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HSSB759: Kunpeng overturns the sea, ripping through the three realms!


The Myriad Dragon Palace currently stood where the Extreme Yang Seal and King Xuan Spear were falling towards.

The two high-grade Sacred Artifacts clashed, their power about to collide head-on with the Myriad Dragon Palace in the form of bright light.

Following closely after them, the Grand Xuan Dynasty were laughing inwardly at Yan Zhaoge for overestimating his own capabilities, thinking that the Myriad Dragon Palace would definitely be smashed to smithereens by the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear.

At the same time, they were also thinking that if this could obstruct the two high-grade Sacred Artifacts for a time, they might still have a chance to catch up with them.

Yet, as the two sides were about to collide, the gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace suddenly opened.

Within the dim space inside the palace, a blurry radiance that was neither bright nor dark surged as it was hard to describe.

Amidst the radiance was a massive metal wheel.

There were twelve slots on the wheel which spun slowly alongside it.

This object merely existed there, silently rotating according to its own pace, interfering with nothing at all as it was also completely unaffected by everything.

Even Yan Zhaoge was unable to control and wield it.

It was precisely the supreme treasure found in the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, the Dim Radiant Wheel!

While he was unable to actively control it, Yan Zhaoge had thoughts of his own on this.

While he was unable to activate the Dim Radiant Wheel, the Extreme Yang Seal and King Xuan Spear which were high-grade Sacred Artifacts could!

These two supreme treasures possessed immeasurable might.

While the Dim Radiant Wheel was an Immortal Artifact, it still remained incomplete.

As the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear collided with it now, the Dim Radiant Wheel could not simply ignore it.

As though it had a life of its own, the rotation of the Dim Radiant Wheel suddenly halted.

Blurry radiance that was neither bright not dark instantly expanded, half-black and half-white as it covered the entire Myriad Dragon Palace, even enveloping the surrounding space.

The Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear were instantly slowed as they slammed within this world of black and white.

The Dim Radiant Wheel was like a huge beast which had been jolted awake as it opened its mouth, a terrifying suction force thus being emitted as it was like it was going to devour these two high-grade Sacred Artifacts just like it had the Dim Radiant Lamp!

Unlike the Dim Radiant Lamp which had come from the same source as the Dim Radiant Wheel, both of them utilising the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts that the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia had created, it would only be able to absorb the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear when both of these high-grade Sacred Artifacts were ownerless.

A moment ago, Yan Zhaoge had used his Extreme Yang Seal to take down his opponent’s King Xuan Spear, both these Sacred Artifacts currently happening to be in an ownerless state.

Of the twelve slots on the Dim Radiant Wheel, light was emitted from two of them which swept over towards the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Slowly, slowly.

Don’t be so worked up about your supply.”

The King Xuan Spear shook before flying towards the Dim Radiant Wheel on its own accord.

However, the Extreme Yang Seal seemed to possess a will of its own as well, appearing incensed as it awoke from a deep slumber.

All-encompassing sunlight was emitted from it which enveloped the surrounding area, colliding with the radiance emitted from the slot on the Dim Radiant Wheel!

The Extreme Yang Seal was a peak existence even amongst all existing high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

The Dim Radiant Wheel still being incomplete, it still could not be considered a true Immortal Artifact.

While it had the strength to absorb the King Xuan Spear, it was currently unable to do anything at all to the Extreme Yang Seal!

Following this collision, even the King Xuan Spear halted amidst the air, no longer shooting over towards the Dim Radiant Wheel.

The three supreme treasures froze in a standoff in mid-air.

Seeing this, the King Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners were all rendered dazed and speechless.

The Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear which had originally been about to disintegrate the Myriad Dragon Palace had both halted amidst the space of its great hall at this moment, no longer as violent as they previously were.

Meanwhile, the Myriad Dragon Palace was completely unharmed, though the blurry radiance of the Dim Radiant Wheel flickered within its depths.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly as the great gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace slammed shut.

The spatial crevice behind the palace that had originally been produced by the collision between the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear also gradually began to heal at this moment.

The two high-grade Sacred Artifacts could no longer be sensed within the Myriad Dragon Palace.

