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HSSB766: Same art but of different lineages


Bai Ziming was merely feeling admiration alone.

As for Chen Zhiliang who was more knowledgeable and experienced, there was more which he thought about.

His gaze moved between Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and Feng Yunsheng.

“That sabre possesses ferocious sabre-qi which manifested as black flames of devilish qi, devouring the heavens and corroding the sun.

It seems to contain the power of corrosion”

Chen Zhiliang wondered, “I was actually unable to instantly see through the actual grade of this sabre.

It is not like a high-grade Sacred Artifact, whilst also not like a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.”

“Logically speaking, there are few treasures which possess power of corrosion that is so powerful and pure.

All of them shock the heavens and shake the earth, their fame spreading far and wide.”

Chen Zhiliang’s gaze flickered, “It is unknown whether it is the power of the Rahu Star of the eclipse or that of the concealed Ketu Star.

Still, that Yan Zhaoge bears the Extreme Yang Seal.

It might be that this sabre is related to the opposing star of the Sun Star, the Rahu Star of the eclipse…”

Yet, the Rahu Sabre was rumoured to have been destroyed many long years ago.

Thinking of this, Chen Zhiliang found it somewhat hard to determine.

“That Radiant Light Sect possesses the Extreme Yin Crown.

Might this also be related to the Eight Extremities World” Chen Zhiliang felt shocked, “Within this Eight Extremities World are actually concealed crouching tigers and hidden dragons to such an extent”

He composed himself, feeling increasingly solemn as he looked again at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge was actually also looking at his father as he asked via sound transmission, “I heard Grand Master say that he obtained the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture of the Jade Clear lineage in the Floating Gate World.

From the looks of it, you should have cultivated in it as well”

When Yan Di had fought with King Xuanmu earlier, the spiritual qi of the latter’s mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe, had manifested as innumerable spirit talismans.

The Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe was formidable as its spirit talismans would come together to form screens of light that possessed a high defensive power.

If the screens of light were shattered by the enemy, they would turn into an all-encompassing light mist which formlessly harmed the enemy.

If the enemy focused solely on pursuing after having broken through their defences, overlooking the Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe in the process, they would likely end up suffering a great loss.

After having broken through the screens of light initially, Yan Di had not evaded or resisted upon being enveloped by the light mist.

He had done something which had left everyone gaping and speechless.

Instead of dodging or parrying, he had actually directly opened his mouth and sucked all the light mist into his mouth like an alligator sucking water before swallowing it into his stomach.

This feat was nearly as shocking to everyone as his slaying of King Xuanmu afterwards.

Yan Zhaoge was the sole person who had been even slightly mentally prepared, having quickly recovered from his initial surprise afterwards.

The first thought that had arisen within his mind was the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture.

Yan Di had dared to swallow the light mist of spirit talismans because his vitality and recuperative abilities were already powerful enough to a certain degree.

While the light mist was damaging, it inflicted gradual damage over time as it did not instantly cause great damage.

This would accumulate rapidly at a high rate, thus inflicting immense damage on the enemy within a short period of time.

More formidable was how it was very difficult to expel after a martial practitioner had been struck by it.

Even if they managed to flee with their lives, it would still root itself deep within their bodies and persistently haunt them in the future.

Yet, the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture happened to be the best counter to this kind of technique.

Yan Di had chosen to devour the light mist mainly because the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture could help him to rapidly refine it, assimilating it into his own power.

“It is indeed that miraculous art,” Yan Di smiled, “After Master transmitted it to me, I have been comprehending it as quickly as I can.

While it has not replaced my martial foundation, I have still benefited greatly from it and the infinite profundities it holds.”

“It is not just the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture.

I have also perused the Heart’s Will Thunder Incantation a little.”

