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HSSB744: Everyone, the race starts now


The terrifying chaotic flows of space appeared once more, the entire region of space transforming into a massive bloodred vortex that devoured all within its reach.

Madame Kang and her sons as well as Tan Jin and the other Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners were all trapped within.

This time, even the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect, Luo Zhiyuan, had been swept within.

The pitiful Luo Zhiyuan had hoped to return to the World beyond Worlds by making his way to this spatial domain where the wound of the sky should be.

In the end, he had first been trapped outside and prevented from entering.

Finally, after managing to enter with great difficulty, he was faced with even more violent, turbulent currents than before.

Luo Zhiyuan’s group and the struggling Madame Kang gazed at Yan Zhaoge even as they struggled.

“Your cultivation base is the lowest.

Things already being difficult for us amidst the chaotic flows of space, you will only die even more quickly!” They vehemently thought to themselves.

Still, after clearly viewing Yan Zhaoge’s situation, their hearts all cooled and sunk to the very bottom.

The bloodred vortex before them appeared to be reversed, with Yan Zhaoge at the very bottom of the vortex where space was instead completely calm.

Not just that, the space there soon began flickering with a glow as well.

The expressions of Luo Zhiyuan, Madame Kang and Tan Jin all changed greatly.

They could tell that that glow did not stem from some sort of light source, instead having been caused by the distorting pressure of the power of dimensions.

Space at the bottom of the vortex where Yan Zhaoge currently was actually seemed to be gradually returning to the original state of the wound of the sky.

If one was located outside of the bloodred vortex, they would see now that where space was completely distorted, a path of radiance was currently slowly taking form next to the vortex.

It was the original wound of the sky.

In the Phoenix Bearing Region of the Royal Reed Sea in the World beyond Worlds, radiance flickered where the wound of the sky had been, a spatial crevice that resembled a wound of the sky appearing once more.

Those of the Radiant Light Sect as well as Madame Kang and her sons all felt the blood rush to their heads as they felt stifled yet just unable to vent it.

The bottom of the bloodred vortex was indeed completely calm.

Yet, if they wanted to get there from their current position, obstructing them were storms that were terrifying beyond compare.

If they were to forcibly charge over, what awaited them was most likely death!

Yan Zhaoge expanded the paper fan of sturdy divine wood once more, protecting himself as well as Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Xiao Ai and Pan-Pan.

As he had already used the paper fan previously, while it still contained some remnant vestiges of power, it was trembling slightly now as it emanated the feeling of being somewhat unable to resist the majestic power of dimensions.

After just a bit, the paper fan would probably have reached its limits.

Still, it was already sufficient for Yan Zhaoge’s group to return to the World beyond Worlds.

With a relaxed expression on his face, Yan Zhaoge waved leisurely towards Madame Kang and Luo Zhiyuan, “Everyone, the race starts now.

This Yan first takes his leave here.”

Madame Kang and those of the Radiant Light Sect were all overwhelmed by fury as they very nearly vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Still, there was no time for them to resent Yan Zhaoge now as they instead had to think of a way to make it out of this alive.

The bloodred vortex before them would collapse completely after a short period of time.

What awaited them then would be an extremely terrifying extermination.

Those who had yet to reach the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint realm would be unlikely to survive.

Even Luo Zhiyuan of the peak of the Seeing Divinity stage would be unable to do so even with the complete Sun Moon Wheels in hand, because he who had yet to attain the Immortal Bridge stage would not be able to wield the complete power of a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

In the end, it would end with the Sun Moon Wheels being severely damaged while their owner died.

Even less had to be said when he had now lost the moon wheel of the Sun Moon Wheels!

As for the others, nothing need be said about them.

While the bloodred vortex before them was already incomparably terrifying, there was only that one path which Luo Zhiyuan and the others could walk.

Before the bloodred vortex collapsed completely, they had to charge over.

So long as they could get to where the wound of the sky was, they would then be able to survive.

