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HSSB75: One thing leads to another!


Within the Sealing Dragon Abyss, a group of black-clothed people stood silently, watching the canyon before them which looked as though it might collapse completely at any moment.

Standing there, they resembled a whole chain of mountains: brooding, unyielding, dangerous.

All of them were martial practitioners of Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Infinite Boundless Mountain-the hegemon of the Mountain Domain, one of this world’s Sacred Grounds alongside Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan.

Beside this group of Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners stood a youth, his fangs shining through, wild and untameable.

He was, shockingly, the Sixteenth Prince of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Zhao Hao.

“With the abnormalities within the Sealing Dragon Abyss already having been suppressed, the black fog calming down a great deal, even Martial Artists can now enter.

Otherwise, it would have required some more effort on my part.”

Zhao Hao looked at the Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioner beside him, “Elder He, can you determine my father’s position”

The leading Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioner was a decrepit-looking old man.

However, as he stood there, he resembled an enormous mountain, standing erect in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

The old man said mildly, “As long as the medicinal powder you have provided does not go wrong, it can be determined.”

Zhao Hao nodded, “Then time is of the essence; let us depart quickly.”

“I am currently only a Martial Artist, and thus cannot defeat Zhao Shilie in Jingyang City.”

“However, with Royal Father in hand, there will be a chance.”

Elder He said, “It will all depend on how well you can do.

In order to allow Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan to begin warring without reservation, our clan’s First Seat Elders did not enter the Eastern Tang.

However, preparations have already been completed.”

“So long as you succeed, our clan’s assistance will immediately follow, entering the Eastern Tang to assist you in ascending the throne.”

“Even if the case of failure, it’s still fine; you can just follow us back to the Mountain Domain.”

“With your talent as well as methods, you are qualified enough to enter my Infinite Boundless Mountain.”

Zhao Hao strode forward, “I will not fail.”

“Waking up with a killing sword in hand; falling asleep drunk on a beauty’s lap-that is living.”

“Elder Yan, looks like the other party’s goal isn’t Yan Zhaoge but the entire Eastern Tang, ” A martial practitioner said worriedly.

Yan Xu’s expression did not change, “Our first priority is to proceed to the Eastern Tang royal palace, to ensure that Jingyang City’s grand formation does not fall into chaos.”

Whatever plans he had made in private, Yan Xu also didn’t want to see the Sacred Sun Clan gain control of the Eastern Tang, pushing his own Broad Creed Mountain out.

While arranging for the movements of the martial practitioners under him, he asked, “Yan Zhaoge has entered the Sealing Dragon Abyss”

His subordinate answered, “Yes, he’s entered it alongside Elder Kong.”

“Now that the situation in the Sealing Dragon Abyss is so chaotic, ordinary people don’t even dare to draw near to its outskirts.”

“I’m afraid that Elder Qin, Elder Kong and the others might be in an intense fight against the people of the Sacred Sun Clan at this very moment.”

Yan Xu nodded, thinking, “The Sacred Sun Clan wants to get take care of the Eastern Tang as well as Yan Zhaoge at the same time.”

“With Elder Qin and Elder Kong being pinned down by Sacred Sun Clan experts including the East Rising Lord, the Sacred Sun Clan still has other people present.”

Yan Xu’s gaze was cold and gloomy, “The Eastern Tang will never fall to you.

As for Yan Zhaoge though…”

He summoned his most trusted subordinates over, laying down the instructions, “Pay close attention to the situation over in the Sealing Dragon Abyss.”

Eastern Tang royal capital, Jingyang City.

Zhao Shilie stood within the front courtyard of his Jin Mansion.

Behind him, not betraying the slightest trace of their presence, stood a group of martial practitioners, all of them brimming with spirit as well as energy.

A Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner looked at Zhao Shilie from beside him as he slowly said, “Your Highness Jin, be decisive ah.”

Zhao Shilie sucked in deep breath.

The King, Zhao Shicheng, had recently been completely leaning towards Broad Creed Mountain, the situation gradually coming out into the open.

This way, his, Zhao Shilie’s position, had become incomparably awkward.

He was a Martial Grandmaster, one of the three Martial Grandmaster experts of the Eastern Tang royal family.

