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HSSB765: Slaying the Xuan King!


Following gradual nourishment by Feng Yunsheng, the Cold Sun Divine Sabre had been unceasingly restored, its strength rising as it regaining its former might as the Rahu Sabre was already in sight.

Now that this sabre had landed in Yan Di’s hands, it instantly demonstrated a fierceness that surged to the heavens.

The black flames of devilish qi formed of the power of corrosion having integrated within the purple sabre-light, the sabre-light turned a purplish-black colour in its entirety.

The brutal sabre-light instantly broke through the defence of King Xuanmu’s Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe.

Countless spirit talismans broke apart and were extinguished, the light mist formed of it completely being exterminated by that terrifying sabre-light as well!

The majestic, tyrannical divine sabre displayed the momentum of breaking bamboo as it hacked through the Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe before directly descending on King Xuanmu!

King Xuanmu was greatly shocked as a five-coloured fiery light surged throughout his entire body, transforming into seven fowl, consisting of a phoenix, an azure luan, a great roc, a peacock, a white crane, a swan and an owl.

The five fires and seven fowl soared simultaneously, forming a layered storm of flames which swept through the heavens and the earth, protecting King Xuanmu’s entire body.

Yet, wherever this terrifying sabre-light of Yan Di’s passed, the flames dispersed, the fowl perishing.

The firestorm was cleaved right through by the sabre-light, a new wound instantly appearing on King Xuanmu’s back!

He groaned tragically, not daring to linger as he could only continue fleeing.

Yan Di strode forth in pursuit.

Where his sabre-light passed, the flow of time in the heavens and the earth surrounding King Xuanmu’s body turned strange.

King Xuanmu became slower, while the sabre-light became faster!

Purplish-black light flashed, one sabre after another descending as they crisscrossed amidst the horizon, unforgivingly pursuing King Xuanmu.

Accompanied by his ceaseless sabres, Yan Di’s aura surged as his sabre-intent which was ever advancing alongside the unseen workings of the heavens and the earth flourished, sweeping everything that stood in its path into oblivion!

Arriving behind King Xuanmu, Yan Di kept the Heavenly Dragon Sabre in his right hand, “Arriving in a new land for the first time, having an expert be sacrifice to my blade-a cause for celebration indeed.”

He raised the Cold Sun Divine Sabre high overhead with his left hand, next hacking downwards!

All light between the heavens and the earth simultaneously dimmed at this moment.

The world suddenly turned dark before everyone’s eyes, all being blurry.

There was only that powerful sabre-intent which had reached attained new, unstoppable heights as it enveloped the entire Virtuous Spirit Region of the Royal Reed Sea.

King Xuanmu’s tragic cry resounded by everyone’s ears.

The next moment, the darkness faded.

Gazing into the distance, they saw two figures in the distant horizon where the sea and the sky intersected.

One of them who wielded a black sabre in his left hand kept the sabre, bringing it behind his back.

Right opposite him was a headless corpse!

A human head was spinning into the air, swiftly plummeting after reaching the peak of its trajectory.

His eyes glared in rage, shock and fury remaining on his face.

It was none other than King Xuanmu!

Yan Di extended his right hand, catching King Xuanmu’s head.  He glanced over before his true essence began moving to intercept the headless corpse currently falling towards the sea below.

He turned and strode back, carrying along King Xuanmu’s remains and walking atop space as he returned to where Yan Zhaoge and the others were.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners who wanted to flee had been continuously slain by the Northern Ocean Clone.

The fortunate survivor whose path was currently blocked as he fought for his survival now stared dazedly at Yan Di and that head he was currently carrying.

Even Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming had shock on their faces as they sucked in a breath of cold air.

While having witnessed the process of Yan Di’s ascension, they had already known that the person before them was definitely extraordinary, being a heaven-defying genius even in the World beyond Worlds rather than just a lower world, they were still incomparably shocked as they watched Yan Di slay King Xuanmu now.

