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HSSB739: Accompany me as I cultivate here


Yan Zhaoge’s predictions had been right on point.

Luo Zhiyuan’s group was merely a single step away from reaching this wound of the sky.

Yet, by just this single step, they instead remained trapped outside of the World beyond Worlds.

Amidst the chaotic flows of space, while paths seemed to exist everywhere, whichever direction someone moved in, their destination might still actually be incomparably far away.

Only having found the right route and correctly ventured onto the right path of space and time could one arrive at the place that they wanted to go to.

It was just like how it had been very difficult for Yan Zhaoge and Bai Ziming to find the Floating Gate World previously.

Like Yan Zhaoge, the Radiant Light Sect too had left a guiding marker in the World beyond Worlds.

Yet, due to the spatial storm caused by the collapse of the Dim Radiant Mausoleum previously, it had been much harder for them to navigate than Yan Zhaoge who had been protected by the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Having finally managed to contact Tan Jin and the others who had remained in the World beyond Worlds, they had thought to work together in concert, returning to the Phoenix Bearing Region via the wound of the sky there.

Yet, just having arrived there, the wound of the sky had disappeared.

What appeared before the eyes of Luo Zhiyuan’s group was a clump of formless clouds that seemed to distinctly separate the real and illusory world.

They attempted to enter the clouds, yet found them to be like an illusion as they were just unable to tangibly make physical contact with them.

They were still unable to find the wound of the sky and the path back to the World beyond Worlds.

While it was like an indistinct veil had covered it, Luo Zhiyuan was still able to see the faces of Yan Zhaoge, Madame Kang, Tan Jin and the rest amongst the illusory clouds.

Tan Jin loudly shouted something at him.

Still, as no voice was emitted, Luo Zhiyuan could only interpret it based on the shape of her mouth.

Tan Jin was saying as she pointed at Yan Zhaoge, “The wound of the sky was indeed located here.

Yet, this person damaged it!”

Amongst the illusory clouds, Yan Zhaoge’s body was currently half-real and half-illusory as well as he was rendered unable to easily move.

His entire person resembled a bug encased in amber.

It was not just him.

The Northern Ocean Clone beside him and even the Myriad Dragon Palace had become this way as well.

It was the same for Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Xiao Ai and Pan-Pan inside it.

Even the remaining true dragon corpses that were stored deep within the Myriad Dragon Palace turned illusory and indistinct as they lost their tangible form.

The sole exceptions to this were the Dim Radiant Wheel and the Extreme Yang Seal.

Both of them remained as they were as they hovered silently amidst the illusory space.

Apart from that, Yan Zhaoge’s other accompanying Sacred Artifacts and even Feng Yunsheng’s Cold Sun Divine Sabre that had still yet to attain completion lost their forms alongside them, only illusory shadows remaining.

Yan Zhaoge was not panicked at all.

Looking at Luo Zhiyuan’s group outside of the clump of clouds, he even smiled and waved towards them.

Whether it was Tan Jin’s group located amongst the clouds with their figures having turned illusory or Luo Zhiyuan’s group which was still being affected by spatial storms outside, they inevitably felt much more despondent upon seeing this.

This was especially so for Luo Zhiyuan’s group.

Close behind them were violent, chaotic flows of space.

They could not easily linger outside of the clump of clouds as it looked like they were going to be swept away helplessly by the chaotic torrents once more.

Currently, these chaotic spatial torrents were already much weaker than when the Dim Radiant Mausoleum had collapsed previously.

As time passed, its influence on the Radiant Light Sect experts would grow increasingly weaker as they would definitely be able to successfully break free of it one day.

Yet, as Luo Zhiyuan’s exhausted group saw the light of hope appear and then vanish right away before their very eyes, their tolerance had truly reached a limit.

His face livid, Luo Zhiyuan roared, a golden wheel appearing in his hands that emitted endless radiance, illuminating the surrounding space.

Seeing that only the sun wheel now remained of the Radiant Light Sect’s supreme high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Sun Moon Wheels, Luo Zhiyuan felt even more furious.

It had precisely been Yan Zhaoge right there who had caused all of this.

