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HSSB760: Sweeping away all enemies!


The Northern Ocean Clone’s claw mightily ripped through the defences of his opponent’s mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Precipitous Golden Armour, a rift hence being produced!

That golden-armoured martial practitioner was greatly shocked as he wanted to change his stance.

Yet, the Northern Ocean Clone was faster than him.

After breaking through the defences of the Precipitous Golden Armour, the Northern Ocean Clone immediately stabbed out with the Fish Dragon Spear that he wielded in his other hand!

The might of the spear transformed into a speck of golden light, piercing straight within that rift at an unimaginable speed!

The golden-armoured martial practitioner howled madly as he toppled backwards.

Yet, fresh blood was already spurting out from his chest.

The other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all watched this shockedly, gaping and lost for words.

Despite possessing two mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, that golden-armoured martial practitioner had actually not been a match for the Northern Ocean Clone who used only a low-grade Sacred Artifact at the same cultivation level!

The gap between low and mid-grade Sacred Artifacts was a definite one, being very hard to surpass.

However, the gap between the strength of their owners was similarly a very clear, definite thing!

“Exactly who is this person!” Those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty all felt a chill within their hearts.

Despite their shock, all being experienced veterans, they did not grow panicked and flustered.

They still charged bravely towards the Northern Ocean Clone.

If that golden-armoured martial practitioner was slain just like this, everyone else would be hard pressed to survive this battle.

Several Martial Saint experts joined forces, their attacks enveloping the heavens and covering the earth as they swept over with the momentum of an endless, neverending tsunami.

The spiritual qi between the surrounding heavens and the earth rippled like water, tangibly folding the very space itself as these folds expanded outwards like the waves of the ocean.

The Northern Ocean Clone drew out his Fish Dragon Spear, turning in readiness to deal with his onrushing enemies with the brandishing momentum of sweeping through a thousand enemies.

The silhouette of the great roc shook amidst the folding of its wings as it shot downwards and transformed into a massive fish, charging into the ocean that was formed of a stream of light.

As the massive fish swam, the dense, vast sea simultaneously erupted into its surroundings!

A frenzied tide that was even more ferocious than that of his attacking enemies swept through the heavens and the earth!

Great Wilderness Fish-Roc Art, Ancient Wilderness Tide!

The massive fish whose mass was difficult to measure swept along huge boundless waves, sweeping through and submersing the surrounding area!

Along with the Northern Ocean Clone’s Spear, his power expanded and netted all in the vicinity, the terrifying momentum of the Ancient Wilderness Tide which could devour the heavens and overturn the earth and drown the great thousand worlds sweeping through all enemies standing in its path!

A single person’s might, overwhelming the nine desolaces!

All the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners were simultaneously sent into retreat, those with weaker cultivation bases directly vomiting blood which stained the surrounding sky!

After rampantly sweeping away his enemies with a single spear, the light of thunder flickered within the pupils of the Northern Ocean Clone.

Employing Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, he seemed not to need to return his qi at all, not halting in the slightest as he immediately turned around and released yet another spear, stabbing straight at that golden-armoured martial practitioner!

With the assistance of his numerous companions, the other party had only just managed to catch his breath with much difficulty.

Just having suppressed his wounds, still having yet to get back into fighting condition, the attacks of the Northern Ocean Clone now appeared before him once more!

That golden-armoured martial practitioner grit his teeth, stimulating the Precipitous Golden Armour to forcibly resist this spear of the Northern Ocean Clone.

The Northern Ocean Clone easily reproduced the same feat, ripping through the Precipitous Golden Armour’s defences once more!

Even as his opponent was still stunned, he stabbed out quick as flashing lightning, his spear stabbing into the rift and piercing straight into his chest!

That golden-armoured martial practitioner fiercely ignored everything else, just grabbing the shaft of the Fish Dragon Spear as he refused to let the Northern Ocean Clone pull it out.

At the same time, he mightily stabbed at the Northern Ocean Clone with the spear he held.

The Northern Ocean Clone directly relaxed his grip on the Fish Dragon Spear, his figure like the wind as the roc ascended the nine heavens, evading this desperate move of his opponent’s.

