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HSSB763: One sabre opening the way!


In terms of pure strength alone, Yan Di who was at the third level of the Martial Saint realm had already surpassed many Seeing Divinity Martial Saints in this regard.

He was currently seated at the entrance of the wound of the sky between the Eight Extremities World and the World beyond Worlds.

The entire Eight Extremities World was quaking, pushing Yan Di from these heavens and earth.

This shocking scene far surpassed the ascension of the Sacred Sun Clan’s Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao in the past.

Those in the World beyond Worlds who were watching it through the wound of the sky all appeared greatly shocked.

As those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty watched that nightmarish figure, their terrifying memories from earlier immediately arose within their minds once more.

Even as Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming appeared greatly admiring of this, their faces were completely filled with an incredulous expression.

“There actually is such a person who exists, and he is actually from the same lower world as Yan Zhaoge, with them even being father and son!”

Bai Ziming shook his head non-stop, his tone filled with an incredulous, disbelieving feeling.

Chen Zhiliang’s gaze flickered slightly, “He should just have broken through from the mid Merging Avatar stage to the late Merging Avatar stage.”

“He indeed possesses shocking power.

Yet, it is a difficult trial that he now must face!”

When other martial practitioners had attained the early Seeing Divinity stage, they were able to ascend from a lower world to the World beyond Worlds on one hand because their strength had surpassed the bearable limits of the lower world as they were rejected by the heavens and earth, thereby naturally ascending.

On the other hand, refining their acupoints to see Divinity allowed martial practitioners the initial qualifications to independently resist the pressure by the power of dimensions.

Without having seen true Divinity, with the acupoints having yet to truly resonate with the stars in the sky, even if one’s fleshly body as well as cultivation base were already sufficient for their ascension, they would still be hard pressed to resist the power of dimensions.

While Yan Di was successfully ascending now, when he broke free of the Eight Extremities World and entered the World beyond Worlds, his body and soul might end up being forcibly ripped apart by the power of dimensions!

“He is actually trapped in a quandary here!” Chen Zhiliang said, his expression solemn.

“Like his son, Little Friend Yan, he should have come up beforehand with the help of treasures, avoiding such a messy situation as is ongoing now.”

When conversing with Yan Zhaoge earlier, Chen Zhiliang had emotionally expressed that Yan Zhaoge might be able to ascend to the World beyond Worlds even before reaching the Seeing Divinity stage.

This was not just admiration alone as he had felt greatly fortunate on Yan Zhaoge’s behalf as well.

It was just that he had not thought back then that there was actually another person in the Eight Extremities World from which Yan Zhaoge hailed for whom the same principle applied.

Bai Ziming reacted the same way, instantly feeling it to be a great pity, “A pity, a pity!”

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners also calmed down following their initial panic.

They too had thought of the problem that Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming had thought of.

All of them simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty all felt truly relieved as they discussed this, they hearts finally feeling at ease.

“It is fortunate that this person cannot ascend, also likely directly perishing in the wound of the sky!”

“This really is unexpected, fortune and calamity two sides of the coin.

When he was all mighty and invincible earlier, who would have thought that he might actually end up in such a sorry plight”

“To tell you the truth, when in that lower world earlier, I had already anticipated that such a day would come for him, just that I had not thought that it would arrive so quickly.”

Someone’s face appeared pitying, “Perhaps this is truly the kind of genius that the heavens are jealous of.

Being too outstanding, he is instead falling to the natural laws of the heavens and the earth.

Men being unable to take care of him, it is instead the very heavens coming to claim his life!”

King Xuanmu’s gaze calmed down before he then resumed his pursuit of Yan Zhaoge!

As Yan Zhaoge sat on the back of the silhouetted Kunpeng, soaring through the nine heavens even as he avoided King Xuanmu, his gaze remained fixated on the wound of the sky.

Chen Zhiliang yelled, “Little Friend Yan, persuade him to quickly disperse some of his true essence and suppress some of his power such that he will not immediately ascend now! When preparations are complete and he has refined an acupoint to see Divinity, all will have flowed into completion! There is no need to be hasty for rapid success now!”

