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HSSB755: The Radiant Light Sect falls


Yan Zhaoge was currently unable to easily approach the Virtuous Spirit Region.

Instead, he controlled the Myriad Dragon Palace in rising to the surface of the sea a distance away.

Where the sea and the sky intersected in the distant horizon, radiance that resembled water obscured the heavens and concealed the sun, seemingly coming together to cut off space within.

Enveloped by the water-light, everything within appeared pale and sluggish.

Beneath the onslaught of time, all things were rendered incomparably weak.

However one was acclaimed as a hero or possessed divine abilities that rivalled the heavens, they would still be hard pressed to stand against the flow of time as they would still ultimately deteriorate at the end of the day.

One day in the future, it would ultimately still be ashes to ashes and dust to dust, with merely a tale being left behind for people of the future to critique.

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge could not help but shake his head, “Three Immortal Bridge Martial Saints who cultivate in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture joining forces is truly a sight to behold.”

Kang Ping, Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng who all cultivated in the Time Flowing Sword acted in concert, their sword-light directly enveloping the Virtuous Spirit Region.

Everything was experiencing the onslaught of time, moving towards deterioration and death.

The sole difference was how fast or slow this was happening, this depending on the opponent’s might.

Here, the effects of Yan Zhaoge’s swift delivery of news which had previously enabled the anti-Xuan coalition to decisively counterattack could be seen.

Back then, Gu Zhang had been attacked by the combined forces of Gu Hong, Zhou Haosheng, Gongsun Wu, Luo Zhiyuan and some others, having still yet to fully recover from this even now.

It was really thanks to this that the anti-Xuan coalition could still barely hold on at the Sun Moon Peak of the Virtuous Spirit Region right now.

Even so, Kang Ping and the others still unquestionably held the upper hand.

“Luo Zhiyuan, Gu Hong, you must pay with your lives for my wife!” Kang Ping’s face was expressionless and his gaze cold as he towered in the air right above the Sun Moon Peak.

His sword-light was mild like water, seeming the most inconspicuous.

Yet, he was the most powerful existence currently present.

Where his sword-light passed, all things seemed to converge towards stillness before becoming old and mottled.

Luo Zhiyuan’s face was livid atop the Sun Moon Peak as he wielded the sun wheel of the Sun Moon Wheels in unceasingly clashing with the enemy whilst bolstered by his guardian grand formation.

Gu Hong was atop the Sun Moon Peak as well.

Kang Ping also saw him as responsible for Madame Kang’s death, remembering to target him even as he also targeted Luo Zhiyuan.

Gu Hong’s face was calm as he brandished his sword heavily yet in a controlled manner, resisting the enemy’s attacks that descended upon him like a tide.

Yet, Kang Ping was too powerful.

Where his sword-light passed, Gu Hong’s vast, mighty sword intent instantly appeared pale and helpless.

Even if it was the majesty of the vast ocean, the endless flowing of time could still transform it into a continent or even a dried up desert.

As opposed to being bare-handed and substituting his sword with his fingers just like he had over at Lin Hanhua’s , the current Kang Ping possessed the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword!

With that one sword in hand, Kang Ping was able to solitarily pressure Gu Hong and Luo Zhiyuan to the point of virtually lacking even the strength to retaliate.

Kang Ping aside, Gu Zhang and He Doncheng were attacking as well, beating the anti-Xuan forces to the point of completely being unable to raise their heads.

The Chief of Copper Men Island, Gongsun Wu, was at the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage.

Yet, without a high-grade Sacred Artifact in hand, he even seemed somewhat unable to be a participant of this ongoing battle.

The anti-Xuan forces could only rely on the Radiant Light Sect’s guardian grand formation to barely hold on, yet still appeared to be teetering on the brink of collapse.

From where Yan Zhaoge was, he could even see flames arising from time to time amidst the heavens and the earth that was enveloped by the sword-light that resembled water.

Beneath the combined might of Kang Ping’s trio, suppressed by such powerful sword-intent which caused all things to grow pale, this fiery light appeared very dazzling and conspicuous.

Yan Zhaoge knew that this person was likely to be King Xuanmu of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, wielding the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear.

Having deployed all its experts, the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s determination in trampling over Sun Moon Peak this time was unquestionable.

Paying careful attention, Yan Zhaoge also saw pure bright moonlight within the world of sword-light which was gone in a flash.

