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HSSB743: Fourth of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, Heart’s Will Thunder


“Could I be thinking too much”

Yan Zhaoge felt as though a hint of realisation had flashed across his mind yet vanished immediately afterwards, as if it had merely been a trick of the mind.

“May I ask Grand Master-what is this thunder art called” Yan Zhaoge asked.

Yuan Zhengfeng answered, “It is called the Heart’s Will Thunder Incantation.

After having attained some accomplishments in it, one will be able to obtain Heart’s Will Thunder.

While they are said to be thunderbolts, they do not possess the form of electricity as they are instead strange, indiscernible bolts of thunder that are formed of one’s will.

This old man has only attained some minor insights into it these past years, yet have already been able to feel the endless profundities within and its great might.”

Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “Heart’s Will Thunder…”

How could he not have heard the name of this thunderbolt before

Heart’s Will Thunder was ranked fourth amongst the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders that also had the Five Elements Creation Thunder, An Instant’s Thunder and the Thunder of Eternal Night.

The extent of its might aside, its strangeness and unpredictability reigned at the top of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders.

As Yuan Zhengfeng had said, while it was called a thunderbolt, it lacked the form of electricity as the thunder would resound directly in the depths of one’s heart as the explosion of one’s will in the form of thunderbolts.

No trace could be seen of this thunder anywhere within the universe, yet it could exist in the depths of the hearts of all intelligent lifeforms, being endless and omnipresent.

While Yuan Zhengfeng had only mentioned it briefly, Yan Zhaoge could already generally understand the results of him cultivating in the Heart’s Will Thunder Incantation.

In Yuan Zhengfeng’s daily efforts, the heart thunder that he would attain would dispel the devil in his heart as well as his miscellaneous thoughts as it was thus beneficial to his cultivation.

When clashing with others, as Yuan Zhengfeng executed this martial art, the Heart Devil’s Thunder would directly explode within the heart of his opponent.

This thunder being directed against someone’s heart, it was hard to defend against via external means.

Also, it ignored an opponent’s cultivation base, merely looking at whether he was able to tame the devil in his heart that had suddenly rebelled.

If it could be dispelled, all would be good.

If it couldn’t, not needing Yuan Zhengfeng to make a move, there would already be the danger of him entering cultivation deviation, falling to ruin.

Still, during a crucial exchange of blows, this would likely be sufficient to decide the victor.

With the opponent’s heart devil suddenly surging, interfering greatly with him, Yuan Zhengfeng would naturally be at a great advantage.

Such a method was tyrannical and strange, arising from the heart with no prior warning whatsoever as one would be hard pressed to defend against it.

Based on Yuan Zhengfeng’s grasp of the Heart’s Will Thunder Incantation, there would also be changes in the might of the Heart’s Will Thunder unleashed by him.

If Yuan Zhengfeng achieved major completion in the Heart’s Will Thunder Incantation, unless his opponent possessed a much higher cultivation base than him, they would be affected by the Heart Devil’s Thunder resounding in the depths of their heart, hence causing them to descend into chaos.

“It is actually the Heart’s Will Thunder.

There were few who grasped this thunder even in pre-Great Calamity times.”

A strange feeling arose within Yan Zhaoge’s heart once more as the blurry scene before him seemed vaguely to grow clearer somewhat.

Yet, it was still indistinct.

He shook his head slightly, composing himself as he asked Yuan Zhengfeng, “Grand Master, as you cultivate in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture that is brimming with vitality, with your current cultivation base, you should logically be able to try re-growing your lost arm.

There would be some hope of that succeeding.”

Yuan Zhengfeng smiled, “There is no rush for that.

This old man has already grown used to it these past years.

Wanting to re-grow my lost arm, some preparations will still be needed.

This old man has long been considering this matter; there is nothing to worry about, Zhaoge.”

Feeling that the time limit for the Descending Spirit Jade Pendant was nearly up again, Yan Zhaoge immediately said, “It really is great that you are okay.”

“You don’t have to worry about me up in the World beyond Worlds.

I will continue preparing and opposing the Radiant Light Sect.

