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HSSB747: An Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with a dead wife


The Southeastern Exalt had granted Kang Ping’s group permission to continue residing in the Royal Reed Sea.

In other words, he was tacitly ignoring their setting up of the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.

Yan Zhaoge could not know whether there had been interaction between higher powers therein with the mutual exchange of benefits.

He just needed to know that the Grand Xuan Dynasty could still stand stably in the Royal Reed Sea.

In terms of its overall strength and quantity of experts, the Grand Xuan Dynasty was unquestionably unmatched in the entire Royal Reed Sea.

With the external pressure having been lifted with all their reservations cleared, they could still reign supreme as monarchs in the Royal Reed Sea.

It was instead the anti-Xuan coalition for whom the days ahead seemed dark with the losses that both the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect had taken at the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Still, hearing Lin Hanhua’s words, Yan Zhaoge did not feel much pressure.

The other party specifically notified him in private that the Southeastern Exalt’s side would still be looking out for him.

With the Southeastern Exalt ignoring the matter of Kang Ping’s group setting up the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation, not pursuing it, Yan Zhaoge who had been the one to expose its existence would seem to be in a rather awkward position.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty which had not been successfully chased out of the Royal Reed Sea as they were able to stably stand within it now would naturally want to settle their debts upon their return.

As opposed to North Sea Sword Pavilion, the Radiant Light Sect, the Dim Darkness Sect and Copper Men Island, they would definitely hate Yan Zhaoge with a vengeance.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had been at the upper hand in its previous battles at the end of the day.

In the end, however, they had nearly been overturned by Yan Zhaoge.

Of course they hated him.

It was due to this that Madame Kang’s trio had tried to kill him within the wound of the sky then.

With news still yet to return from Golden Court Mountain then, they had already dared to go to blows like this.

Now that it had, even less had to be said.

Yan Zhaoge aside, Lin Hanhua, Chen Zhiliang and the others were naturally cognisant of such an obvious concept as well.

“Master did not forget about this young fella who might be the target of their revenge,” Lin Hanhua looked at Yan Zhaoge, “While he might have silently allowed the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation for some reason, having accounted for it and getting hoodwinked are two entirely different things.”

Moreover, Yan Zhaoge also had credit in the capture of the Southern Exalt’s disciple, Wang Hui.

He asked, “Does Little Friend Yan intend to remain in the Royal Reed Sea or travel elsewhere”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, answering, “I may have to trouble the sword king for a period of time.”

Lin Hanhua nodded, “That is fine.”

A great change was soon to descend on the Royal Reed Sea.

Yan Zhaoge needed time to properly grasp the situation at hand, making careful countermeasures.

After all, there was a wound of the sky leading to the Eight Extremities World in the Radiant Light Sect’s territory.

The Southeastern Exalt not having discarded him after using him, Yan Zhaoge would be much safer here in the Royal Reed Sea, especially with Lin Hanhua of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Immortal Bridge stage, personally sitting over the area.

It was just that even as Lin Hanhua had expressed his stance amidst their earlier conversation, he had actually also been hinting for Yan Zhaoge not to continue provoking the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

As Yan Zhaoge pondered, he saw an underling enter with a message.

The other party sent the news via sound transmission, Yan Zhaoge not being privy to it.

Still, after having heard it, Lin Hanhua pondered slightly before saying right in front of Yan Zhaoge, “Invite him in.”

The underling left.

Soon after, a figure entered.

It was, shockingly, none other than Kang Ping.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Kang Ping’s gaze hardened slightly.

Lin Hanhua asked, “So, what brings Mister Kang here”

Yan Zhaoge stood calmly by the side.

While meeting Kang Ping, Lin Hanhua had not requested him to leave, instead having kept him close by.

This was actually him expressing to Kang Ping and the Grand Xuan Dynasty that Yan Zhaoge was under his protection.

Kang Ping quickly understood Lin Hanhua’s meaning as he slowly said after a short silence, “My wife is dead.

As her husband, this Kang cannot let it go just like this.”

His wife…

Madame Kang had indeed ultimately perished.

Yan Zhaoge was calm, not finding it surprising.