“It was with the help of all this that I could accomplish my accumulation again within a short period of time, my cultivation progress beginning to surge aggressively once more.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge nodded before then asking, “After you have cultivated in it, does it feel the same as mother’s martial legacies”

Yan Di shook his head, “While they are similar martial scriptures, there is a very great difference in the fine details probably due to differing comprehensions by those who have passed it down.

Thus, while it is similar to what Chuqing cultivated in, they are of different lineages.”

The same martial art would require one’s own analysis and comprehensions after a profound level had been attained in it.

Therefore, there would naturally be different, even diametrically conflicting understandings of the same martial art.

Even the comprehensions of a master and their disciple on the very same martial art might differ.

They would teach their own disciples in turn, the differences only getting greater and greater.

While it could clearly be seen that they originated from the same ultimate source, their lineages might still differ as they held unique aspects of their own.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, not saying anything further.

Actually, there was still something that he had left unsaid.

While it had still not been obvious before, after Yan Di had refined his acupoints to see Divinity and broken through into the Seeing Divinity stage, his sabre-intent had grown increasingly majestic and tyrannical as well as purer and more refined.

He had gradually attained an unseen momentum which all had to unconsciously bow to.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge observed Yan Di’s sabre-intent, he always just felt it to be familiar somewhat.

Yet, this feeling was like he was looking into a fog as he was still unable to see through it for the moment.

For the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, Yan Zhaoge was more concerned about its origins.

He could slowly ask Yuan Zhengfeng about it when next they met.

Yan Zhaoge was instead more interested by Yan Di’s sabre-intent.

With him having been in the World beyond Worlds for so long, he could already explain away many things as having been blessed by fortuitous encounters as it would not be as obtrusive as in the Eight Extremities World.

Therefore, while he was only able to cultivate alone in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, Yan Zhaoge was already ready to gradually hand a portion of the peak martial arts stored in the Divine Palace to his father when he found a chance to.

Feeling Yan Di’s sabre-intent, Yan Zhaoge felt even greater anticipation as well as curiosity.

Yan Di now turned to look at Ah Hu, “Huting.”

Ah Hu hurriedly said, “Your instructions, Family Head.”

Yan Di passed King Xuanmu’s corpse over to him, “Look for a place and bury him.”

Beneath Yan Di’s true essence, King Xuanmu’s decapitated head was connected with his corpse.

“His cultivation base is not weak.

Circumstance was also involved in how I was able to slay him so easily.

At the end of the day, he is the first expert whom I have slain in the World beyond Worlds.

Leave him a full corpse.

You should take care of his remains,” Yan Di said.

Ah Hu was taken aback for a moment before he said solemnly, “Yes, Family Head.”

He cupped his hands towards Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di before storing away King Xuanmu’s corpse and descending towards the great sea down below.

Seeing this scene, Chen Zhiliang sighed even as he said, “Kang Ping and the others who entered the Clear Scenic Region would surely not have expected that such an incident might actually occur after their departure.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Mister Chen and Mister Bai came here specifically because of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s assault of Sun Moon Peak”

Chen Zhiliang first shook his head before then nodding, “We came together with senior apprentice-brother Mu for something else.

Then, seeing that a battle was raging on at Sun Moon Peak, Mister Bai and I decided to come over for a look.”

One reason for this was that the Extreme Yin Crown had actually made an appearance on the battlefield of the Virtuous Spirit Region.

The Kunlun Nine Luminaries consisted of supreme experts who had established the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds in the past.

A casual stomp of a foot by them would cause the entire heavens and earth to tremble.

The Extreme Yin Crown had precisely been the famed accompanying treasure of the Exalted Lunar Luminary.

“It is related to the west where new movements have been detected.

Therefore, we came over with senior apprentice-brother Mu for a look,” Chen Zhiliang looked at Yan Zhaoge, pondering slightly for a moment before elaborating, “Someone seems to have come over from the other side, right at the region of sea with the Virtuous Spirit Region and the Clear Scenic Region.”

Yan Zhaoge blinked.

West of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory was the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.


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