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HSSB751: Tragedy to befall the Radiant Light Sect


Lin Hanhua stood amidst space with both hands extended, one obstructing Kang Ping even as the other obstructed Yan Zhaoge.

The gazes of Yan Zhaoge and Kang Ping both hardened as they were taken aback by this occurrence.

Lin Hanhua had remained silent earlier, seemingly already having decided to just be a spectator, not interfering in the battle between them at all.

Now, however, he had suddenly made a move, obstructing the both of them.

What was this about

Kang Ping frowned slightly, “Shadow Mountain Lin, what exactly are your intentions in doing this”

Lin Hanhua’s expression was totally normal as he said calmly, “This Lin has never seen any Merging Avatar Martial Saint who has been able to try fleeing from an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint before.

Such an outstanding young man-this Lin wants to see what heights he will be able to attain later on.”

“Such a heaven-defying genius is one that this Lin has decided to protect.

If you want to battle, you can do battle with the sword in my hand.”

Lin Hanhua glanced at Kang Ping, “You are powerful.

If you were at the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm like I am, you would be a good opponent.

While you would have a shot at victory then, the current you is not my match.”

Kang Ping’s eyes narrowed into slits, “Just because of appreciation of talent”

Lin Hanhua said mildly, “You and I both cultivate in the sword, both being more domineering than ordinary martial practitioners.”

“I do not wish to kill you.

However, if you insist on not retreating, I will only be able to slay you beneath my sword.

If I really have to pay with my life for it afterwards, I will not care.

In having cultivated in the sword up till now, this Lin often feels fear, yet my sword has never once dulled.”

Lin Hanhua appraised Kang Ping with a glance, “Do not feel like you might be able to get lucky.

You stand no chance at all.”

“You should not have brought the high-grade Sacred Artifact that Shen Lingzi left for you, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword It would have been useless even if you had brought it.”

A treasured light suddenly emanated from his body, sword-qi shooting to the heavens, intimidating one’s soul.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge and Kang Ping immediately knew that the current Lin Hanhua had a high-grade Sacred Artifact on him!

Lin Hanhua asked, “You still have your fellow disciples, right If they come over with the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, you might still stand a bit of a chance then.”

Kang Ping’s face was expressionless.

At this point, Lin Hanhua had already made his stance crystal clear.

He was dead set on protecting Yan Zhaoge.

If Kang Ping did not retreat, it would be a battle to the death.

Whatever might come about as a consequence, Lin Hanhua would no longer be considering it now.

Kang Ping was completely unable to understand the reason for this, not knowing what it was which had made Lin Hanhua suddenly change his mind.

Just the appreciation of talent alone was really too mild a reason.

“Shadow Mountain Lin,  just as you say, we are both cultivators of the sword,” Kang Ping said slowly.

While he did not know the reason Lin Hanhua had suddenly changed his mind, Kang Ping’s sword-qi still remained at its peak as he showed no intentions of retreating in the least.

Having been obstructed by Lin Hanhua, Yan Zhaoge did not continue struggling as he simply stopped, his gaze shifting between Lin Hanhua and Kang Ping.

“Why must Mister Kang be like this” A voice now resounded from the side.

A man who appeared to be in his thirties on the outside appeared before Yan Zhaoge and the others.

While he struck no martial stance, his aura was still extremely powerful such that it was very easy for one to ascertain his identity as an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

This youth first bowed towards Lin Hanhua, “Eldest apprentice-brother.”

Seeing this youth, Lin Hanhua nodded slightly, “Junior apprentice-brother Mu.”

Seeing the newcomer, Kang Ping remained silent.

The other party was named Mu Jun, having returned to the Royal Reed Sea alongside him and Chen Zhiliang.

Like Lin Hanhua, Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang, he was a disciple of the Southeastern Exalt, with his cultivation base being superior to that of Zheng Ming and Chen Zhiliang as he was, like Kang Ping, an expert of the early Immortal Bridge stage.

Alongside Lin Hanhua, he was acclaimed as one of the most outstanding disciples of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Mu Jun smiled, “This must be Little Friend Yan I heard junior apprentice-brother Zheng and junior apprentice-brother Chen talk about you before.

You truly are a remarkable genius.”

Yan Zhaoge exited the Myriad Dragon Palace, smiling, “You overpraise me.”

Kang Ping said slowly, “Green Plains Sword King, this Kang has no intention of going against the Southeastern Exalt and Golden Court Mountain.