He easily arrived behind the golden-armoured martial practitioner.

The Northern Ocean Clone substituted spear with fist, now punching straight at the back of his head!

A crimson dot of blood appeared at the front of the golden-armoured martial practitioner’s head, right between his eyebrows.

The bloodstain expanded unceasingly, finally having transformed into a massive hole of blood!

This golden-armoured martial practitioner was beaten to death on the spot by Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone!

The Northern Ocean Clone leisurely went back around his opponent who was already a corpse, casually pulling out the Fish Dragon Spear with absolute ease.

In contrast to this, the other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all felt fearful, a chill shooting through the bottom of their feet up their spines and to the top of their heads.

At this moment, they no longer had the confidence and motivation to go on.

Everyone began scattering and fleeing for their lives, only hoping that Yan Zhaoge would not pursue them as they hoped that the Northern Ocean Clone would just target someone else.

As for how to account for things to King Xuanmu afterwards, this was already no longer something they had the leisure to consider.

Only one thought remained in their minds now, and that was how to flee alive from Yan Zhaoge!

This young man’s methods were really too powerful, inexplicably powerful to an unbelievable extent!

Seeing this, the Northern Ocean Clone smiled.

His figure moved, streaking across the heavens and earth as he had already caught up with someone, impaling him dead with a single spear.

He then spun around, chasing in another direction and impaling a second person.

He was so fast that his opponents could not even think about running.

A Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioner who was fleeing in the opposite direction heaved a sigh of relief, continuing to flee.

Yet, a sword-light flew over from the distance, chopping his head right off!

One hand behind his back, Yan Zhaoge wielded the Glorious Rainbow Sword with the other, utterly composed as he seemed to be taking a casual stroll.

Yet, there was only despair his opponents felt.

After slaying someone else, Yan Zhaoge gazed in a certain direction amidst space, smiling, “Long time no see, Mister Chen.

How have you been, Mister Bai”

The figures of Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming appeared in the distant horizon.

They were a little unable to reply as they instead gazed at all that was happening, unable to speak for a long time.

They had originally come here to take a look at the Radiant Light Sect’s situation.

Who knew that they would actually end up seeing such an unexpected scene instead.

Yan Zhaoge spoke casually, “Oh, right.

Your jade pendant is still with me, Mister Bai.

I didn’t have a chance to return it to you previously.”

Recovering from his stupor, Bai Ziming hurriedly said, “It is fine.”

He involuntarily looked around the area again, murmuring in praise, “Unbelievable, unbelievable…”

Chen Zhiliang looked at the Northern Ocean Clone before his gaze then fell on Yan Zhaoge himself.

“This clone of yours really is powerful.

The martial arts it cultivates it truly possess the concept of the Kunpeng, being an elite martial art.”

As he was a personal disciple of the Southeastern Exalt, the martial arts that he cultivated in could also be considered high-end in the entire World beyond Worlds, seldom meeting a match amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level.

Even while that Grand Xuan Dynasty golden-armoured martial practitioner had possessed mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, Chen Zhiliang would still have dared to battle him bare-handed.

However, he felt no confidence at all against Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

“The even more unbelievable thing is that you yourself actually seem to be even more powerful than this clone of yours at the same cultivation level!” Chen Zhiliang’s gaze contained great shock as he looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Your strength truly cannot be measured by common standards at all.”

He glanced unconsciously at the wound of the sky, being unable to hold back a sigh, “If you were to have remained in the lower worlds, I even suspect that not having reached the Seeing Divinity stage, you would already have been rejected by the power of dimensions, unable to remain down below!”

Bai Ziming looked like he deeply agreed with those words.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “You are polite.”

Chen Zhiliang looked at the wound of the sky, “Do you have a method to go down now King Xuanmu will probably be returning to the World beyond Worlds very soon.

It should be hard for you at that time.

At the end of the day, the gap between your cultivation bases is just too great.”

Yan Zhaoge had just been about to speak when the wound of the sky before him suddenly shook intensely.


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