It is not far from the day that we will be rid of this threat.

I hope to be able to meet you in the World beyond Worlds soon.

Do take utmost care in the upcoming days.”

Yuan Zhengfeng smiled emotionally, “Go, Zhaoge! Your heavens and earth are incomparably broad.”

Jade green smoke flew up from the statue, slowly rising into the air as Yan Zhaoge’s wisp of divine will accompanied it in leaving Great Snowy Mountain and the Floating Gate World.

After traversing infinite space, Yan Zhaoge’s divine will returned to his body.

Light shimmered everywhere in the space before him as if they were currently fully submersed in the light of water.

The spatial domain which had been illusory previously seemed to have gradually regained its tangible form, just that it was still different from the original wound of the sky.

Yan Zhaoge felt as though he was currently amidst a long, frozen river of time.

In the distance, sword-light flickered about Madame Kang’s entire body, transforming into numerous waves that extended into the surroundings, affecting this local region of space.

Her expression gradually became more relaxed and confident as she looked coldly at Yan Zhaoge, seeming as though she was biding her time in preparation for a harsh assault when the time came.

With her hard work, the entire region of space had already gradually been removed from an illusory state as it had become tangible once more.

As for Madame Kang herself, it vaguely seemed like she was already gradually regaining her ability to move about as she willed.

While Luo Zhiyuan was outside the light of water, he too was paying close attention to the changes in the spatial domain before him.

Tan Jin and the others were instead trapped by the light of water as they were still unable to move.

Meeting Madame Kang’s gaze, Yan Zhaoge smiled, not seeming to feel any pressure.

His mood now was really great as it had never been before.

With Yuan Zhengfeng safe and sound and also possibly able to return to the Eight Extremities World, it was like a great weight had finally been lifted off Yan Zhaoge’s shoulders for good after a long, long time.

Thinking about this happy fact, Yan Zhaoge felt greatly comforted as he was even unable to stop himself from bursting into laughter.

Madame Kang’s gaze was cold, while Luo Zhiyuan, Tan Jin and the rest also had on stern expressions.

Still, all of them dared not move lightly now for fear that Yan Zhaoge was about to stir up something again.

Amidst Yan Zhaoge’s joyful mood, he ceased his laughter, neither panicked nor flustered as he mentally communicated with the slumbering Extreme Yang Seal.

Yin and yang again varied with the true essence of his body, connecting with the Extreme Yang Seal.

Gradually, mild streams of essence qi actually flowed into Yan Zhaoge’s body from within the seal.

“Indeed, the profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture and the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture were contained within when this treasure was forged,” Yan Zhaoge silently circulated his profound art, the true essence of his entire body now transforming into yang qi.

When yang qi entered the manifestation of yang qi, it was yang amidst yang, the phenomenon of extreme yang.

An oceanic amount of yang qi transformed into the majestic power of extreme yang.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched lightly upwards, “After minor yang, extreme yang too has now been accomplished.

Third step, complete.”

He raised his head to look at Madame Kang who was raring to go, almost able to hold back no longer, before he smiled, “Okay, I am done with my private matters.

Let us contest things now.”

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes wide, a brilliant light shooting out from within.

As the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture was circulated, his body swiftly returned from illusory to real as he returned to being an actual, tangible existence.

Seeing this, Madame Kang was shocked.

She cared not about the completion of her reversal as she sent forth her sword-light to attack Yan Zhaoge.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge pricked his fingertip once more, swiftly drawing another complex, profound rune with his essence blood amidst space.

As the rune was imprinted within the air, the surrounding space instantly distorted.

The sword-light that resembled water wanted to lock down the chances to space, yet was unable to do so as space varied unceasingly between real and illusory, entering a haphazard, distorted state.

Madame Kang could only barely keep herself afloat as she was no longer able to attack Yan Zhaoge.

As for Luo Zhiyuan, Tan Jin and the others, they were tossed about non-stop amidst these shocking tides.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly as another two true dragon corpses flew out of the Myriad Dragon Palace to be sacrificed by him.

Violent, chaotic flows of space instantly surged into existence once more!


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