“The Extreme Yin Crown…” Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly, “It is still unable to exert the power that it should.

This means that the Radiant Light Sect had no sufficiently able Maiden of Extreme Yin to begin with, and that it should still be Meng Wan who is wielding it now.”

The current Extreme Yin Crown was clearly much more powerful than it had been back in the Eight Extremities World.

This treasure could currently already exert the power of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.

In the Radiant Light Sect, Meng Wan’s cultivation base had indeed improved tremendously as well such that she was able to coordinate better with the Extreme Yin Crown.

Still, the Extreme Yin Crown which could only exert the power of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact still seemed rather insufficient now.

Its greatest use was intimidation due to what it signified.

Just as the Extreme Yang Seal had been the accompanying treasure of the Exalted Solar Luminary Gao Han, one of the new Kunlun Nine Luminaries back then, the original owner of the Extreme Yin Crown was similarly renowned, being the Exalted Lunar Luminary who was acclaimed alongside him!

This treasure having suddenly appeared at the Sun Moon Peak of the Virtuous Spirit Region, it truly surpassed the expectations of everyone present.

Due to their limited understanding on this, Gu Hong, Gongsun Wu and the rest were just surprised.

Kang Ping and the others of the Grand Xuan Dynasty were instead greatly shocked.

If the Radiant Light Sect was related to the Exalted Lunar Luminary, they would likely end up getting into real trouble for having come to eradicate them.

It was also partially due to the reservations of the Grand Xuan Dynasty that the Radiant Light Sect still stood even now.

After numerous attempts to probe them out, the Grand Xuan Dynasty eventually managed to see through the illusion the Radiant Light Sect was trying desperately to maintain as only then did they relax, gradually going all out and attacking ferociously.

The anti-Xuan coalition was facing an increasing amount of pressure, the seawater surrounding the Sun Moon Peak already having dried up completely with the land too unceasingly shattering, a lone peak protected by a formation that looked ready to collapse at any moment being all that remained.

Gazing over from the distance, Yan Zhaoge appeared to be deep in thought as he remained silent.

“As soon as the guardian grand formation falls, it will instantly become the straw that breaks the camel’s back as the defences of the anti-Xuan forces will likely collapse straightaway as a result.”

As though corroborating Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts, the radiance of the formation gradually dissipated, with the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s attacks surging frenziedly alongside this.

More time passed, and the Radiant Light Sect’s guardian grand formation now collapsed completely!

The radiance of the mountain peak that resembled the overhanging sun and moon as it illuminated the surrounding area with a dazzling light instantly dimmed!

The mountain peak which had already been teetering on the brink of collapse earlier immediately had numerous cracks appear on it as it seemed about to collapse for good.

On the peak of the mountain, Gongsun Wu urgently called, “We cannot remain here any longer!”

Gu Hong sighed, “Chief Luo, let’s go!”

Luo Zhiyuan roared to the heavens, feeling incomparably furious and resentful.

If not for him having been set up by Yan Zhaoge in the wound of the sky, how would he have ended up in a life or death struggle with Madame Kang, thus having resulted in this irreconcilable enmity

Kang Ping had spoken of the three targets he wanted vengeance of.

While it was clearly Yan Zhaoge who was the weakest amongst them, also lacking any substantial foundation, Kang Ping had instead come to look for his Radiant Light Sect first.

Golden Court Mountain had said that they would not intervene in the conflicts between powers of the Royal Reed Sea, but why had they persisted in protecting Yan Zhaoge

“We go!” Luo Zhiyuan roared in fury, shooting into the sky as he brought along Meng Wan who was wearing the Extreme Yin Crown and the others of the Radiant Light Sect, transforming into a streak of light and fleeing swiftly into the distance.

Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu followed after him.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty naturally wouldn’t allow them to flee so easily as they pressured down upon them with momentous attacks that seemed able to topple mountains and overturn seas.

Looking back, Luo Zhiyuan watched on as his sect which had existed for so many long years was reduced to smithereens, falling to dust.

He felt as if there was a blade slashing across his heart.

Staring at Kang Ping, he pointed north and raged, “There is a wound of the sky over there which leads to the Eight Extremities World where that Yan Zhaoge comes from.

His lineage exists there!”

“You don’t dare to look for he himself.

Well then, dare you head to that lower world then”


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