.

From the descriptions of the Great Snowy Mountain experts, Yan Zhaoge was able to tell that his Grand Master Yuan Zhengfeng was currently invincible one versus one in the Floating Gate World.

For one versus many, he might still be able to defeat his opponents.

Under such circumstances, if Great Snowy Mountain even had the slightest shred of ambition, they would surely be won over by him.

“Since that is so, I will be troubling you.

This Yan first thanks you here,” After Yan Zhaoge said this, the radiance within the eyes of Bai Ziming’s statue gradually faded.

The Descending Spirit Jade Pendant had already reached the limit for when it could be sustained.

Yan Zhaoge’s mind accompanied that wisp of jade green smoke in leaving the carved statue, rising slowly into the air and rapidly entering space once more.

After again traversing through space, the jade green smoke returned to the area enveloped by the crimson crystal wall.

The smoke returned to the jade pendant, and Yan Zhaoge’s strand of divine will returned to his body as well, combining with the rest of it.

After having recovered, thoughts quickly flashed through Yan Zhaoge’s mind as he looked at the bloodred vortex before him, “While the vortex remains ferocious, it is at the end of its tether…”

Madame Kang, Tan Jin and the others had realised this as well as they were patiently resisting the vortex without seeming panicked or flustered in the least.

The sword-light that resembled flowing water twisted and turned in the air, moving about the sky while evading that bloodred vortex.

Yan Zhaoge was able to feel three icy cold gazes fixated on him from within that long river of time.

Madame Kang and her two sons clearly already hated Yan Zhaoge to the core.

They would likely be attacking him at once as soon as the vortex disappeared.

Meanwhile, Tan Jin and the other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were instead much calmer.

Even as Tan Jin resisted the suction force of the bloodred vortex, part of her attention still remained on the treasured mirror that she was carrying.

Yan Zhaoge noticed that the mirror-light emitted from that treasured mirror was clearly penetrating through the crimson crystal wall as it extended into the distant space.

“If this goes on, Luo Zhiyuan’s group should be able to return very soon.”

At this, Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before the corners of his mouth slowly curled in a smile, “Now that cannot happen.”

Gazing at that bloodred vortex which was gradually beginning to show signs of weakening, as the vortex deteriorated unceasingly, Yan Zhaoge suddenly mightily clapped the Myriad Dragon Palace.

The door of the Myriad Dragon Palace opened, a streak of radiance suddenly shooting out from within as the roar of a dragon shocked the heavens, the mighty authority of a dragon sweeping through the surrounding area.

Madame Kang’s trio and Tan Jin’s group were all shocked.

Looking over carefully, they discovered that it was not actually a true, live dragon.

Instead, it was a gigantic dragon corpse.

While it was already dead, it still emanated a powerful aura and intimidating authority and dignity.

As manipulated by Yan Zhaoge, this dragon corpse now plunged straight into the bloodred vortex!

Yan Zhaoge roared, “Sacrifice!”

He reached out and drew within the air, his fresh blood instantly transforming into a massive sprit talisman that plunged into the bloodred vortex as well.

How incomparably mighty was the qi and blood of a true dragon At this moment, as the blood sacrifice of its entire body occurred, its majestic, powerful qi and blood all erupted completely, resembling the explosion of a blazing hot sun.

As the flourishing qi and blood was absorbed by the bloodred vortex, the vortex which had already been in the process of deteriorating originally instantly grew stronger.

Yet, after the massive spirit talisman formed of Yan Zhaoge’s essence blood was merged within, the bloodred vortex ceased to expand as it instead grew even more unstable.

The crimson crystal wall that enveloped and restricted the surrounding space trembled intensely as well, seeming as if it might break apart at any moment.

Madame Kang, Tan Jin and the others prepared themselves for the worst.

Now, the bloodred vortex mightily exploded before expanding rapidly towards the surroundings!

Meanwhile, the external crimson crystal wall shattered all at once, next concaving inwards!

One inside, one outside, one advancing, one retreating, both swiftly transforming into an all-encompassing mist of blood, a massive bloody cloud hence suffusing the surrounding space.

Everyone could only see dense blood pervading their field of vision, unable to tell up from down or left from right as all sense of direction was thereby lost.

In the Phoenix Bearing Region of the World beyond Worlds, the original wound of the sky was currently disappearing gradually with only the dense colour of blood visible amidst the horizon.

As time passed, the colour of blood gradually faded.

Still, the wound of the sky did not regain its original look.

A clump of clouds had turned from red to colourless and transparent.

Within the clump of clouds, everyone and everything seemed to be between real and illusory, their movements also being hampered.

The Radiant Light Sect’s Tan Jin emitted a shocked, enraged howl.

Through that formless layer of clouds, she was clearly able to see that in the space outside of the clouds, immeasurable light flickered as a few figures had appeared.

It was precisely the Radiant Light Sect’s Chief Luo Zhiyuan and the rest!

Luo Zhiyuan’s group was shocked and enraged as well as they discovered that their path back to the World beyond Worlds had been completely blocked off by this clump of clouds.

Despite having painstakingly rushed back with great difficulty, they could only continue lingering amidst the chaotic flows of space outside of the World beyond Worlds!


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