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HSSB762: The heavens and earth cannot stop my advance!


The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Seven Fowl Treasured Spear had the Great Roc Treasured Spear and the White Crane Treasured Spear.

The former was swift, the latter agile.

King Xuanmu would never lose out in speed at all in most of his battles.

Yet, currently facing an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint opponent, he was actually unable to catch up at all amidst their manoeuvres.

He could only barely maintain their distance so as to maintain the pursuit.

Yet, it was still difficult to decrease the distance between them at the end of the day.

King Xuanmu had to admit that his speed had naturally been affected by his heavy injuries as well.

Yet, speed had always been a strong suit for he who was at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Yet, he was still unable to catch up with a fourth level Martial Saint.

His opponent’s speed was really much too quick!

In terms of speed alone, even Kang Ping and the others who cultivated in the Flowing Time Sword would probably not be able to catch up with Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

The Northern Ocean Clone had already possessed top-notch speed originally, having long since been able to compete with martial practitioners of the Radiant Light Sect who cultivated in the Thousand Illusory Streaking Light Art, their bodies transforming into streaks of light.

Now, having gradually gained some attainments in the Great Wilderness Fish-Roc Art, his speed had reached a whole new level as it was already unparalleled amongst all other martial practitioners of the Royal Reed Sea at the same cultivation level!

Even King Xuanmu was only able to eat his dust.

It was even worse for the remaining Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners as they could not even think of pursuing.

Seeing this, Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming both had on complex expressions, “Such speed is rare indeed, truly possessing the true intent of the Kunpeng.”

King Xuanmu gradually calmed down amidst his blazing fury.

While he felt vexed, he still doggedly pursued Yan Zhaoge without letting off in the slightest.

Even though Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone possessed shocking speed, he did not believe that a fourth level Martial Saint could compete in stamina with him.

King Xuanmu decided to maintain his pursuit, not giving Yan Zhaoge a chance to catch his breath as he sought to deplete the Northern Ocean Clone’s stamina.

His stamina having decreased, his speed would naturally fall as a result.

As soon as the Northern Ocean Clone slowed down, he would hurry over and tear him to shreds!

He had overestimated himself earlier, therefore having separated from the King Xuan Spear and descended to the lower world with the King Xuan Spear remaining in the World beyond Worlds rather than being left behind in a place like the capital to remain under heavy guard by experts.

In the end, the royal heirloom had actually been lost for real.

With this, King Xuanmu felt even more unable to look at others in the face as compared to when he had been soundly defeated in the Eight Extremities World!

He had to wrest back the King Xuan Spear!

Yan Zhaoge naturally saw through King Xuanmu’s intentions.

He chuckled, circulating the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, yin and yang coexisting and birthing each other as they flowed on in an endless stream.

Apart from speed, the Northern Ocean Clone was also acclaimed for his strength.

Now that he was being provided with an endless supply of true essence, his stamina became even more long-lasting.

King Xuanmu wanted to see whose energy would be depleted first, but he might just find himself running out first instead.

Still, the distant wound of the sky now suddenly shook once more.

Surprised looks appeared on the faces of Yan Zhaoge, King Xuanmu, Chen Zhiliang, Bai Ziming and the rest.

Everyone directed their gazes at the wound of the sky.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners exchanged looks.

All of them who could have retreated had already done so.

The Northern Ocean Clone still flew to avoid King Xuanmu.

In the meantime, Yan Zhaoge sat on the back of that Kunpeng silhouette, gazing at the wound of the sky.

Looking at the wound of the sky, Bai Ziming asked surprisedly, “Someone of the Eight Extremities World has surpassed the tolerable limits of the heavens and the earth, and is now about to ascend to the World beyond Worlds”

Martial practitioners did not necessarily have to ascend to the World beyond Worlds via a wound of the sky.

Not passing through one, one could still land in various places of the World beyond Worlds.

Still, if one just happened to be in the vicinity of a wound of the sky, they would naturally ascend to the World beyond Worlds through it, landing on the other side of that spatial crevice.

The wound of the sky behaved differently when someone was ascending and when someone whose cultivation base was insufficient went through with the help of a treasure.

Bai Ziming having ascended from the Floating Gate World himself, he immediately identified that someone of the Eight Extremities World had attained that cultivation level.

Chen Zhiliang was able to tell even more, “The power of dimensions is unceasingly pressuring down unstably.

Yet, that person has not ascended, as if he is locked in a standstill with it!”

Bai Ziming was stunned, “Does this mean that this person has yet to attain the Seeing Divinity stage and refined his acupoints to see Divinity, being hard pressed to resist the power of dimensions But his power has already surpassed the bearable limits of the Eight Extremities World!”

Everyone present was rendered dazed.

Even King Xuanmu appeared momentarily lost as he seemed to have remembered something.

Chen Zhiliang gazed in shock towards Yan Zhaoge, “Little Friend Yan, I really cannot imagine who else there is besides you who can actually also surpass the bearable limits of the heavens and the earth when still yet to reach the Seeing Divinity stage!”

“Who exactly is this person”

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu exchanged looks, blurting out in unison.


“Family Head!”

Yan Zhaoge could not help but begin laughing uproariously.

The martial practitioners of the Grand Xuan Dynasty all felt goosebumps at Yan Zhaoge’s laughter.

It was still fine for King Xuanmu, but the expressions of the other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners all changed!

Earlier, they had still been feeling fortunate that the wound of the sky had blocked this calamitous demon, preventing him from pursuing them.

Now, however, it seemed like the other party was coming directly after them

Even the heavens and the earth were unable to stop his advance

Looking at the tragic remainder of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s troops, Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming understood what was going on.

Their expressions simultaneously changed as they shot over to the vicinity of the wound of the sky.

Chen Zhiliang inhaled deeply, throwing out a small seal.

As the seal landed in the wound of the sky, its radiance gradually turned illusory.

The illusory radiance was clear and transparent, the surrounding chaotic space seemingly becoming ordered for a time.

Under such circumstances, the spatial passageway seemed to have temporarily gained stability as there seemed to be an actual tunnel which existed, through which what could see what was going on over at the other end.

Without the interference of space, with their eyesight, Chen Zhiliang and the others were able to clearly see what was going on at the other entrance of the wound of the sky.

That place was none other than the Eight Extremities World.

Two figures currently hovered in the air in the Eight Extremities World where the Sacred Sun Clan’s World Illuminating Peak had once stood.

A handsome man with snowy brows sat in the meditative position outside of the wound of the sky.

The radiance of the spatial crevice flickered, locking him in place as it seemed to want to drag him within.

The entire Eight Extremities World was shaking at this moment, the mountains and the oceans roiling.

A majestic, formless power rejected that man all at once, seeking to expel him from the Eight Extremities World!

As everyone in the World beyond Worlds saw his features which bore a sixty, seventy percent resemblance to Yan Zhaoge’s, they all unconsciously swallowed their saliva.

This man was none other than Yan Di!

While the current Yan Di could not be tolerated by the heavens and earth of the Eight Extremities World, his expression remained ever composed.

The acupoints of his entire body were all pulsing slightly, numerous streams of qi surging within as they were turbulent and ferocious.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly.

It was indeed his father.

The current Yan Di had perfectly merged his body, avatar and spirit, none of them being separable from the others as he had stepped into the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar stage.

He had probably succeeded in this breakthrough following his battle with the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

For others, for everyone else of the Eight Extremities World, it would merely entail a breakthrough.

Yet, for Yan Di who had already been invincible in this world originally, thereon, not only would he be invincible amongst men, even this Eight Extremities World would no longer be able to hold him, to trap him!


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