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HSSB769: Fiery phoenix at the ocean’s depths


Hurricanes swept along the seawater in shooting into the horizon, resembling numerous water dragons exiting the sea and shooting into the sky.

Electricity danced around these water dragons, flickering rampantly all around.

While such great might of the heavens and the earth still left one feeling shocked, as Yan Zhaoge saw it, these storms were still far from as intense as they had been the last time he had been here.

This was especially as he was able to vaguely spot some radiance emanating over from the depths of the storms amidst his careful observation.

Standing beside Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu both knit their brows as they saw this, “This is because Kang Ping, Luo Zhiyuan and the others have entered”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That’s right.

With them entering the depths of the Clear Scenic Region and resisting the Endless Magnetic Storms with their cultivation bases, the two sides are resisting and restricting one another.”

“To put it another way, the Endless Magnetic Storms have restricted the strength of Kang Ping and the others, while they too have caused it to be less intense in the meantime.”

“It is also precisely because of this that we are able to enter the depths of this region of sea rather than ending up much like Golden Court Mountain’s Wen Luoxia from last time.”

As Yan Zhaoge said this, he led along Feng Yunsheng and the others in again entering the Myriad Dragon Palace.

The Myriad Dragon Palace transformed into a tiny speck of light, vanishing amidst the Northern Ocean Clone’s palm.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze flickered as golden light now suddenly surged atop his body.

A set of golden armour thereby enveloped the body of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

It was precisely the Precipitous Golden Armour, the mid-grade Sacred Artifact that the golden-armoured martial practitioner who had watched over the King Xuan Spear for King Xuanmu had himself possessed.

This armour had previously been rended by the Northern Ocean Clone, thus suffering some damage.

Still, following some simple repairs by Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone, it could now again be used.

The King Xuan Spear, a high-grade Sacred Artifact, possessed far too powerful spirituality and autonomy as it was not a treasure that could be refined for his own use within a short period of time.

That it was not causing trouble for him now was already something to be thankful about.

The Grand Xuan Spear would have to be gradually depleted and tamed over time.

As for the mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, the Precipitous Golden Armour and the Cloud Commanding Spear, it had been much easier for Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone to refine them.

Meanwhile, such Sacred Artifacts were also exactly what they needed right now.

The Northern Ocean Clone who had already attained the Seeing Divinity stage would be able to sufficiently exert the power of mid-grade Sacred Artifacts.

After keeping the Myriad Dragon Palace, garbed in the Precipitous Golden Armour and wielding the Cloud Commanding Spear, the Northern Ocean Clone stabbed outwards, a grand tide of wilderness from times long past surging as a Kunpeng exited the sea.

The Northern Ocean Clone in the form of a silhouetted Kunpeng plunged into the Clear Scenic Region in which Endless Magnetic Storms rampaged.

Just having entered, Yan Zhaoge was able to clearly feel powerful pressure bearing down on the Northern Ocean Clone.

Still, while the power of magnetism and electricity unceasingly assaulted the Northern Ocean Clone, it did not seriously harass him.

Yan Zhaoge sighed in relief, finally being assured that there was nothing to be worried about.

If the Northern Ocean Clone had been persistently suppressed after entering the Endless Magnetic Storms, his predicament would then actually be similar to that of Kang Ping and the others as he would also have to bear the primary pressure by the Endless Magnetic Storms alongside them.

The way it seemed now, with Kang Ping, Gu Hong, Luo Zhiyuan and the others present there resisting the Endless Magnetic Storms, it had resulted in a comparatively weaker equilibrium.

This caused the situation to instead be more beneficial towards Yan Zhaoge who had arrived later.

“A good beginning, signifying that the battle is half won,” Yan Zhaoge nodded to himself as the Northern Ocean Clone traversed the storms before diving down towards the depths of the sea.

The situation at the depths of the sea seemed no more peaceful than that on its surface.

Innumerable whirlpools rotated unceasingly within the sea, the terrifying essence qi of magnetism and electricity rampant amongst them.

Terrifying purplish-green snakes of electricity traversed the water, appearing fiercer and swifter than they had outside.

