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HSSB764: Wherever we are, I can still defeat you!


Seeing King Xuanmu doggedly pursuing Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di raised his brows, immediately chopping out with a sabre!

King Xuanmu was utterly enraged, “You dare!”

“Do you think that you are still in that lower world”

“This King admits that your talent and power is top-class.

Still, that was the Eight Extremities World!”

“Having arrived in the World beyond Worlds, you are nothing but a mere footsoldier!”

He did not hesitate in the least as he ignored Yan Zhaoge, directly meeting Yan Di’s sabre technique.

He stimulated the Five Fire True Arts to the maximum.

While he did not wield the King Xuan Spear, the terrifying Seven Fowl Treasured Spear still instantly pierced through space.

His true essence transformed into all-encompassing blazing fire, space seemingly collapsing where the fire blazed and incinerated.

King Xuanmu’s gaze was cold and filled with a decisive killing intent, “Having walked too smooth a path, have you instead forgotten Down in the lower world, you could still act domineeringly and without fear.

Here, however, you are nothing at all!”

The all-encompassing sea of flames agglomerated on the tip of that spear with the momentum of a meteor plummeting to the earth!

Yan Di raised his brows, his tone indifferent, “Here, your cultivation base will indeed no longer be suppressed by the power of dimensions.”

“Yet, the me here now is also different from the me of earlier.”

He raised his hand and attacked, the majestic purple light condensing into a sabre that seemed able to split the heavens, tyrannical and lofty as it rampantly broke apart King Xuanmu’s offensive spear!

The sabre-light seemed sturdy and indestructible, breaking through all before it without opposition.

It explosive power was peerless as it broke through the sea of flames, all doomed to fall before it.

Let alone this blazing fire up ahead, it seemed that even if it was heaven or hell, immortals, gods or Buddhas, all that stood in the way of that sabre would be cleaved, decimated, crushed!

Yan Di’s sabre seemed to carry an unstoppable momentum!

The splitting of the heavens and the earth, the circulation of creation and fortune, the changing of the ages, walking towards finality.

His sabre-intent was not pure extermination, execution, destruction.

Instead, it seemed to propel the unseen workings of the heavens and earth, the turbulent torrents of destiny!

Everything that tried to go against its flow or obstruct it would be crushed to smithereens by this grand, momentous tide of the heavens and the earth!

Therefore, it was unstoppable, only ever barrelling forward!


Yet forward!

King Xuanmu was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied as the attack of his Seven Fowl Treasured Spear was struck aside by Yan Di’s sabre!

A fact that he found difficult to accept was laid out before his very eyes.

Even back in the World beyond Worlds, he was still not Yan Di’s match!

He who was of the late Seeing Divinity stage was actually not a match for an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint who had only just ascended to the World beyond Worlds!

While he was currently heavily injured and not at his peak state, what left him even more panicked and fearful was that honestly speaking, even if he were at his peak state now, he would also not be sufficiently confident of obtaining victory over the current Yan Di!

Even the emotions of the greatly experienced King Xuanmu fell into disarray now.

Yan Di cleaved through the heavens with a sabre, breaking through the sea of flames with a mighty, majestic force which then arrived directly before King Xuanmu.

King Xuanmu dared not underestimate this sabre as he expanded his White Crane Treasured Spear, his figure swiftly dodging to the side as he evaded that terrifying purple sabre-light.

Yan Di wielded a purple sabre around which coiling dragons roared.

While its appearance was exactly the same as that of his previous high-grade spirit artifact, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, the sabre-intent and concept within were already completely different.

That high-grade spirit artifact of the past had shattered, Yan Di having combined its fragments with numerous dragon corpses and tempered it with his sabre-intent to reforge it into this current Sacred Artifact sabre!

Its name was also the Heavenly Dragon Sabre.

Yet, just like its owner, it had already been wholly reborn, stepping into new heavens and earth.

Yan Di overflowed with a domineering air as he went all out in attacking, each sabre fiercer than the previous.

No breathing room was given to King Xuanmu in the least as Yan Di’s attacks descended on him with the momentum of toppling mountains and overturning seas!

