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HSSB754: Yin and yang coexisting, gradually improving


“There was this one time when this maid and Lady were randomly talking regarding the decree of the Earthly Sovereign that forbids those descendants of the Prime Clear lineage from entering the World beyond Worlds.”

Xiao Ai recalled, “Lady casually mentioned having heard that there is actually a descendant of the Prime Clear lineage here in the World beyond Worlds, just that the person keeps a low profile and has a unique identity.

She merely heard about it, not knowing any specific details.”

“Still, the existence of such a person seems to have been secretly allowed by the Earthly Sovereign for some unknown reason.”

Ah Hu was flabbergasted, “Isn’t the Earthly Sovereign slapping his own face like this Or is it that this person’s background is powerful to the extent that even the Earthly Sovereign has to be wary of it”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “The Earthly Sovereign’s decree is not a paper tiger.

This person keeps so secretive precisely because the Earthly Sovereign’s authority is not to be challenged.”

“The reason for the Earthly Sovereign having intentionally overlooked him being in the World beyond Worlds and allowed him to keep a low profile within might be due to some special considerations, and might additionally be because of a tacit understanding with others.”

While he could not be sure that this person was definitely Lin Hanhua, Yan Zhaoge thought that it should probably be him.

It had always been rumoured in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory that Lin Hanhua’s background was not simple, that he was not merely the Southeastern Exalt’s head disciple.

However, few were aware of the specifics regarding this.

Yan Zhaoge stopped thinking about this as he controlled the Myriad Dragon Palace in navigating the deep sea, heading for the Sun Moon Peak of the Virtuous Spirit Region where the Radiant Light Sect was based.

After having gradually neared the Virtuous Spirit Region, Yan Zhaoge became even more cautious and covert in his actions as he made absolutely sure that his movements were not exposed.

The Virtuous Spirit Region had definitely already turned into a battlefield.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty would surely have well and properly encircled the Virtuous Spirit Region.

If Yan Zhaoge’s movements were exposed here, Kang Ping would definitely not hesitate in the least as he would surely turn right back and head straight for Yan Zhaoge.

Apart from travelling, Yan Zhaoge spent most of his time in the Myriad Dragon Palace cultivating.

He had already gained an initial mastery of the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, having successfully accomplished the power of minor yin through the power of dim moon and the power of extreme yang by absorbing the essence qi of the Extreme Yang Seal.

He had truly achieved rapid improvements, accomplishing all this in such a short period of time.

If it were someone else cultivating in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, even if they had a similar level of comprehension abilities, there were still few who would have been able to achieve this so quickly.

On one hand, he had benefited from the power of dim moon that had already existed within his body as well as the pure, refined essence qi of the Extreme Yang Seal.

On the other, he had also benefited from the mutated wound of the sky which had created some unique illusory domain.

Apart from that, this was also thanks to Yan Zhaoge’s foundation, the Peerless Heavenly Scripture.

With the Peerless Heavenly Scripture that was the head of the Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures and the source of the myriad arts as his foundation, his efficiency when cultivating in the other nine Heavenly Scriptures would increase manifold.

Still, on the other hand, for grand completion to truly be accomplished for the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, for one to cultivate it to its peak, that person would additionally require the other nine Heavenly Scriptures as a foundation.

The beginning and the end, the start whilst also the final, the earliest as one with the latest-it was profound beyond compare.

Due to cultivating in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base had constantly been improving as well.

Even now, he felt that he was already gradually nearing the second level of the Martial Saint realm.

With but a single step, he would hence able to attempt a breakthrough, entering a whole new level.

“The four phenomena related to the variations of yin and yang, extreme yang, extreme yin, minor yang and minor yin have all been accomplished.

It should now be time for me to advance further.”

Feeling the changes in his martial concept and true essence, Yan Zhaoge gradually arrived at an understanding.

There was no need for him to continually aim for external aid as he cultivated in the power of extreme yin and the power of minor yang.