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace, Xiao Ai looked at Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu, “Lord is awesome indeed! Still, this maid feels that what the senior surnamed Chen says makes sense.”

Ah Hu shook his head vehemently, “Definitely not.”

Feng Yunsheng said slowly, “I once heard Zhaoge say that Chief’s martial intent is unstoppable, knowing only to advance and never retreat.”

“He can temporarily cease to temper his sabre, but he definitely cannot let it flow in reverse.

Otherwise, his sabre would be blunted for good, unable to progress any longer throughout this entire lifetime as he will only be able to remain stagnant unless he scraps everything and starts all over.”

Xiao Ai opened her mouth wide, “What is to be done then Before having refined his acupoint to see Divinity, he is likely to die if he enters the wound of the sky!”

This was what everyone else was currently thinking as well.

Yan Di had only just broken through to the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

How would he be in time to immediately achieve his breakthrough to the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, refining an acupoint to see Divinity

“Thank you for your concern, Mister Chen.

Still, there is no need to worry about my father,” Yan Zhaoge began laughing loudly.

Everyone was stunned by his words.

Yan Di was seated atop space, his eyes closed as he faced the wound of the sky.

Now, he suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze seemingly traversing layers of space and arriving at an even higher sky as he looked straight at those in the World beyond Worlds up above.

Facing the loudly laughing Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di laughed as well.

Then, he abruptly stood up, lining his palm into a sabre as he hacked right at the wound of the sky!

His majestic, tyrannical sabre-intent penetrated straight through the sky, piercing through the Eight Extremities World as though new heavens and earth were being split with a whole new world being established.

The acupoints of Yan Di’s entire body all pulsed together, roiling true essence converging at the Danzhong acupoint on his chest!

His sabre-intent penetrated through the universe, opening a path that connected to the heavens, directly connecting with the sea of stars of the universe as the myriad stars actually seemed to be resonating with him for that one moment.

Yan Di’s Danzhong acupoint pulsed as an actual star from the sky began resonating with it with a strange rhythm!

In the World beyond Worlds, Chen Zhiliang, Bai Ziming, King Xuanmu and the others were all shell-shocked as they watched this scene.

They watched on as Yan Di consecutively broke through a second bottleneck, immediately refining his acupoint to see Divinity and attaining the Seeing Divinity stage right after having broken through to the late Merging Avatar stage!

Streaks of light flickered about Yan Di’s body, illuminating the entire Eight Extremities World.

Everyone of the Eight Extremities World watched Yan Di appear within the sky, entering the wound of the sky and ascending as he left the Eight Extremities World for even higher heavens and earth!

Of the lakes and the seas and the mountains and the land, everyone sighed admiringly for Yan Di from the very bottom of their hearts as they bowed to him up in the sky, “Congratulations to the ascending Heaven Trampling Lord!”

A skinny, spirited, one-armed old man stood by the wound of the sky, smiling as he watched his disciple brilliantly surpass his tutelage.

While he had been guarding Yan Di amidst his cultivation, a worried expression had never once appeared on his face.

From beginning to end, Yuan Zhengfeng had only been watching on peacefully by the side as he witnessed his disciple’s final breakthrough, one sabre opening the way!

Yan Di’s sabre had hacked out a path for himself, leading the way to a whole new world.

Within the wound of the sky, the terrifying distorting power of dimensions had even transformed into ascending steps for him now.

Yan Di walked up those steps, traversing numerous layers of space as he then arrived in the World beyond Worlds!

Entering the World beyond Worlds, Yan Di’s gaze fell on King Xuanmu who was still in the midst of pursuing Yan Zhaoge.

He raised his brows, his eyes like a sabre, “That battle just now-let us continue it!”

Amidst his words, his sabre-intent that seemed able to cleave the heavens and split the earth apart broke through space, instantly arriving before King Xuanmu!


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