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HSSB758: It seems you don’t want this anymore


The Northern Ocean Clone emitted his true essence, transforming into streaks of light.

The light condensed into wings that obscured the sky and concealed the sun, soaring through ten thousand li with a single wingbeat as it rapidly approached that wound of the sky.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s people who had remained behind were all experts.

Before Yan Zhaoge arrived, they had already sensed him, their gazes simultaneously sweeping over.

Yet, when they saw who it was who had come, they were all involuntarily stunned, “Yan Zhaoge”

In their eyes, it was due to the protection of Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun that Yan Zhaoge was safe, with Kang Ping having temporarily given up on taking revenge on him.

Logically speaking, he should have been keeping close to Lin Hanhua’s group right now.

Having such enmity with an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, having such irrevocable enmity with an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who still had numerous peak experts assisting him, Yan Zhaoge had not obediently stayed close to those who could protect him as he had even come out and about.

What was this if not courting death

Whether it was Kang Ping or King Xuanmu’s and his retainers, the whole of the Grand Xuan Dynasty had previously been feeling troubled over how they might be able to draw Yan Zhaoge out of hiding.

Attacking the Eight Extremities World was on one hand to vent their fury while on the other to draw Yan Zhaoge out of hiding.

Yet, never would they have thought that not only would Yan Zhaoge appear, he would directly come to find them right at the Sun Moon Peak of the Virtuous Spirit Region!

Could he not know that every one of their Grand Xuan Dynasty experts had congregated here for the great battle which had just occurred

Kang Ping, Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng, three full Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Aside from that, there were additionally two high-grade Sacred Artifacts, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword and the King Xuan Spear.

Such a lineup was sufficient for them to reign supreme throughout the entire Royal Reed Sea if they did not provoke the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

The fall of the Sun Moon Peak was the best proof of this.

It had not just been Luo Zhiyuan and those of the Radiant Light Sect who had been guarding it earlier.

Experts of Copper Men Island and the North Sea Sword Pavilion had been there as well.

Even bolstered by the guardian grand formation, they had ultimately still been unable to stand against the Grand Xuan Dynasty with its full might.

Even so, Yan Zhaoge had actually appeared in the Virtuous Spirit Region before them all.

All these Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners felt this to be inconceivable.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty experts who remained outside of the wound of the sky all unconsciously gazed around at their surroundings.

They suspected that disciples of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage had arrived in the vicinity as well, having changed their mind as they wanted to do them harm.

This was the sole reason they could think of which could explain Yan Zhaoge’s appearance here.

Otherwise, how would he have dared to come

However, scanning the area, they did not discover anything at all.

Logically speaking, if Golden Court Mountain’s experts wished to act against them, they would not have to do so covertly.

They could simply do so out in the open in an aboveboard manner.

They were the owners of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

The host of Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners felt even more bewildered by this.

Still, they quickly regained their wits.

If no one of Golden Court Mountain was here, Yan Zhaoge having come here alone, was this not great news for them

They had been pondering hard as to how to lure Yan Zhaoge here before this.

Now, he had finally walked into their tiger’s den on his own accord.

Really, how could things be any better!

While Kang Ping and the others were not there, King Xuanmu also having descended with many others into the Eight Extremities World, the Grand Xuan Dynasty experts here did not fear this.

With the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear, in hand, they felt sufficient confidence.

That golden-armoured martial practitioner who was temporarily carrying the King Xuan Spear on King Xuanmu’s behalf commanded, “Do not be rash for glory.

If something went wrong, we would not be able to account for things to the King.”

He raised the King Xuan Spear, saying respectfully, “Forgive this minister’s travesties.”

Saying thus, fiery light roiled on his body, instantly surging with the momentum of incinerating the heavens as a swan, crane, owl and roc soared high amidst the sea of flames, coiling within the air.

This golden-armoured martial practitioner was clearly Grand Xuan royalty as he cultivated in the most orthodox Fire Fires True Art and Seven Fowl Treasured Spear.

The spear swept over to meet the approaching Yan Zhaoge and his Northern Ocean Clone in battle.