Upon seeing that clearly abnormal sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword when leaving the wound of the sky back then, Yan Zhaoge had basically already been able to venture such a guess.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge had indeed not expected that Madame Kang might still be able to forge a path out even after Luo Zhiyuan’s group had already fled from the collapsing bloodred vortex.

Still, from the looks of it now, it had demanded too much of her at the end of the day.

Lin Hanhua’s brows upraised slightly before quickly relaxing again.

Kang Ping’s face was expressionless while Yan Zhaoge who had been silent thus far now asked, “How are you sons, I wonder”

“They are both fine,” Kang Ping said calmly, his gaze fixated straight on Yan Zhaoge.

The terrifying pressure of an expert of the Immortal Bridge stage instantly assaulted towards Yan Zhaoge like a tsunami that surged to the heavens, virtually causing one to suffocate.

A sharp, biting sword-qi manifested, instantly breaking through the shocking tides and dissipating them into formlessness.

Lin Hanhua who had already appeared before Yan Zhaoge at some point in time said mildly, “My condolences, Mister Kang.”

While Kang Ping’s aura no longer expanded, he still met Lin Hanhua’s eyes completely fearlessly.

“My wife is dead,” Kang Ping halted with every word, “Some people, need to pay with their life!”

“The Radiant Light Sect’s Luo Zhiyuan was most directly responsible.”

“The North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Gu Hong was clashing with senior apprentice-uncle He outside the wound of the sky during this entire process, causing him to be unable to provide assistance sooner.”

“Also…” Kang Ping pointed behind Lin Hanhua, “There is also that fella behind you, Yan Zhaoge! At the root of it all, it was him who single-handedly caused that situation back then!”

Yan Zhaoge walked out from behind Lin Hanhua, saying calmly, “According to what I understand of the situation back then, having lost to the Radiant Light Sect’s Luo Zhiyuan, your wife and your two sons should all have perished without question under such circumstances.”

“Motherly love is indeed a noble existence.

Even though we are enemies, this Yan still feels rather admiring of your wife, for it was a miracle that she created.”

“Still, your wife and sons attempted to claim this Yan’s life in the wound of the sky.

If not for me possessing such methods, it would have been me who died.

This Yan does not have an interest in sticking out my neck to be hacked off, allowing myself to be slain without the slightest resistance.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Those who kill can also be killed.

This is applicable to every single person.”

Kang Ping said slowly, “It is also applicable to you.”

“This is only natural.

It is applicable to everyone,” Yan Zhaoge laughed, his body tensed while his mind retained its calmness, various thoughts circulating rapidly as he remained on full vigilance.

Before him was an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with a dead wife who appeared ready to erupt.

He was an expert who was superior to Gu Hong, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang who were themselves already elites of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm.

He had likely also brought a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword.

As soon as his rage erupted, there might really be overwhelming might exhibited which caused the heavens to collapse and the earth to split apart.

While Lin Hanhua, Chen Zhiliang and the others were protecting him, he was not a descendant of Golden Court Mountain at the end of the day.

It was a true enmity of life and death now as Kang Ping sought to exact vengeance for his deceased wife.

It was even deeper than the enmity from Yan Zhaoge having slain Liao Zheng and wrested away the Heaven Bearing Ceremonial Fragrance, the Earth Ocean Veins etcetera as it was virtually something that could only be put to a stop when blood had been irreversibly split.

Under such circumstances, it would still be understandable if Lin Hanhua and the others did not provide him any assistance.

Still, Yan Zhaoge regretted nothing at all.

As he had said earlier, he had never been someone who allowed himself to be killed without the slightest bit of resistance.

So you have a formidable husband, so you have a formidable father.

If you want to kill me, must I directly stick out my neck for you to hack off

Dream on!

It was the same with the terrifying Kang Ping whom he was currently up against.

Yan Zhaoge circulated the true essence of his entire body, various schemes for battle that would raise his chances of survival flashing through his mind.

In the meantime, he felt very calm.

He had known since way back that in living in this world, it was often that what could be handled should be handled, while what could not be handled still had to be handled without error.


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