The Northern Ocean Clone opened a path downwards with his spear, his armour protecting him as it resisted that immense pressure with some difficulty all throughout.

As he wielded his spear in one hand, he held an innocuous-looking black incense burner in the other.

It was precisely the Earth Devouring Burner.

While thinking to make use of the Endless Magnetic Storms in the Clear Scenic Region to quietly wait to reap benefits from the battle between the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the Radiant Light Sect was a good idea, it was totally useless if one was only able to theorise about it, not achieving anything.

With Yan Zhaoge having dared to come here, he naturally had some schemes up his sleeve.

Of course, it was still unknown whether he would be able to get everything to go to plan.

At the end of the day, Yan Zhaoge’s understanding of the Clear Scenic Region was actually limited.

He would have to stay alert and react to any unexpected changes in the situation.

Still, any chances would be fleeting.

He would have to work hard to grasp them.

It could not be denied that there were numerous powerful experts amongst them, such that it was still not the time to go head-to-head with them.

With a chance to fish in turbid waters here, Yan Zhaoge naturally welcomed it.

At the end of the day, there were naught but two ways to obtain victory over one’s enemies, these being strengthening oneself and weakening these very enemies.

Through his mental connection with the Earth Devouring Burner, Yan Zhaoge vaguely felt as though there was some sort of clue guiding him towards a certain direction.

Yan Zhaoge had discovered that it had become much more convenient for him to communicate with the Earth Devouring Burner through the Northern Ocean Clone who had already broken through into the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm.

The Earth Devouring Burner was no longer as lifeless as before as it seemed to have awoken from its deep slumber, now being able to provide Yan Zhaoge with more responses.

Amongst the whirlpools of the Endless Magnetic Storms, Yan Zhaoge was even able to feel the Earth Devouring Burner taking its own initiative somewhat to devour the surrounding power of electricity and magnetism, providing him with its assistance and protection.

The Earth Devouring Burner was undoubtedly a great help for the Northern Ocean Clone as it was able to freely traverse the Endless Magnetic Storms.

While the Clear Scenic Region was vast, it was not considered very big to Yan Zhaoge who was already a Martial Saint.

To the Northern Ocean Clone, it was a distance that could be traversed in a single breath.

Even less had to be said about this for the likes of Kang Ping and Gu Hong.

Still, beneath the interference of the Endless Magnetic Storms, they were all only able to break through the obstruction of the storms bit by bit before they were able to continue advancing.

This place which could originally not be considered big now instead seemed extremely vast.

Also, the deeper they ventured within, the fiercer the Endless Magnetic Storms became.

After traversing the depths of the sea for a period of time, Yan Zhaoge was able to feel intense power fluctuations still emanating over beneath the interference of the Endless Magnetic Storms.

Clearly, Kang Ping, Gu Hong, Luo Zhiyuan and the others were in the vicinity, the Grand Xuan Dynasty troops having caught up with their foes as they were currently locked in battle.

If the anti-Xuan troops were able to thoroughly escape Kang Ping’s group, extricating themselves from the obstruction of the Endless Magnetic Storms, the storm would wind up as a natural barrier for them, helping them to block their pursuers.

Even if it was only momentary, with the speed they possessed, it would still be sufficient for them to flee rapidly with Kang Ping’s group being unable to catch up with them.

Yan Zhaoge pondered momentarily before proceeding further into the depths of the sea rather than approaching where Gu Hong and the others were.

Led by the Earth Devouring Burner, Yan Zhaoge could already feel that he was already getting closer and closer to that ancient palace which he had seen within the burner previously.

Still, Yan Zhaoge’s heart suddenly jolted midway through.

The Northern Ocean Clone retracted his aura, hid the Earth Devouring Burner and halted where he was, just stabilising and guarding himself, his external true essence lowered to the bare minimum.

A powerful, domineering aura suddenly emanated from another direction.

Blazing fire lit up the deep sea, this fiery light seeming no dimmer than the rampant storms of thunderbolts in the surroundings.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that a fiery phoenix had suddenly appeared in the great sea.

Streams of yellow smoke surrounded its entire body, emanating a heavy, vigorous feeling.


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