However, I must have vengeance for my wife’s death.

While I am not talented, I am also not some weakling who can be pushed around easily.”

Mu Jun gazed towards Lin Hanhua, the two of them interacting with their gazes as they seemed to be exchanging words via sound transmission.

Lin Hanhua remained filled with killing intent, sharp as a sword as it was hard to look straight at him.

A short while later, Mu Jun retracted his gaze, chuckling as he appeared all harmonious, “Debts must be paid by the actual debtors.

From what I know, the one who truly forced your wife into death was someone else and not Little Friend Yan before us.”

Kang Ping said mildly, “When this Kang came to meet the Shadow Mountain Sword King, this Kang’s two senior apprentice-uncles had already set off for the Virtuous Spirit Region’s Sun Moon Peak.”

The Virtuous Spirit Region’s Sun Moon Peak was precisely the location of the Radiant Light Sect’s headquarters.

Hearing his words, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s lips twitched.

The two great Immortal Bridge Martial Saints, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang, had simultaneously descended, and they likely additionally possessed the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword and the King Xuan Spear, those two high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

Tragedy was to befall the Radiant Light Sect.

Kang Ping’s cold gaze swept across Yan Zhaoge, “Yan Zhaoge, the Radiant Light Sect’s Luo Zhiyuan and the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Gu Hong-none of them can even think of running!”

Mu Jun said, “At Golden Court Mountain, it was agreed that you would not be pursuing the matter of your junior apprentice-brother, Liao Zheng.”

“In having allowed for this, it shows that you do know to advance and retreat as needed.”

Mu Jun switched the direction of his words, “However, speaking of your wife’s death, it was actually really because she first tried to harm this Little Friend Yan due to past enmities, thus causing all that happened afterwards.”

“Of course, your wife had still yet to know of what was agreed upon at Golden Court Mountain then.

Still, if we must calculate it, it was still your side that provoked the incident.”

Kang Ping’s gaze hardened, “What Green Plains Sword King means is that Golden Court Mountain is bent on protecting him”

Mu Jun shook his head, “While I am naturally unable to speak for my Master, the will of my senior apprentice-brother is my will as well.”

Kang Ping fell silent, his expression turning grave.

With Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun joining hands, he would literally have no chance of success at all.

The other side possessed at least one high-grade Sacred Artifact.

If they were really to go to blows, he might even be captured alive.

He might not even be able to put his life on the line as he wanted as he would be resigned to suffering a needless loss at the end of the day.

The current power levels of the two sides were totally unbalanced.

He had not thought that he might see Yan Zhaoge here at Lin Hanhua’s place, thus ultimately not having made sufficient preparations somewhat.

Kang Ping’s flames of fury gradually quelled now, with his gaze turning even colder and sharper.

If he went all out and perished, even if he was unable to harm his opponents, someone would naturally be settling things with them afterwards.

However, if he did not die and was needlessly captured before being pathetically sent back all netted and defeated, the entity who stood behind him would also lose face, feeling disappointed in him.

If that truly happened, there would really no longer be any hope of him getting his revenge at all.

Kang Ping was silent for a long time before he inhaled deeply, turning and leaving.

Under such circumstances, there was really nothing that he could say which would not result in a loss of his face.

However, whether it was Yan Zhaoge or Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun, all of them knew that Kang Ping would never let it go just like that.

Mu Jun sighed slightly, “He may go to the Radiant Light Sect, but he may target Gu Hong at the North Sea Sword Pavilion as well.”

“The North Sea Sword Pavilion did help us out when junior apprentice-brother Zheng’s group was securing the person who trespassed from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Should I go over and take a look”

Lin Hanhua shook his head, “Gu Hong is also an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.”

Mu Jun nodded, glancing at Yan Zhaoge through the corner of his eye and sending via sound transmission, “Senior apprentice-brother, while I do not understand why you are so insistent, notifying Master as soon as possible should be necessary now.”

Lin Hanhua answered, “Right, I will.”

Mu Jun nodded and smiled towards Yan Zhaoge before he left.

At this point in time, only Yan Zhaoge and Lin Hanhua remained.

Lin Hanhua just gazed at Yan Zhaoge, not speaking for a long time.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly before he heard Lin Hanhua slowly asking, “Little Friend Yan, you cultivate in a sword dao of the Prime Clear lineage”


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