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HSSB770: More tyrannical than you!


Yellow smoke shrouded the area around the body of the fiery phoenix, separating him from the storm of thunderbolts outside.

While it was smoke, it emanated an incomparably heavy, vigorous feeling as it resembled the great earth that supported all things.

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed slightly, “The thick earth of meritorious virtue…”

Meritorious virtue was boundless as it replenished the heavens and extended the dao, flowing on in an endless stream as it protected the self with all evils unable to encroach.

Observing the aura and concept that was emanated as that fiery phoenix soared, Yan Zhaoge felt a familiar feeling.

It was similar to the true form of the phoenix cultivated in by Wang Hui and Li Jing with whom he had previously clashed.

The person currently before him was evidently a personal disciple of the Southern Exalt as well.

Also, this person seemed to have a much stronger cultivation base than Wang Hui and Li Jing.

Observing the aura emanating from him, he was an expert of the late Seeing Divinity stage.

Shocking treasured light flickered on his body, restrained as it was not emitted.

However, Yan Zhaoge who already possessed the Extreme Yang Seal and the King Xuan Spear could feel that the newcomer likely also possessed a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Due to Kang Ping, Gu Hong, Luo Zhiyuan and the others, the Endless Magnetic Storms were weaker than they usually were.

While they were still very fierce, they were not all that threatening to an expert of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm who was protected by the thick earth of meritorious virtue.

Therefore, the power of that Sacred Artifact was restrained and not emitted, serving just as backup.

Yan Zhaoge thought, “Not even all Immortal Bridge experts of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage bear high-grade Sacred Artifacts, much less disciples of the Seeing Divinity stage.”

“While it is normal to bring along a high-grade Sacred Artifact for safety’s sake in having trespassed onto the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, this person’s position in the southern Blazing Heaven Territory is likely still somewhat remarkable.”

Everyone’s sensory abilities had fallen amidst the Endless Magnetic Storms.

However, the aura of this phoenix was too powerful as the person in question also showed no signs of restraining himself.

The movements of Kang Ping and the others who were locked in battle all slowed slightly as they observed this unexpected newcomer.

Yan Zhaoge felt that that fiery phoenix should already have discovered his existence as well.

Still, this person who cultivated in the true intent of the phoenix ignored the battling forces as well as Yan Zhaoge, just diving deeper into the depths of the sea.

“Even as someone from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory went to Golden Court Mountain to meet the Southeastern Exalt and the captured Wang Hui, someone from their side has still come to the Royal Reed Sea.

It is just that this person still does not yet know that I killed his fellow disciple, Li Jing.”

Yan Zhaoge thought rather amusedly, “Coming over so hastily, what is his goal”

For that dilapidated palace with the sword box with the words ‘Swallowing Heaven’ inscribed on it

Or was there something else in that palace

Even as he wondered about this, Yan Zhaoge continued descending into the depths of the sea as he followed the guidance of the Earth Devouring Burner.

Feeling that Yan Zhaoge was clearly headed in the same direction as him, that fiery phoenix instead halted momentarily.

A warning bell tolled in Yan Zhaoge’s heart as a voice indeed now emanated from the flames, “Who do you think you are You dare have designs on a treasure that I set my sights on”

The wings of the phoenix abruptly flapped as numerous flame arrows shot over in Yan Zhaoge’s direction amidst the whirlpools and the Endless Magnetic Storms.

The blazing fire which possessed the true intent of the phoenix seemed not to be affected in the least even within the great sea.

Where the flame arrows passed, they even merged with the purplish-green electricity, their power only growing more fearsome.

As soon as Yan Zhaoge detected it, the Northern Ocean Clone blocked before him and swept out horizontally with the Cloud Commanding Spear.

At almost the same time as this, the ferocious flame arrows had already struck the spear’s shaft.

The silhouettes of seven fowl danced on the Cloud Commanding Spear yet were all felled by the flame arrows as they emitted cries of agony.

Even with the Northern Ocean Clone’s might and the rampant strength of the mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Commanding Spear, they were actually still rather hard pressed to resist it.

