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HSSB761: If you’re so great, come get me then


The wound of the sky shook intensely, a few figures vaguely appearing amidst the radiance caused by the pressuring of the power of dimensions.

When they shot out of the wound of the sky, it was precisely King Xuanmu who first emerged.

It was just that this current ruler of the Grand Xuan Dynasty currently had an extremely bedraggled appearance.

The crown on his head had broken apart completely, his hair scattered around all over the place.

There was a tragic wound on his left shoulder and his right abdomen from which fresh blood was flowing freely.

There was a bloodied wound on his forehead, fresh blood flowing down from it and staining half his face red.

Behind King Xuanmu were a couple of Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners who had previously accompanied him in descending to the Eight Extremities World.

They had descended with the look of an unstoppable army.

Yet, only a mere few had returned now.

On all their faces even remained a fearful look as they urgently sought to escape from the wound of the sky behind them, as though that was an abyss of absolute destruction.

“What exactly is this Eight Extremities World Aside from Yan Zhaoge and his father, there is actually still another heaven-shocking expert there!”

“Are they really locals of that world Could they actually be from some power in the World beyond Worlds who were stationed there”

“Monstrous, all of them! This is truly inconceivable!”

At this moment, the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners who had been able to return to the World beyond Worlds via the wound of the sky had the same thought appear in their minds all at once .

How fortunate that the other side was unable to chase them up here!

This wound of the sky which served as a natural barrier between the World beyond Worlds and that lower world-how great a thing was that!

No one dared to say this out loud.

That would really be too much an admission of defeat, boosting the morale of their enemy while extinguishing their own.

Yet, this was indeed what all of them were thinking right now.

Also, this thought remained in their minds for a long time, not dissipating.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s people all looked as though their parents had died, and it was similarly a great embarrassment and source of shame for King Xuanmu himself as well.

Having personally led the invasion in descending into a lower world, it was actually he who had been heavily wounded in the end, having nearly lost his life in that lower world!

Right, it was true that his cultivation base had been suppressed to the third level of the Martial Saint realm by the power of dimensions.

Even so, however, he had still been much stronger than any actual late Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

Yet, his opponent had been even more powerful than he was.

That domineering sabre that had towered supreme over everything else had even caused an illusion to arise in the heart of a monarch like King Xuanmu who had reigned for so long.

The other party was the truly peerless sovereign, while he could only bow his head in subservience.

His pride did not allow him to surrender just like this.

Yet, in truth, had he hesitated just slightly and failed to remove his restrictions and ascend in time, he would have died in a foreign land, perishing in the Eight Extremities World.

Only by breaking free of the Eight Extremities World and ascending to the World beyond Worlds in time had he barely managed to avoid being slain by that incomparably powerful sabre.

That terrifying sabre had still hacked his crown apart, leaving a wound on his forehead.

A little slower and his entire head would truly have been cleaved off by that one sabre!

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had already suffered quite a few losses at Yan Zhaoge’s hands before.

Yet, most of those who had clashed directly with him with irrevocable enmity arising as a result were of the Shenling Ten Swords.

Before this, even as he was hostile to Yan Zhaoge, King Xuanmu had also been somewhat admiring of him.

Yet, after having personally descended to the Eight Extremities World this time and fleeing in a panic after very nearly perishing, King Xuanmu’s heart was just unable to calm down no matter what.

He was feeling unprecedented stifledness and hatred.

“My King, we…” A Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioner asked.

His face sunken, King Xuanmu resembled a volcano that was soon to erupt.

After leaving the wound of the sky and ascending to the World beyond Worlds, his cultivation base instantly recovered completely.

His wounds that had been inflicted by the sabre gradually ceased to bleed.

Violent sabre-qi still ran rampant where his wounds were.

Still, after returning to the World beyond Worlds, he could finally suppress and expel them, preventing them from continuing to wreak havoc.

Martial Saints possessed extremely powerful bodies and similarly intricate control of them.

Yet, in the Eight Extremities World, King Xuanmu had even been unable to stem his own bleeding!

