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HSSB741: Reigning the world with a single arm


After Bai Ziming’s Descending Spirit Jade Pendant had been used once, at least a month would be needed before it could be used again.

Still, with Yan Zhaoge and the others having been trapped amidst this illusory domain, the concepts of space and time had therefore turned blurry and indistinct.

As Yan Zhaoge felt the jade pendant, he could sense the spiritual force within gradually recovering.

He infused his true essence within, jade green smoke appearing once more.

The smoke had been illusory in the first place, thus being able to move smoothly and unimpeded even amidst this unique region of space as it had drifted far away in an instant.

Yan Zhaoge sent out a wisp of divine will which accompanied the smoke in traversing endless space, descending towards the Floating Gate World once more.

As Yan Zhaoge’s divine will descended to Great Snowy Mountain again, yet another commotion arose throughout the entire mountain.

Still, this was still much milder as compared to the first time as Great Snowy Mountain’s higher echelons had probably made preparations to this effect.

Also, they too could not know if it was Yan Zhaoge or Bai Ziming who was descending this time.

Seeing that it was Yan Zhaoge again, the Chief of Great Snowy Mountain somewhat knew not whether to laugh or to cry.

The treasure which their ascended expert was supposed to employ in order to descend and communicate with them had ended up only being used by someone else.

Despite this, he still maintained proper decorum, “Our Great Snowy Mountain has successfully accomplished what Young Master Yan requested of us that day.

Your Grand Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, has already long since escaped from the geyser mouth at the West Sea.”

The Chief of Great Snowy Mountain sighed inwardly as he thought back on what had occurred.

After the four Unleaking Sea Bones had been embedded inside the fire pith veins 350km north of the mouth of the geyser, tumultuous changes that shocked the heavens had occurred with the spiritual qi flow of the surrounding earth veins.

The vortex there had actually begun flowing in reverse, undercurrents surging in the deep sea as they were no longer trapped below, instead spurting upwards.

The entire West Sea had been engulfed by great waves that surged to the heavens for a time, the seawater shooting into the clouds and hanging amidst the horizon.

The grand sky and the great ocean seemed to have reversed at that moment.

The Heavy Sun Sect martial practitioners present had all been taken helpless as they were repelled by the wild tides.

Yuan Zhengfeng who had originally been jointly suppressed by them with all their might within the vortex at the mouth of the geyser had been directly catapulted straight up from the oceanic depths.

The Great Snowy Mountain experts who had been in the West Sea at the time, having nearly been engulfed by the heaven-defying tides, had hurriedly retreated, feeling shocked whilst confounded.

They had merely thought to try it out initially upon seeing how confident Yan Zhaoge had seemed.

When these events truly occurred, they of Great Snowy Mountain had been as astonished as those of the Heavy Sun Sect.

Amidst their shock, there was also great puzzlement.

While they knew the reason for which the Unleaking Sea Bones had been buried, they still could not understand the principles behind this.

This caused Yan Zhaoge’s image in the hearts of those of Great Snowy Mountain to be even more profound and indiscernible than it had been before.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “What about the Heavy Sun Sect”

That Great Snowy Mountain expert smiled as well, “After your Grand Master exited the geyser mouth at the West Sea, he immediately went on a rampage, slaying the Chief of the Heavy Sun Sect on the spot.

Of their sect’s remaining higher echelons, a great many perished or were injured.”

Here, he could not help but feel a bit overwhelmed.

The powerful might that Yuan Zhengfeng had displayed upon exiting the sea that day had once again shocked their entire Floating Gate World.

Before Bai Ziming had ascended, while the Heavy Sun Sect had been the number one power of the Floating Gate World, Bai Ziming had been the world’s undisputed number expert.

After Bai Ziming had ascended, his position had been replaced by the Chief of the Heavy Sun Sect.

Yet, this hegemon of the Floating Gate World who presided arrogantly over the heavens had been beaten straight to death by Yan Zhaoge on the spot without even ever possessing a chance to flee.

Aside from that, there had been other Heavy Sun Sect experts present as well who had also been slaughtered randomly into a messed up state by Yuan Zhengfeng.

The entire Floating Gate World had shuddered in fear in the aftermath of this battle.

If not for the Heavy Sun Sect waging war with Towering Wave Pavilion, there was probably no one who would have known that this one-armed man who usually kept a lone profile was actually this supremely vicious person who could virtually decimate the number one sect of the Floating Gate World all on his own.