If they attempted to charge out of the bloodred vortex, they had a ninety percent chance of dying.

If they did not, when the bloodred vortex collapsed, they would be doomed for sure.

Luo Zhiyuan howled, wielding the sun wheel with brilliant sunlight flickering as it swept along Tan Jin and the others in transforming into a streak of golden light, shooting into the centre of the bloodred vortex on his own accord.

Madame Kang similarly wielded that sword-light which resembled a long river of time as she brought along Kang Jinyuan and Kang Maosheng in shooting into the midst of the bloodred vortex.

While her cultivation base was inferior to Luo Zhiyuan’s and she was not protected by a high-grade Sacred Artifact like the Sun Moon Wheels, having previously eased the spatial boundaries with the Flowing Time Sword, she had grasped the initiative as compared to the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners as she currently had a chance as well.

Even so, however, they were in grave danger of death amidst the violent chaotic flows of space.

Even the usually resilient and composed Madame Kang could not help but feel some regret now.

She regretted why she had previously made a move and attacked, entering the wound of the sky.

She had originally desired to try and render Yan Zhaoge dead.

In the end, however, due to a bit of carelessness, she had ended up in such a state.

It was just that there was really no point thinking about all of this now as her most pressing concern at this point should be how to make it out of this place alive.

She was not here alone.

Kang Jinyuan and Kang Maosheng were there together with her as well.

If she failed to exit the wound of the sky, the two of them would perish alongside her.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone speedily rose through the wound of the sky, traversing space as they returned to the World beyond Worlds.

As he was about to exit the wound of the sky, Yan Zhaoge took a look back at that bloodred vortex, seeing that it was rapidly collapsing as it was soon to be completely and utterly destroyed.

Space distorted as it connected with the wound of the sky, forming a tunnel-like passageway.

Amidst the chaotic flows of space, not only was it difficult for Luo Zhiyuan and Madame Kang to join forces in their bid for survival, it had instead devolved into a situation where only one side would be able to pass through.

This chance would only last a single instant, and would be gone in a flash.

If they hesitated even slightly, it was probable that one side would live while the other would perish.

The expressions on the faces of Luo Zhiyuan and Madame Kang simultaneously changed greatly as they frantically shot towards the final available path.

Madame Kang wielded the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour in resisting the impact from the chaotic flows of space, unleashing the sword-intent of the Time Flowing Sword to the maximum.

The sword-light resembled a long river as it virtually penetrated right through the bloodred vortex.

Under these unique circumstances, the infinite profundities of the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture of the Jade Clear lineage’s Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures were displayed to their maximum effect.

Madame Kang who did not possess a high-grade Sacred Artifact and was slightly inferior in terms of cultivation base was half a step faster than Luo Zhiyuan!

Luo Zhiyuan’s face was livid as a cold light appeared within his eyes.

Immeasurable radiance was emitted as a great golden sun mightily slammed towards the back of Madame Kang!

The Turbid Mirror Heavenly Armour which had already been bearing a great burden earlier directly shattered as Madame Kang’s figure halted, her body very nearly being ripped apart by the chaotic flows of space of the bloodred vortex.

Her movements instantly slowed.

Luo Zhiyuan made use of this chance to accelerate, shooting towards the opening in the wound of the sky.

Madame Kang had not the time for panic or rage as she was just able to shoot towards the opening with all her might.

Right in front of them, the bloodred vortex had begun entering extermination!

“Who will survive” Yan Zhaoge had not the time to see the results as his body had already been flung out of the quaking wound of the sky.

In front of him, the stars shone brightly in the sky overhead in a manner that was characteristic of the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge had still yet to stabilise his footing with the spatial crevice that flickered with radiance distorting behind him when many powerful auras flared in the World beyond Worlds before him.

In the surrounding heavens and earth were shockingly many peak experts currently in a standoff.

At this moment, their attention was involuntarily drawn by the abnormalities in the wound of the sky.


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