The sea of flames surged, the many fowl swooping through the air and encircling Yan Zhaoge, cutting off his path of retreat.

Yan Zhaoge could immediately tell that the other party did not mean to fight him for real.

Instead, he just wanted to tie him down.

That golden-armoured martial practitioner told the others, “Immediately send someone down to report to the King.

At the same time, also send another person to the Clear Scenic Region to notify Mister Kang and the others.”

“We just have to keep this Yan Zhaoge here and it would already be great merit for us! Afterwards, whether it is the King who re-ascends to the World beyond Worlds or someone from Mister Kang’s group who arrives, today will be the day this Yan Zhaoge dies!”

The remaining Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all agreed, “Today is the day we get him!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed upon hearing their words, “Just based on you people Can you do it”

Amidst his laughter, Yan Zhaoge acted as swiftly as the wind, simultaneously clapping down on the temples of the Northern Ocean Clone.

The majestic power of extreme Yang which was boosted with the concepts of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and the Extreme Yang Scripture was infused within the Northern Ocean Clone’s body.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s temples instantly arose, flickering with blazing sunlight as they resembled two actual suns!

The Extreme Yang Seal that was tyrannical beyond compare appeared amidst space.

The power of extreme Yang surged within the body of the Northern Ocean Clone.

Stimulating the fist-intents of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal and the Extreme Yang Scripture, he directly unleashed a Roc Expels the Sun!

With his palms both pressed against the Extreme Yang Seal, the Extreme Yang Seal that had already been majestic and powerful originally was even more tyrannical, sweeping through all that stood in its path as the sea of flames and silhouettes of fowl were all destroyed together!

The expression on the face of that golden-armoured martial practitioner did not change as he faced it calmly, striking out with his spear once more.

He did not clash head-on with Yan Zhaoge, merely seeking to tie him down.

Yet, beneath Yan Zhaoge’s bolstering, the aura of the Extreme Yang Seal actually increased yet again.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, “King Xuanmu dared to leave the King Xuan Spear here and hastily run off on his own.

I see that he seems not to want it anymore!”

Boundless sunlight illuminated the heavens and the earth, actually emanating a terrifying aura of eventual complete destruction, the end of the road for all things!

The facial expressions of the Grand Xuan Dynasty experts changed greatly.

That golden-armoured martial practitioner wanted to wield the King Xuan Spear to evade it, yet was unable to do so now.

The great golden seal seemed to have gone berserk as it suppressed space, colliding with the tip of the King Xuan Spear!

A muffled boom resounded as the hands of the golden-armoured martial practitioner separated.

As an expert of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, he was actually completely unable to grasp the shaft of the spear now!

The King Xuan Spear was directly jolted out of his hands!

The golden-armoured martial practitioner roared in fury.

The King Xuan Spear had not merely been sent flying away from his grasp.

Instead, his connection with it had been forcibly terminated by that jolt as well!

The martial true-intent that he had infused within that spear had been completely shattered.

Yan Zhaoge had used his Extreme Yang Seal as the price to take down his King Xuan Spear!

Yan Zhaoge had always been trying hard to refine the Extreme Yang Seal, merging his martial true-intent within.

Here, all this effort was rendered for naught, having ended up completely wasted.

“You madman!” The golden-armoured martial practitioner cursed furiously.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “If it had been King Xuanmu who wielded it, I would not have had much of a chance of taking it down.

Still, it is different with you.”

After their collision, the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear did not separate from each other, instead continuing to clash.

The intense clashing between them directly ripped open a massive spatial crevice amidst space.

The two high-grade Sacred Artifacts transformed into streaks of light, falling towards that spatial crevice together.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners hurriedly charged towards that spatial crevice.

Yet, nearing the crevice, they found that a majestic palace had long since been waiting there.

The door of the palace opened, the roars of dragons resounding.

It was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s Myriad Dragon Palace.

High-grade Sacred Artifacts were too powerful such that the Myriad Dragon Palace currently still lacked the capabilities to capture and suppress it.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all smiled coldly.

If the Extreme Yang Seal and King Xuan Spear collided with it head-on, the Myriad Dragon Palace would immediately fall apart.


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