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HSSB740: Cultivating in a third Heavenly Scripture!


Now, the gap between the martial arts that the martial practitioners cultivated in was clearly shown.

While both of them were of the mid Seeing Divinity stage, Madame Kang had it different from Elder Tan Jin of the Radiant Light Sect.

Trapped amidst illusory space, Tan Jin could only wait helplessly and do nothing.

As for Madame Kang, light circulated within her eyes, resembling time and water.

This radiance even caused changes to the space around her, seemingly about to revert to real from illusory.

Time seemed to flow in reverse for she herself and the space near her, moving to revert to before Yan Zhaoge had executed the sacrificial ceremony.

Currently, she was mainly just trying to grasp the technique.

She could only see a vague hint as to how to do so, this still being unclear.

As more time passed, Madame Kang seemed to have gradually made some gains as her illusory figure advanced onto the path of becoming tangible once more.

While this was extremely slow to the extent that it could almost be ignored with it being indiscernible to the naked eye, this whole process was indeed occurring here in actuality.

Yan Zhaoge knew that as she gradually turned from illusory to real, as her cultivation base was exerted more and more completely, her speed of recovery would gradually end up increasing.

The more time that passed, the faster she would recover.

“The Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture indeed possesses numerous subtle uses,” Yan Zhaoge clicked his tongue in praise as he watched on, “Sadly, your cultivation base is still insufficient.

Were you at the Immortal Bridge stage, you should have been able to return this wound of the sky to its original state within a short period of time.”

Here, he could not help but laugh, “It is the same for me as well.”

He cultivated in both the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture.

Were his cultivation base high enough, it would be even easier for him to restore this place than Madame Kang who cultivated in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was not in a rush to leave.

On one hand, he had already made preparations in the Floating Gate World such that he did possess some confidence regarding it.

Kang Maosheng thought that Yan Zhaoge being trapped here, he would be unable to finish what he had set out to do.

This was an erroneous belief.

On the other hand, Yan Zhaoge instead wanted to make use of this illusory dimension to cultivate.

“This space with such complex variations is actually most suited for me to analyse the profundities of the Spatial Heavenly Scripture,” Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “A pity that it is not in my possession.”

The Spatial Heavenly Scripture, one of the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, depicted the variations between real and illusory space.

It was a peak existence amongst similar scriptures.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge or Madame Kang, Tan Jin and the rest, if their martial foundation with which they comprehended the dao was this Spatial Heavenly Scripture, they would be able to move amidst this environment with complete and utter ease as they freely navigated this illusory domain.

Yan Zhaoge even suspected that for martial practitioners who had attained a certain grasp of the Spatial Heavenly Scripture, their cultivation base having reached a certain point, they should have the ability to freely traverse the wounds of the sky without being disturbed by the power of dimensions even before having surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

In pre-Great Calamity times, there had been experts of the Jade Clear lineage who cultivated in the Spatial Heavenly Scripture.

They had solitarily traversed the myriad heavens, touring the universe.

Sadly, who knew what was left of them now following the Great Calamity.

Still, the supreme martial art executed by the Western Exalt before Yan Zhaoge had entered the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, having made a brief yet shocking appearance back then, had been judged by him to precisely be the Spatial Heavenly Scripture, and also of the orthodox, direct lineage.

This proved that this supreme martial art had not been discontinued.

Of the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures, four of them had been stored in the martial repository of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace.

The first of the ten, the Peerless Heavenly Scripture which served as the foundation of Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation, naturally need not be explained.

Apart from that, there were also the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, one of the earlier three scriptures, as well as the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and the Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture of the later six scriptures.

While Yan Zhaoge currently did not possess the Spatial Heavenly Scripture, the environment before him was similarly ideal for him to cultivate in another supreme martial art.

The Cyclic Heavenly Scripture depicted the boundless majesty of the reversal of two diametrically opposed extremities.

Real and illusory were similarly two diametrically opposed extremities.

Also, other than that, Yan Zhaoge was about to start cultivating in a third Heavenly Scripture as well.