Golden light lit up atop the Precipitous Golden Armour, forming numerous defensive layers which helped the Northern Ocean Clone to block the remaining attacks.

Beneath the fiery arrows, the golden light flickered unceasingly as it appeared like it was teetering on the brink of collapse.

The flame arrows being blocked was not the end of things as they all exploded, forming a big fire within the depths of the sea which enveloped the Northern Ocean Clone’s body for a long time.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s expression was tranquil as he breathed in and out and modulated his true essence, resisting the encroachment of the blazing fire.

An attack from an expert of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm was naturally very remarkable.

This was especially so with this person here being more powerful than the likes of Luo Zhiyuan and King Xuanmu.

This attack of his had been casual as he had not taken the Northern Ocean Clone who was at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm any seriously at all.

Even so, however, the Northern Ocean Clone had felt immense pressure even with the help of two mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, the Cloud Commanding Spear and the Precipitous Golden Armour.

The Cloud Commanding Spear had been habitually used by King Xuanmu before he had obtained ownership of the King Xuan Spear.

Its quality was naturally extraordinary.

Otherwise, the Northern Ocean Clone might instead use the low-grade Sacred Artifact, the Fish Dragon Spear, which had perfect synergy with his own martial arts.

At this moment, however, blazing fire wreathed the Cloud Commanding Spear, its spiritual light having dimmed as its shaft vibrated unceasingly as well.

It was as if a living entity was struggling.

After unleashing that casual strike, that phoenix totally ignored what had come about from that attack as he continued heading deeper into the oceanic depths.

He seemed confident that the Northern Ocean Clone would die for sure.

He who was at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm had indeed never encountered any fourth level Martial Saint who had been able to receive a blow from him before.

As he felt the blazing fire surrounding the Northern Ocean Clone gradually being extinguished, the phoenix immediately halted momentarily as he appeared rather surprised.

After a moment’s hesitation, this fiery phoenix did not continue attacking, instead heading deeper into the depths of the sea.

He was a busy person, having no time to waste on small fry such as this.

He believed that his earlier warning was already sufficient to get the Northern Ocean Clone to stop.

If the other party knew what was good for him, he should know to give up.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled coldly, being very clear on the killing intent that earlier attack had contained.

If it were other martial practitioners of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, they would long since have been slain directly by the fiery arrows amidst the depths of the sea.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze turned cold, all the acupoints of his entire body as led by the Baihui acupoint on his head pulsing simultaneously as a majestic power hence instantly surged.

The vibrating Cloud Commanding Spear stabilised once more, a speck of bone-piercing, icy-cold sharpness on its tip transforming into a cold bolt of lightning which sped towards that phoenix!

The silhouette of a Kunpeng appeared, emitting a long, deafening roar which resounded loudly throughout the depths of the sea.

That fiery phoenix was visibly taken aback.

“You still dare to strike back”

The next moment, the fiery phoenix abruptly spun around, the clear cry of a phoenix resounding as it rose into the air, soaring forward to clash head-on with the descending Kunpeng.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s entire body shook intensely, his Precipitous Golden Armour instantly dimming as the Cloud Commanding Spear was nearly jolted out of his hand.

He covertly activated the Earth Devouring Burner, a powerful devouring force emanating from it which caused the terrifying assaulting force to be absorbed greatly.

While the Kunpeng was renowned for its speed, the Northern Ocean Clone had a comparatively weaker cultivation base as it was instead that fiery phoenix which appeared more ferocious, their first exchange almost seeing the Kunpeng silhouette being shattered.

Yet, after the Kunpeng silhouette had shattered, immeasurable sunlight appeared which illuminated the entire great sea.

A great golden seal resembled the true sun that had plummeted from the sky as it mightily slammed onto the head of that phoenix!

The phoenix emitted a long cry as apart from the thick earth of meritorious virtue, the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue lit up as well, the two virtues simultaneously helping to resist the terrifying might of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Even so, he saw stars with this collision by the Extreme Yang Seal as he helplessly topped backwards!


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