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HSSB757: Taking them from behind!


Yan Zhaoge quietly followed King Xuanmu’s group north from the Sun Moon Peak, arriving at where there was a wound of the sky.

There, King Xuanmu opened the wound of the sky, several Martial Saints of the Grand Xuan Dynasty simultaneously descending to the Eight Extremities World.

Yan Zhaoge blinked, not drawing near.

With a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear, in hand, King Xuanmu was virtually equivalent to an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

As the monarch of a country, he would definitely possess mid-grade Sacred Artifacts aside from the King Xuan Spear, and perhaps a number of them as well.

If he were to currently face him head-on, he would only be able to run.

Still, as compared to Kang Ping, it would be much easier to run from King Xuanmu.

Had King Xuanmu been at the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, Yan Zhaoge instead had a few strategies that he would have liked to test out.

Of course, all this was based on the foundation of them all battling in the World beyond Worlds.

If it were down in the Eight Extremities World, that would be a whole different story altogether.

Just a short while later, the wound of the sky abruptly rippled.

King Xuanwu who stood at the entrance to the wound of the sky first looked surprised before his expression then turned extremely ugly.

Two figures fled helter-skelter through the rippling spatial crevice, shocked and beyond flustered.

King Xuanmu and the others who had stayed in the World beyond Worlds were all incomparably stunned, “You…”

The two were both enraged and ashamed, wishing that a hole would open up in the ground and swallow them up.

Yet, they still had to answer King Xuanmu’s question.

Hearing their narration, everyone seemed to find it inconceivable, “A mid Merging Avatar Martial Saint single-handedly battled all of you”

“Everyone else was either killed or wounded.

You were only able to return by releasing your power to surpass the bearable limit of the lower world, forcibly ascending back here”

“Some hadn’t even managed to break free of the suppression on them by the power of dimensions when they had already been slain in the lower world”

King Xuanmu’s continuous questioning demonstrated that he was extremely shocked.

Someone beside him asked unconsciously, “Could it be that that Yan Zhaoge already secretly returned to the lower world before this”

The other party replied exasperatedly, “We all know how that Yan Zhaoge looks like, don’t we”

Still, after pausing for a moment, he said rather hesitantly, “But…”

The other person who had successfully escaped from the Eight Extremities World said, “Still, his external appearance is indeed rather similar to Yan Zhaoge’s, just that he looks a little older.”

Those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty all exchanged looks.

King Xuanmu’s expression turned stern, “Good, what an Eight Extremities World!”

He did not exhibit any fear or hesitation in the least, instead striding straight towards that spatial crevice.

“My ministers, who is willing to accompany this King down to that lower world to see what exactly is so miraculous about it”

All martial practitioners who had cultivated to this point would naturally have pride and confidence of their own.

When King Xuanmu who was at the peak of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Seeing Divinity stage, had descended to a lower world, while his cultivation base would be restricted to the third level of the Martial Saint realm as well, it would be totally different from experts of the fourth or fifth level of the Martial Saint realm like them.

While they would be at the same cultivation level, their experience and knowledge as well as their grasp of the martial dao would be as far apart as the distance between the heavens and the earth.

Even if King Xuanmu suppressed himself to the third level of the Martial Saint realm, most Seeing Divinity Martial Saints would probably still be no match for him.

If he dared not go even to a lower world like this, King Xuanmu might as well give up on cultivating forever from now on.

Those beside him replied emotionally, “These ministers are most willing to accompany our liege.”

Those two people who had escaped from the World beyond Worlds both hesitated.

That person of the Eight Extremities World who bore a resemblance to Yan Zhaoge had really cast too great a shadow over their hearts.

His domineering martial arts aside, the key was that individualistic sabre-intent of his that presided over all living lifeforms.

It possessed tyrannical might the likes of which they had never seen before.

They had not witnessed such a thing even in the Royal Reed Sea of the World beyond Worlds before.

The terrifying sabre-blows had nearly inflicted long-lasting damage on the hearts of these two Seeing Divinity Martial Saints.

However, they who possessed outstanding wills knew that such fear definitely had to be overcome.

Also, they would end up permanently unable to raise their heads if they were to appear afraid of battling now.

“Willing to open the way for the Emperor!” The two grit their teeth, proclaiming decisively.

King Xuanmu nodded, radiance circulating in his hand as his spear landed in the hands of a golden-armoured martial practitioner beside him, “You lot wait here for this king.

Additionally, immediately inform senior apprentice-brother Kang and the others who are leading a pursuit into the Clear Scenic Region about the uniqueness of this Eight Extremities World.”

“As you stand guard, remember too to remain vigilant.

While the main force of the rebels has been forced into the Clear Scenic Region, some of them may still have remained here.”

That golden armoured martial practitioner said, “You can rest assured, My King.

With the King Xuan Spear in hand, so long as it is not Gu Hong or Luo Zhiyuan with the Sun Moon Wheels, everyone else would simply be inconsequential.”

Another person now said, “My King, that Yan Zhaoge only managed to avoid being killed by Mister Kang with the protection of the Shadow Mountain Sword King.

We have continually been troubled over how to draw him out.

Perhaps this may be a good chance”

King Xuanmu pondered for a bit, “We should first deal with this Eight Extremities World.

We cannot know whether his lineage in the Eight Extremities World is able to communicate directly with him.

If it is possible and he receives the news beforehand, he might not come over here as we would wish.”

“We can spread the news to draw him over after this King has returned from the Eight Extremities World.

Do not act rashly before this King returns.

He possesses the powerful Extreme Yang Seal, nearly having escaped from senior apprentice-Kang’s sword.

He is not to be underestimated.”

Everyone said in unison, “We ministers hear and obey.”

King Xuanmu no longer spoke, striding directly into the wound of the sky.

Most of the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners present followed closely after him, bearing the momentum of an unstoppable wave of troops.

While Yan Zhaoge was unable to see exactly what was happening close to the wound of the sky from a distance away, seeing the changes in the wound of the sky, he could guess a thing or two about it.

While the fiery light shooting to the heavens signified that the King Xuan Spear was still there, even though its aura was still abundant, its spirituality had been reduced somewhat.

King Xuanmu had likely personally descended to the Eight Extremities World, leaving the King Xuan Spear behind in the meantime.

Like how Seeing Divinity Martial Saints and Immortal Bridge Martial Saints could descend to a lower world after suppressing their cultivation bases, mid and high-grade Sacred Artifacts would be able to descend if and only if they could restrict their own power.

There were extremely few mid and high-grade Sacred Artifacts which were able to manage this.

If they were unable to restrict their own power, they would require the help of their owners.

Still, this was extremely bothersome, being very difficult as well.

This was one of the primary reasons that the Radiant Light Sect would definitely not choose to move its entire sect to a lower world unless it was an absolutely necessary thing.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had not known about the wound of the sky close to the Virtuous Spirit Region which led to the Eight Extremities World prior to this.

Naturally, they would not have been able to make preparations for it beforehand.

Seeing this, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth arched lightly upwards, “Confident! I like it.”

Seeing the wound of the sky cease to quiver, Yan Zhaoge knew that King Xuan and the others had already completely left the World beyond Worlds, heading for the Eight Extremities World.

The Northern Ocean Clone immediately flew out of the Myriad Dragon Palace, resembling a great roc spreading its wings as he brought Yan Zhaoge and the palace along in shooting straight towards the wound of the sky!


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