That was, after all, a peak expert of the late Seeing Divinity stage, a heroic figure of the Royal Reed Sea who was a pillar and monarch.

Even though he had been injured in the Eight Extremities World, such would still not conceal his power.

The strength he had displayed in battling Yan Di earlier had left all the onlookers sighing admiringly.

Yet, such a peak expert currently no longer shared his head with his body.

The one who had slain him was an early Seeing Divinity Martial Saint who had just ascended from a lower world!

Even Chen Zhiliang who had previously met countless experts and geniuses as a personal disciple of the Southeastern Exalt was rendered unable to speak for a long time.

“Even eldest apprentice-brother probably did not possess such strength at such a cultivation level! I really do not know who else there is who might have achieved this…” Chen Zhiliang unconsciously gazed towards Yan Zhaoge, suddenly smiling in a forced manner, “Oh wait, there really is one.”

Bai Ziming shook his head non-stop, not in the mood for talking at all.

Comparing people could really kill someone just as inferior goods were meant to be thrown away.

While they were both early Seeing Divinity Martial Saints who had ascended from the lower worlds to the World beyond Worlds, the difference between them was truly so great it could not be spoken of in the same breath.

Looking at the approaching Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “In coming up this time, father, you have shocked the world in a single go, immediately establishing your fame amongst countless citizens.”

“It was merely by coincidence,” Walking over beside Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di smiled, “It is instead you, who have even Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.”

Yan Di was happier about his son’s achievements than his own.

Yan Zhaoge said, “My speed is still okay.

I can’t let it be said that we are a case of a tiger of a father begetting a dog of a son.”

Yan Di could not help but laugh, “You have already surpassed me.

At your current age, I was still not yet a Martial Saint.”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Somehow, I just went and did it.”

Emerging from the Myriad Dragon Palace, Feng Yunsheng and the others made a face at Yan Zhaoge as they heard this, “Pretend, continue pretending, you!”

“Yunsheng, Huting, you’ve improved a lot as well,” Yan Di smiled as he returned the Cold Sun Divine Sabre to Feng Yunsheng, “Based on this speed, you will both attain the Martial Saint realm at a very young age, even earlier than I did.”

Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu hurriedly shook their heads, “We are cultivating in the World beyond Worlds which is much more suitable for cultivation than the Eight Extremities World, also having profited from the many treasures from the dragon mausoleum and the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Such an ideal environment served to enhance our cultivation progress.”

“Even with that, you have also been working hard,” Yan Di smiled, looking over in another direction.

There, a young, white-clothed girl was currently looking dazedly at him.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Father, this is Xiao Ai, mother’s maid.

I met her in the Dim Radiant Mausoleum this time, having been bringing her around with us thereafter.”

Yan Di was rather taken aback as he could not help but appraise Xiao Ai again.

Xiao Ai still looked somewhat dazed.

Yan Di looked at Yan Zhaoge, “This…”

Yan Zhaoge who already had a certain level of understanding towards Xiao Ai waved his hands, “You were just too handsome now; she’s having her man-crazy fantasies.

She’ll naturally be okay in a bit.”

“What kind of strange things are you saying,” While this was what Yan Di said, he seemed to get it as he could not help but hold back a smile.

Yan Zhaoge now introduced Yan Di to Chen Zhiliang and Bai Ziming who were standing by the side.

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words of introduction, Yan Di said solemnly, “Many thanks for watching over Zhaoge.

If there is a chance in the future, I hope to be able to pay the Southeastern Exalt a visit at Golden Court Mountain.

I will be relying on Mister Chen’s introduction then.”

“It was with the help of Mister Bai and your Great Snowy Mountain that my Master was able to return from the Floating Gate World to the Eight Extremities World this time.

Yan Di thanks you here.”

The two also regained their wits now as they hurriedly reciprocated Yan Di’s greetings, “You are polite.

Speaking of this, your son has also helped us out in many ways.”

They looked first at Yan Zhaoge and then at Yan Di, unable to keep the sigh from simultaneously escaping their mouths.

Old man a hero and sonny a champ…


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