His choice this time was the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture.

The Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture depicted the profundities of the variations between the four phenomena of yin and yang.

Numerous principles were unceasingly born with infinite, endless variations.

Yet, all of these concerned the changes between illusory yin and real, tangible yang.

Of the myriad arts of the heavens and the earth, none of their great daos ever stood on their own.

As for the Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture, it depicted the myriad entities that possessed form as well as the phenomena of the heavens and the earth, being all-encompassing in its scope.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had already cultivated in the Immortal Ending Sword Manual of the Prime Clear lineage previously.

The Immortal Ending Sword decimated all things with and without form, both real and illusory.

All variations were extinguished with a single sword regardless.

From a certain standpoint, this sword seemed to perfectly restrict the Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture.

These two martial arts jointly restricted one another, both sharing commonalities amidst their principles of the beginning and the end.

Therefore, he would definitely have to cultivate in the Myriad Phenomena Heavenly Scripture sooner or later.

Still, there was no rush here.

Yan Zhaoge could carefully analyse the Immortal Ending Sword first.

Therefore, the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture became the first choice for Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation of his third Primordial Heavenly Scripture.

As he sat calmly amidst the illusory space, a great amount of characters that flickered with light emerged within his pupils.

Gradually, a change happened with Yan Zhaoge’s pupils as one turned completely black while the other turned completely white.

He closed his eyes, an expression of deep thought on his face.

Madame Kang vaguely sensed something.

As she looked over, she saw Yan Zhaoge seated with his eyes closed and his figure merged with the illusory dimension, not appearing any abnormal at all.

Yan Zhaoge surveyed the interior of his body.

The mass of chaotic qi within his body gradually separated into two distinct flows of qi, one black and one white, one yin and one yang as they circulated unceasingly.

After that, the two qis of yin and yang varied unceasingly, forming innumerable streams of yin qi and yang qi which continuously flowed into and stimulated one another.

When yin qi entered the manifestation of yang qi, it was yin amidst yang, phenomenon of minor yin.

When yang qi entered the manifestation of yin qi, it was yang amidst yin, phenomenon of minor yang.

When yin qi entered the manifestation of yin qi, it was yin amidst yin, phenomenon of extreme yin.

When yang qi entered the manifestation of yang qi, it was yang amidst yang, the phenomenon of extreme yang.

These four distinct phenomena seemed to exist as a single entity as they eventually merged, gradually turning into a two-tailed fish of yin and yang, coiled together as nature flourished.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, his left pupil pure white with the eyeball jet-black and this being exactly opposite for his right eye, its pupil jet-black with the eyeball pure white.

The next moment, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes regained their original state.

This time, he nodded slightly, “Right.

With this, I have attained the right trajectory, successfully taking that first step.”

His thoughts circulated as the power of dim moon that he had previously absorbed from the Dim Sun Cold Moon Ceremony was restored from chaos.

The twin qis of yin and yang within Yan Zhaoge’s dantian guided the power of dim moon to merge with them as the phenomenon of minor yin with yin amidst yang was displayed.

With this non-stop refinement, the power of dim moon quickly turned into the power of minor yin.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “The second step.”

After cultivating for who knew how long, Yan Zhaoge finally recovered.

He saw that Madame Kang’s figure was already half real and half illusory now.

Beneath her influence, this illusory domain was even shaking somewhat.

The space that resembled ‘a clump of clouds’ looked like it might disperse at any moment.

Yan Zhaoge looked over again.

He saw Luo Zhiyuan with his face livid yet expressionless as he borrowed the power of the sun wheel of the Sun Moon Wheels to stick soundly to the clump of clouds, staring intently at him like he was waiting to gobble him up.

“I wonder how things are going for Grand Master” Yan Zhaoge wondered as he took out Bai Ziming’s Descending Spirit Jade Pendant once more.

The jade pendant had currently turned into an illusory shadow of its original self as well.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge secretly circulated the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, it instantly reverted from illusory to real.


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