Even now, while he was able to temporarily suppress his wounds and prevent their deterioration, he would not be able to recover from those grave injuries inflicted on him within a short period of time.

Thinking about this, King Xuanmu’s face was dark to the point that it seemed it could melt and drip.

He paused with every word, forcing out from the gaps between his teeth, “Back to the capital, to prepare the Whole Heaven Descending Treasure Bag!”

He had not the face to request reinforcements from Kang Ping, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang.

He intended to prepare the Whole Heaven Descending Treasure Bag and bring along the King Xuan Spear in descending into the Eight Extremities World where he definitely had to claim his revenge.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had as many experts as they were clouds, its four Lord Protectors all being peak experts of the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm.

He had made insufficient preparations in hastily descending to the Eight Extremities World this time.

Now, he would return and make good his preparations before he would definitely have his revenge on that lower world which had very nearly sunk his existence for good.

Hearing his words, the spirits of the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all rose.

“My King, we should not have to waste time talking with them! If the King Xuan Spear can descend into that lower world and its restrictions are directly removed, it will directly cause the entire world to collapse from the inside!”

Someone ground his teeth, “That Yan Zhaoge’s lineage and the world he hails from will henceforth be reduced to dust together!”

King Xuanmu expressed no stance as he immediately roared in a deep tone after exiting the wound of the sky, “Where is Yao Hai…”

Before his words had ended, his expression changed greatly.

It was not because he was unable to see the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners who should have been guarding outside the wound of the sky.

It was instead because he felt that the connection between him and the King Xuan Spear had been terminated!

Gazing over, King Xuanmu saw Yan Zhaoge standing atop space within the air, a massive palace hovering by his side.

Looking at King Xuanmu, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “If it is Yao Hai, is it him you are referring to”

Standing beside Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone lifted up a corpse which was shockingly still garbed in golden armour.

Looking at that massive hole in the head of that golden-armoured martial practitioner and at the smiling Yan Zhaoge, King Xuanmu could only feel the heat irrepressibly surge straight to his head.

“King Xuan Spear…” King Xuanmu finally detected a slight spiritual qi fluctuation that was weak to the point of virtually being undetectable, that which originated from the King Xuan Spear he used.

This fluctuation clearly originated from inside Yan Zhaoge’s Myriad Dragon Palace.

Yan Zhaoge could not help but laugh as he looked at him, “Could you be looking for something”

King Xuanmu’s vision darkened momentarily before he viciously glared at Chen Zhiliang, “Is Golden Court Mountain reneging on your word”

Chen Zhiliang frowned slightly and had still yet to reply when King Xuanmu said coldly, “If I do not kill this Yan Zhaoge, how will this King have the face to exist between these heavens and earth Even if Golden Court Mountain is giving him help today, this King will definitely not give any compromise!”

Saying thus, a spear suddenly appeared in his hand, blazing flames incinerating the heavens as he stabbed straight at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge said, “This Yan’s appearance here has nothing to do at all with the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

You had better not besmirch the reputation of the Southeastern Exalt.”

The Northern Ocean Clone transformed into the silhouette of a Kunpeng, sweeping along Yan Zhaoge and the Myriad Dragon Palace as it swooped up high, shooting into the nine heavens.

King Xuanmu pursued them, but the Northern Ocean Clone was just too fast such that he was actually unable to immediately reduce the distance between them.

Seeing the rage grow on King Xuanmu’s face, Yan Zhaoge laughed.

Even Kang Ping had not been confident of leaving him behind, much less King Xuanmu who already no longer had the King Xuan Spear.

More importantly, King Xuanmu was currently riddled with wounds as his strength had fallen greatly.

If not for him being unable to use the Extreme Yang Seal now, Yan Zhaoge would even desire a head-on clash with this expert of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Looking at King Xuanmu who looked so mad steam seemed to be rising from the top of his head yet was unable to do anything to him at all, Yan Zhaoge waved at him, chortling.

“If you’re so great, come get me then.”


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