He wielded the sun wheel, radiance protecting his body as he borrowed the spiritual force within to forcibly strike at those illusory clouds.

Where the clouds and the radiance of the sun wheel touched, space distorted unceasingly as there was vaguely the look of normalcy being regained.

Still, it turned out to be insufficient in the end as the illusory clump of clouds remained how it was.

Based on this, Luo Zhiyuan managed to forcibly tie himself down to these spatial boundaries, preventing himself from being again swept away by the encroaching chaotic flows of space.

It was just that the other Radiant Light Sect experts did not possess a supreme treasure as powerful as the Sun Moon Wheels.

They could only be swallowed by the chaotic torrents, only able to watch on helplessly as they were swept away from this illusory clump of clouds and the wound of the sky.

The enraged howls of these longtime experts of the Radiant Light Sect could be heard as they were filled with fury and resentment.

The Radiant Light Sect’s Chief Luo Zhiyuan of the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage could only grit his teeth as he saw this.

Amongst the clump of clouds, Yan Zhaoge smilingly watched all this play out.

Madame Kang, Tan Jin and the rest wanted to attack him, yet discovered that they were completely helpless to do so now.

Amongst the clump of clouds, they could only exchange looks now, staring strangely at one another as no one was able to do anything about the other.

Kang Jinyuan and Kang Maosheng who were being protected by Madame Kang both felt extremely shocked and curious, “What exactly is this”

Madame Kang’s gaze gradually turned composed as she said after pondering for a moment, “There is yin and yang as well as real and illusory in this world.

A change having come to the wound of the sky, this region of space has become something akin to a dimension of nothingness.”

Kang Jinyuan stared wide-eyed, “How could that be”

“It must have something to do with that ritual that Yan Zhaoge used just now.

There was a change that happened with it at the final juncture.

Not only was that dragon corpse sacrificed, this region of space was sacrificed as well,” Madame Kang looked like she found it to be inconceivable, “This ritual-I originally thought it to be the Blood Devil Sacrificial Ceremony.

Yet, it turned into the Illusory Devil Sacrificial Ceremony afterwards.”

“This is a legendary devilish technique of pre-Great Calamity times, having been extremely obscure even then.

How could this Yan Zhaoge be in possession of it”

Madame Kang sucked in a breath of cold air, “I still did underestimate him in the end! Able to know so many secret affairs, could he truly be a descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary”

Kang Jinyuan exclaimed hatefully, “This bastard is really too cunning! My heart will not be satisfied until I have torn him into shreds!”

Madame Kang looked exasperatedly at him, “You’re still saying this I already told you earlier not to interfere, but you just had to sacrifice the Blood Incantation Shattering Space Awl.

Like this, he was instead enabled by you.”

“If I hadn’t sacrificed the Blood Incantation Shattering Space Awl at the time, you would have had to suffer the joint attacks of him and those of the Radiant Light Sect, mother,” Kang Jinyuan rebutted.

Then, his voice lowered slightly, “Who could have known that this bastard is actually this cunning…”

Madame Kang’s expression was vexed as Kang Maosheng now said, “He should have been forced to do it in order to try to get out of the situation.

Actually, things are not good for him as well.

He is currently in the same predicament as us.

Facing the bloodred vortex, he too has to resist it.”

“While I do not know what exactly he came to the wound of the sky to do, he will not be able to do it now.

He has been trapped here together with us.”

Kang Maosheng surveyed the surroundings, “As time goes on, the other seniors will come to search for us.

The Radiant Light Sect may dispatch people as well.

Instead, it is unknown whether this Yan Zhaoge possesses any backup.

Even if he does have reinforcements waiting, our chances are still ultimately greater.”

“It is not that we can only wait,” Madame Kang said, “This place might not be able to trap us for that long.

Let’s see who breaks free of it first!”

Radiance flickered within her eyes, the illusory clouds around her all rippling where its rays touched.

Time seemed to flow in reverse as this illusory dimension vaguely seemed to show signs of reverting to how it had been previously.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “I’m not in a rush at all.

This is a great place for cultivating.

Come, you all.

Just accompany me as I cultivate here.”


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