Yuan Zhengfeng had not entered the Floating Gate World with a Sacred Artifact as he presided arrogantly atop the heavens bare-handed.

Still, despite feeling overwhelmed, it was more of joy that those of Great Snowy Mountain felt.

In this battle, the Heavy Sun Sect had truly suffered a huge blow to its vitality.

Also, in the battle of the West Sea afterwards, Yuan Zhengfeng had directly stomped on the Heavy Sun Sect’ headquarters with their grand formation having very nearly been broken in the process.

If not for experts of the Heavy Sun Sect from the World beyond Worlds having descended at a crucial juncture, the Heavy Sun Sect of the Floating Gate World would probably been directly exterminated.

What was noteworthy was that the Heavy Sun Sect experts whose cultivation bases had been restricted to the third level of the Martial Saint realm as they descended from the World beyond Worlds had been beaten tragically by Yuan Zhengfeng as well, only having barely managed to secure the situation after sending reinforcements.

Even so, the martial practitioners of the Heavy Sun Sect were still trapped in their headquarters and unable to leave, their past esteemed reputation of the number one sect of the Floating Gate World being completely lost.

Yan Zhaoge was not surprised by this.

While Yuan Zhengfeng might appear benevolent before his juniors, if one were to think that his Grand Master was simply a benevolent old man, they would really be completely wrong.

Yuan Zhengfeng who had risen to prominence alongside Broad Creed Mountain following their darkest times had often had his hands stained with the blood of his enemies.

Still, Yuan Zhengfeng’s current strength still caused Yan Zhaoge to look at him in a different light.

While he did not mean to be disrespectful, Yan Zhaoge could claim to have a general understanding of his Grand Master’s strength at the same cultivation level.

Yan Zhaoge had also seen Bai Ziming in battle before.

He was indeed rather powerful.

While his strength might be inferior to that of the Northern Ocean Clone as well as the Southeastern Exalt’s disciple ‘Flying Feather Assailant’ Chen Zhiliang who were similarly at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, he could definitely be acclaimed as an outstanding expert wherever he was.

The level of the Floating Gate World’s martial arts was really not ordinary in the least.

In terms of overall ability, they even surpassed that in the Eight Extremities World.

“It looks like it is not just his cultivation speed.

Grand Master’s individual strength too has reached a whole new level,” Yan Zhaoge pondered.

Before him, the Chief of Great Snowy Mountain now said, “Your Grand Master is currently residing at our Great Snowy Mountain as a guest.

This old man has already sent someone to notify him; he will be arriving right away.”

Yan Zhaoge found his words to be rather unexpected.

Still, looking at the other party and just thinking slightly, he had already understood.

Great Snowy Mountain had likely acted as a mediator, helping to resolve the conflict between Yuan Zhengfeng and the Heavy Sun Sect.

The Heavy Sun Sect had experts in the World beyond Worlds.

If the Floating Gate World’s Heavy Sun Sect was decimated completely, while Yuan Zhengfeng would simply be able to ascend or return to the Eight Extremities World, leaving without a care in the world, Great Snowy Mountain would still have to remain in the Floating Gate World.

The flames of fury of the World beyond Worlds’ Heavy Sun Sect experts would inevitably have to be borne by Great Snowy Mountain then.

For an enmity of destroying one’s sect, while Bai Ziming was subordinate to the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage, whether the Heavy Sun Sect would be able to maintain their rationality was hard to say for sure.

With these detriments in mind, Great Snowy Mountain was clearly reluctant to go all out here.

On the contrary, the Floating Gate World’s Heavy Sun Sect had already suffered a huge blow to their vitality now with many of their experts having perished.

With this, they were destined to deteriorate from the position of the Floating Gate World’s number one sect, with Great Snowy Mountain already able to make use of this void in power to usurp this seat.

It was impossible for the Heavy Sun Sect experts of the World beyond Worlds to remain stationed in the Floating Gate World for the long term.

With Great Snowy Mountain not homing in relentlessly for the kill, the Heavy Sun Sect would likely only be able to suffer in silence and do nothing.

Yan Zhaoge was not concerned about this.

It was fine so long as his Grand Master was happy with it.

Now, a figure appeared at the doorway of the great hall.

As Yan Zhaoge, his divine will attached to that statue, saw this figure, his heartstrings involuntarily twanged.


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