The faces of all the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners as led by that golden-armoured martial practitioner turned pale.

All of them simultaneously howled frenziedly in rage and shock before charging towards the Myriad Dragon Palace!

The King Xuan Spear had accompanied the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s founder King Xuanwen in entering the Royal Reed Sea and throughout the stage of war, rampaging through the seventy-two regions of the Royal Reed Sea in establishing the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s current foundation.

It had been passed on to King Xuancheng and then King Xuanmu, having always been the mightiest heirloom of the Grand Xuan Dynasty whose importance surpassed that of the throne and royal seal.

As a high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear was also the strongest weapon in the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s possession, the great treasure that guarded their country.

Yet, it had been stolen away by someone today!

What kind of joke was this

That golden-armoured martial practitioner was himself a member of the Grand Xuan royalty.

Seeing how the Grand Xuan Spear had been lost in his hands, he was instantly enraged to the point of near madness as he knew that he had to wrest back the King Xuan Spear no matter what.

Otherwise, not knowing how he should account for it to his ancestors, he might as well smash his head into the wall and die right here, right now.

The other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all charged forward as well.

Their country’s most important treasure having been lost in their hands, this was something that all of them together would still be insufficient to bear responsibility for.

The golden-armoured martial practitioner charged ahead of the rest, the fiery light formed of his true essence condensing into flaming wings behind his back.

They flapped, instantly bringing him close to the Myriad Dragon Palace.

However, he blinked slightly as he saw a figure stand in the way of him and the Myriad Dragon Palace, blocking him from advancing further.

“So fast!” The golden-armoured martial practitioner’s heart fell.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone looked indifferently at the other party as he raised his Fish Dragon Spear, directly stabbing outwards.

That golden-armoured martial practitioner roared, another spear now appearing within his hands.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Seven Fowl Treasured Spear against Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Divine Spear!

The Northern Ocean Clone’s spear shot out like the release of a dragon with a Kunpeng overturning the sea, an incomparably heavy spear virtually shocking the spear out of the hands of his opponent.

However, the silhouette of seven fowl surfaced on the other party’s spear, soaring as they parried the Fish Dragon Spear.

This spear was shockingly a mid-grade Sacred Artifact!

This too was King Xuanmu’s accompanying treasure, being the weapon that he had used before he had succeeded the King Xuan Spear.

It possessed extraordinary power.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s expression did not change, each spear of his being faster and heavier than the previous as they beat down upon his opponent like a tempestuous storm.

That golden-armoured martial practitioner was stunned.

He was only able to battle Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone with the help of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.

While they were both early Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, if not for the mid-grade Sacred Artifact in his possession, he would have been killed by the Northern Ocean Clone in just a few exchanges!

A Seeing Divinity Martial Saint was perfectly unleashing the power of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, holding on beneath the violent rain of attacks.

Yet, aside from being heavy and momentous, the Northern Ocean Clone’s spear techniques were also swift as the wind!

As his body rose and sunk, the Northern Ocean Clone resembled a massive fish leaving the water and a great roc soaring through the nine heavens as he instantly penetrated the defences of his opponent, arriving behind him and stabbing right at him!

Dazzling golden light erupted from the other party’s golden armour, forming multiple layers of protection which blocked the Northern Ocean Clone’s spear!

This was shockingly yet another mid-grade Sacred Artifact, one which belonged to this golden-armoured martial practitioner himself.

The Fish Dragon Spear’s attack was blocked by this mid-grade Sacred Artifact as sparks flew.

The golden-armoured martial practitioner made use of this chance to turn and counterattack.

The Northern Ocean Clone smiled coldly and easily evaded it, his Fish Dragon Spear repelling his opponent’s incoming spear.

Numerous dragons soared from his Imperious Cold Martial Armour before he clawed outwards, grabbing his opponent’s golden armour!

The silhouette of a massive Kunpeng surfaced, its wings flapping away his opponent’s protective seven fowl and flames while its claws swept along the numerous dragons in grabbing hold of the golden armour all at once, ripping apart mightily!

Great Wilderness Fish-Roc Art, Ripping Through the Three Realms!


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