King Xuanmu could only continually fall back in retreat!

“Do your worst!” King Xuanmu stabilised his mindset, expelling all his fury, hatred, shame and shock.

He regained his calmness, only considering one thing which was how to handle this enemy before him.

Layers of radiance lit up on the robe he was wearing, innumerable talismans appearing on its surface!

This Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe was one of the rare mid-grade Sacred Artifacts which could moderate its own power and descend into the lower worlds.

This treasure had been a major reason why King Xuanmu had been able to flee alive from the Eight Extremities World after having descended there previously.

At this moment, this mid-grade Sacred Artifact finally unleashed all its power, demonstrating its original flair!

King Xuanmu already no longer dared to underestimate Yan Di in the least as he completely treated him as an equal or even an opponent who was stronger than him.

Even while Seeing Divinity Martial Saints could already fully wield the power of mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, it was still people controlling weapons and not weapons controlling people at the end of the day.

In the hands of King Xuanmu who was at the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage, this mid-grade Sacred Artifact displayed even more power that surpassed the norm.

Innumerable talismans transformed into numerous screens of light, helping King Xuanmu to block Yan Di’s sabre.

Yan Di’s expression did not change.

Whatever many variations and abilities you might have, eat my one sabre!

Where his terrifying purple sabre-light passed, countless talismans broke apart, scattering into a pile of dust which was bright and glistening as it seemed to envelop the heavens and the earth like mist.

Yan Di discovered that that light mist resembled infinite blades which completely enveloped the surrounding area, attacking towards him together as they were omnipresent and all-pervasive.

Wielding his sabre with his right hand, he chopped out rampantly with another sabre-blow.

At the same time, Yan Di suddenly opened his mouth, abruptly inhaling!

Like an alligator sucking in water, the infinite, endless dust was suddenly sucked into Yan Di’s mouth and down into his stomach!

Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming had on dazed expressions.

Faced with that shiny dust, they would choose to either defend or evade, definitely not allowing it to touch them.

Yet, this Yan Di had actually directly swallowed it into his stomach

But the internal organs of the human body were far weaker than its exterior!

Seeing this, King Xuanmu inhaled deeply.

After controlling the Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe to forcibly resist another sabre of Yan Di’s, this current monarch of the Grand Xuan Dynasty and expert of the peak of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm put in not a single last, vengeful word as he just immediately turned and fled!

Seeing this, the other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners were all lost for words.

After their shock, they seemed like they had awoken from a dream as they all fled into the distance.

Yan Di struck out with a sabre, again breaking through the numerous screens of light as he hacked at the blazing fire that protected King Xuanmu.

King Xuanmu uttered a muffled groan as the wound he had suffered in the Eight Extremities World which had already been closed by him originally split open once more, fresh blood spilling profusely.

He did not even look back as he instead fled more quickly, continuing to beat a hasty retreat.

As the momentum of Yan Di’s sabre surged once more, his low-grade Sacred Artifact, the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, began shaking slightly.

“Father, now that you have reached the Seeing Divinity stage, this sabre has to be refined again!” Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instead laughed loudly, “Let me first find you a temporary replacement.

While you might not be used to it, it is definitely a good sabre.”

He clapped the gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace, “Yunsheng!”

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace, Feng Yunsheng similarly smiled, “Chief, please allow this disciple to secretly pick up a few moves from you.”

Black flames of devilish qi suddenly gushed out from the gate of the Myriad Dragon Palace as a black sabre which was wreathed in black fire and flickered with a dim blue lustre flew over towards Yan Di.

A faint smile appeared on Yan Di’s cool, handsome face, resembling the clouds separating to reveal the sun, “It should be said that I am enjoying the glory of you youngsters.”

He placed his right hand that wielded the Heavenly Dragon Sabre behind his back.

His left hand directly grabbed the incoming Cold Sun Divine Sabre, chopping outwards!

The purple sabre-light that was wreathed in black flames of devilish qi instantly dyed the entire heavens and earth purplish-black.

A sturdy, indestructible sabre-light destroyed the heavens and extinguished the earth as it caught up with the fleeing King Xuanmu!


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