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HSSB750: Turning the impossible into a possibility


The Extreme Yang Seal had blocked Kang Ping’s sword.

Making use of the force of the impact, Yan Zhaoge had struck out with a sword in the opposite direction.

Through An Instant’s Thunder, Yan Zhaoge had raised his explosive power to the maximum.

Assisted by the divine thunder and striking out with the Immortal Ending Sword, Yan Zhaoge merged as one with his sword, flying into the air as he forcibly ripped a fissure in the world of light formed of Kang Ping’s sword-light.

Myriad objects were no longer pale within this fissure as the flow of time regained normalcy within.

Against Kang Ping’s powerful sword, Yan Zhaoge concentrated all his might at a single point, thus forming a penetrative, targeted effect.

Making use of this chance, Yan Zhaoge successfully secured a chance at survival, achieving a feat which would have been impossible in the eyes of others.

Seeing this sword of Yan Zhaoge’s, Lin Hanhua’s gaze abruptly flickered.

Kang Ping looked coldly at Yan Zhaoge, “Splendid!”

“But, what about after” He tapped lightly with his finger, his sword-light immediately regaining the form of a long river as it swept over towards Yan Zhaoge!

His sword-light was even faster than Yan Zhaoge’s fleeing speed!

An instant later, it had already caught up with Yan Zhaoge once more!

“After” Yan Zhaoge instead laughed lightly, “Afterwards, let us meet again.”

As he laughed, boundless darkness arose amidst space, resembling a layer of night.

Yan Zhaoge naturally hid within just a mere inch before he was struck by Kang Ping’s sword!

Kang Ping’s sword-light did not halt as he instantly hacked right though the boundless darkness!

However, Yan Zhaoge had already vanished without a trace.

It was as though after having entered the darkness, space and time were already no longer the same for him as such could no longer be measured by the distance in the outside world.

Whether it was Lin Hanhua or Kang Ping, both of them were slightly stunned.

In the vicinity resounded a commotion by some Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners.

Lin Hanhua had set his base as one of the Dim Darkness Sect’s branch altars.

While their Chief Zhou Haosheng and some others had already left, there were still other martial practitioners of their Dim Darkness Sect who remained in the vicinity.

While they dared not disturb Lin Hanhua, this branch altar still retained the basic mechanisms of the Dim Darkness Sect along with its guardian grand formation which was still able to function normally.

Yan Zhaoge had kick-started the formation and hid within.

He had once experienced being sent from a branch altar of the Dim Darkness Sect to the main altar by travelling via a tide in reverse.

While Yan Zhaoge had been shaken very dizzily in that process, he had still gained an initial level of understanding towards the formation legacies of the Dim Darkness Sect.

Afterwards, he had also cultivated in the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts of the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia.

This supreme legacy and foundation of the Dim Radiant Sect had provided him with an in depth understanding of their lineage’s legacies.

Yan Zhaoge’s decided strategy for dealing with Kang Ping also contained the formation of the Dim Darkness Sect’s branch altar outside, this being one of the steps in helping him to secure a retreat.

The Dim Darkness Sect martial practitioners were currently wide-eyed and tongue-tied as they saw their formation kicking in without any prior indication at all.

As the actual owners of this formation, they were completely unable to understand what had happened.

While Kang Ping was taken aback by this, his movements did not halt in the slightest as his sword-light circulated, transforming into a boundless screen of light which enveloped space.

The surroundings of the Dim Darkness Sect branch altar were completely enveloped by his sword light!

Beneath the encroachment of the sword-intent of the Time Flowing Sword, the dark night that enveloped the Dim Darkness Sect’s branch altar shockingly slowed as well as if the flow of time within was about to be frozen.

This was only a branch altar of the Dim Darkness Sect at the end of the day, being incomparable to its former main altar which had already been destroyed.

The sword-light of Kang Ping who possessed extraordinary might looked to extinguish the formation alongside Yan Zhaoge within it.

However, even as his sword-light began destabilising the boundless darkness wherever it passed, the formation before him suddenly started circulating in reverse.