In consideration of the overall level of power of the Eastern Tang, whether it was Zhao Shicheng or Zhao Shicheng’s successor, none of them would move him easily.

However, if the contradictions between Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan grew more and more intense, in consideration of the peace of the Eastern Tang, his, Zhao Shilie’s position might no longer be safe.

Zhao Shilie understood his Royal Brother, Zhao Shicheng, well.

He was a man who did not lack the ability to make prompt, decisive decisions at critical moments.

Therefore, he himself also had to make a prompt decision.

“The core of the formation lies within the grounds of the royal palace,” Zhao Shicheng promptly strode out.

As they did not have the ability to defeat Broad Creed Mountain decisively within a short period, even if the Sacred Sun Clan wrested control of the Eastern Tang now, they would still have to face Broad Creed Mountain’s retaliatory actions.

The Eastern Tang Kingdom was destined to become the core region which both sides fought to and fro over.

Rather than sitting there waiting for death, with his situation becoming more and more precarious, he might as well go all out in resistance.

At the end of the day, Zhao Shilie was not happy always being placed lower than his brother.

Of the three Martial Grandmasters experts of the Eastern Tang, other than their King Zhao Shicheng and Prince Jin Zhao Shilie, there was also a Prince who was even more senior than them.

This old man, who was of one mind with Zhao Shicheng, was currently in charge of watching over the core of the formation.

The abnormalities in the formation having caused Zhao Shicheng to be injured and then trapped was something that he already knew of, a piece of top secret information which he had brooded over.

But when the old Prince saw Zhao Shilie appear, his worst predictions were immediately proven to be true, “Shilie.”

“Royal Uncle, I will be offending you,” After their encounter, Zhao Shilie didn’t waste any time on words, immediately making his move.

The old Prince sighed, before moving to block Zhao Shilie.

The martial practitioners under them also broke into a melee.

From the view of the outside world, Jingyang City’s grand formation being shaken also had the feeling of being buffeted by the wind and the rain.

In the Sealing Dragon Abyss with its diffused black fog, within the depths of the canyon, was a mass of light which enveloped a distance of a thousand feet all around.

Within the area that the light enveloped, there were rows of radiant spirit patterns flickering about on the ground.

The spirit patterns intersected and crossed, outlining a gigantic formation array that resembled the Eastern Tang’s Jingyang City grand formation, only that its scale was a lot smaller.

Outside of the area that the formation enveloped, it was a tempestuous scene inside of the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

The remnant shockwaves from the clash between the martial practitioners of the two Sacred Grounds made the formation look like it was ready to collapse at any moment.

In the core area where all the spirit patterns intersected, the King of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, Zhao Shilie, lay unconscious.

From his body extended a massive pillar of black qi, within which there was a red glow flickering.

The black qi extended far away, clashing with the formation, its other end extending far into the abyss beneath.

It was like a ferocious black python, biting onto Zhao Shicheng’s body.

The group of Eastern Tang martial practitioners by Zhao Shicheng’s side crowded by him, on one hand barely sustaining the formation, on the other trying to cut off the black qi, in their attempt to rescuing their liege from this perilous situation.

Now, the formation seemed as though it had been stirred up by something, the rows of spirit patterns distorting violently.

Affected by the formation, the body of the unconscious Zhao Shicheng suddenly shuddered.

A line of jet-black blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth.

“Your Majesty!” Everyone was shocked.

Avoiding the massive stones above his head that frequently fell, Yan Zhaoge broke through the black qi, before finally nearing the formation.

The first thing he saw was the formation shuddering, and Zhao Shicheng vomiting out blood.

Yan Zhaoge knit his brows, “As expected, something’s gone wrong over at Jingyang City.”

Seeing that people from Broad Creed Mountain had come over to assist, the Eastern Tang martial practitioners were momentarily overjoyed.

But when they saw that it was only Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu, their faces instantly filled with disappointment.

If they wanted to break off the black qi pillar, a Martial Grandmaster would be needed.

From outside the formation, the battling Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners now also discovered that someone was nearing Zhao Shicheng’s group.

At this moment, the black fog suddenly cleared as a golden light flickered.

It was like a sun had descended upon the infinite abyss, completely illuminating the surrounding darkness.

A terrifying golden light fell directly towards Yan Zhaoge.


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