With him having already accomplished the power of extreme yang and the power of minor yin, with how these were all connected to one another, the corresponding power of extreme yin and power of minor yang would naturally slowly be born as well.

This process was still primarily about analysing the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and comprehending the profundities within.

It was only natural for one to be aided by fortuitous encounters and treasures.

Yet, one could never hope to rely on external forces all the way.

Many things still relied on one’s own comprehensions at the end of the day.

The internal combined with the external was the right way to go about it.

Yan Zhaoge aside, his Northern Ocean Clone too was cultivating diligently, making use of this time to refine more of his acupoints to see Divinity, achieving resonance with the actual stars up in the sky.

The more acupoints they had successfully refined like this, the more powerful a martial practitioner.

Eventually, they would open for themselves the path of the heavens and the earth, stepping into the Immortal Bridge stage as they would find themselves in a whole new world.

With the large amount of true dragon corpses in the Myriad Dragon Palace and the treasures gained in the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, their current accumulated resources already surpassed that of many great sects even in the World beyond Worlds.

Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu, Xiao Ai and Pan-Pan were similarly benefiting greatly from this.

Just relying purely on external aid alone, it would be hard to produce peak experts.

Still, all these people here were outstanding individuals without exception.

Under such circumstances, absolutely sufficient resources could assist these geniuses in saving a large amount of time, allowing them to grow at an accelerated rate and ascend the peak earlier.

The great progress one had seen, the harder it would naturally be for them to improve.

As their cultivation bases rose, it would be harder for them to progress, much time being wasted as well.

As compared to Yan Zhaoge who had already Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, Feng Yunsheng and the rest who were currently still Martial Grandmasters were advancing much more rapidly at present.

Yan Zhaoge ended his cultivation, his gaze sweeping across the hall.

He saw Ah Hu and Xiao Ai still in the midst of cultivation while Feng Yunsheng had similarly just ended her current cultivation session.

“If the Radiant Light Sect has no suitable Maiden of Extreme Yin, they would likely have put in great effort in raising Meng Wan these past years.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The Radiant Light Sect is naturally much wealthier than the Sacred Sun Clan with the World beyond Worlds also possessing a far better environment for cultivating than the Eight Extremities World.

Meng Wan would surely have improved by leaps and bounds since then.”

“Still, as compared to us, the Radiant Light Sect are really poor bastards.”

The dim blue radiance of cold sun faded from Feng Yunsheng’s pupils as she ceased to circulate her profound art, “There will definitely be a reckoning eventually.

To be honest, I actually look forward to it quite a bit, even though the Extreme Ying Bout is already a thing of the past.”

While she had already gradually gotten over it, Feng Yunsheng was still a competitive person at the end of the day.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “I think that Meng Wan should be looking forward to it too.”

Feng Yunsheng nodded, “From my understanding of Little Wan, you think rightly.”

Whether it was her elegant self in front of others or her casual self in front of Feng Yunsheng, there was a fact about Meng Wan that could not be concealed.

This was also a girl who had her own pride and persistence.

“The Radiant Light Sect is likely at a crucial moment of life and death now.

I think that they should not have the leisure to continue keeping the Extreme Yin Crown a secret” Feng Yunsheng asked.

Yan Zhaoge said, “It will definitely be quite a din.

We should go have a look at this commotion.”

The Myriad Dragon Palace soundlessly arrived in the vicinity of the Virtuous Spirit Region.

Now, even within the deep sea, they were able to feel intense power fluctuations emanating from the distance where numerous experts were currently clashing!

Yan Zhaoge thought, “The Sun Moon Peak still stands.

From the looks of it, North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island have indeed arrived to reinforce them.”

Still, despite reinforcements having arrived, the anti-Xuan forces clearly stood at a disadvantage.

The host of Grand Xuan Dynasty experts attacked in unison, blood staining the ground across the vast territory of the Virtuous Spirit Region.


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