“He can wield the core of the Dim Darkness Sect’s formation The Dim Darkness Sect has provided him with their full support” Kang Ping was really astonished this time.

However, everyone else of the Dim Darkness Sect was feeling even more astonished than him.

The core of their formation had not fallen within the control of outsiders.

How could all these shocking changes be happening with it

The boundless darkness rapidly concaved inwards, gradually congregating at a single point.

The extremity of darkness birthed light.

Extremely brilliant light was birthed within which shockingly broke open a hole amidst space!

The guardian grand formation circulating in reverse caused the power of the formation to erupt shockingly a short period of time, resulting in Kang Ping’s sword-light slowing a little for a time.

After this eruption of might, the formation would collapse very quickly.

However, for Yan Zhaoge, it was already enough!

Amidst the radiance, he stood beside his Northern Ocean Clone with a great palace hovering above their heads.

It was precisely the Myriad Dragon Palace.

Before having seen Lin Hanhua, Yan Zhaoge had already secretly placed the Myriad Dragon Palace within the Dim Darkness Sect’s guardian grand formation.

Rather than being vigilant against Lin Hanhua, it had been an experiment in order to prove some idea of his.

Now, there was no time to ensure that it worked as he had to directly test it out for real, this naturally being a risky venture.

Still, however dangerous this experiment was, it would definitely not be any more dangerous than facing off against an enraged Immortal Bridge Martial Saint alone.

Now that Yan Zhaoge had taken this risk, he had successfully exacted another vital step of his plan.

He entered the Myriad Dragon Palace along with the Northern Ocean Clone before the palace swiftly descended alongside that brilliant radiance, shooting towards the hole which had opened in mid-air!

Having entered the chaotic flows of space, it would still not mean that he was already safe for sure.

Kang Ping would definitely pursue him.

With his cultivation base, unless the chaotic flows of space were powerful to a certain extent, he could not be easily harmed by them.

It was still unknown whether Yan Zhaoge could successfully make it out of this alive.

Still, having entered the chaotic flows of space, there were routes which connected to all areas with infinite possibilities and vastness.

It would be much easier for Yan Zhaoge to escape from Kang Ping there than if he remained in the World beyond Worlds.

At that point, even Kang Ping would not possess absolute confidence of leaving Yan Zhaoge behind.

From wielding the Extreme Yang Seal to block his enemy and seize the initiative to erupting with power that surpassed his foe’s might to break through space and escape, leaving his foe’s attack range, to finally making use of the Dim Darkness Sect’s formation to successfully create a path.

Yan Zhaoge had been both stable and precise in gradually exacting his plans step by step as he strove for an opportunity even as the chances of survival were virtually zero, hence securing his own future.

Which expert of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm could not instantly slay someone merely of the first level of the Martial Saint realm

Kang Ping possessed shocking strength that surpassed many experts of the same cultivation level.

Even so, he no longer had complete confidence now of being able to leave Yan Zhaoge behind.

On Kang Ping’s expressionless face, his icy cold eyes seemed to be ablaze at this moment as deeply concealed fury and hatred could be seen within.

He said not a single word, his figure flickering as he had immediately appeared before the entrance of the dimensional passageway, wanting to enter it and chase Yan Zhaoge to the ends of the world!

Now, however, a sword-qi surged into existence.

Even as it obstructed Kang Ping, it also obstructed Yan Zhaoge.

The collapse of the branch altar’s guardian grand formation upon circulating in reverse had erupted with power that obstructed Kang Ping alone, doing nothing to anyone else.

A figure stood amidst the air, his right hand extended with its index and middle fingers similarly lined into a sword.

His sword collided with Kang Ping’s in mid-air, blocking that sword-light which resembled a long river of time.

Meanwhile, his left hand extended into space, seemingly becoming incomparably massive as he now grabbed the Myriad Dragon Palace that was in the midst of fleeing into the distance.

The person who had just acted was none other than the Shadow Mountain Sword King, Lin Hanhua.


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