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HSSB773: Myriad Phenomena Transformation Sword Pool


Like when he had previously entered the Earth Devouring Burner with his mind in the past, Yan Zhaoge descended into a mental world as everything before him now turned dark.

It was not just light.

The deep blackness devoured even noise and smell, being filled with a strange aura which enticed one’s soul.

Yet, unlike how it had been with the Earth Devouring Burner, a cold light quickly flickered before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, bedazzling them as he felt dizzy.

Gazing over, there were actually countless white, dense streaks of sword-qi, enveloping the heavens and covering the earth as they shot towards him!

Despite feeling surprised, Yan Zhaoge was not flustered as he consciously communicated mentally with the Earth Devouring Burner.

A pitch black vortex instantly appeared within his mental world.

The black vortex erupted with a shocking suction force, blocking the area before Yan Zhaoge and devouring these countless streaks of white-sword qi.

It was just that the white sword-qi seemed to be limitless as they shot towards him in an endless stream.

While the black vortex seemed like a bottomless hole which devoured all that arrived before it, it was still unable to completely devour the sword-qi as both sides thus descended into a stalemate.

Yan Zhaoge observed whilst pondering on the situation at hand.

While these white sword-qi existed within his consciousness, only being targeted against his mind and soul, this did not entail that they were intangible from start to end.

This meant that the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box was able to release such an oceanic amount of fearsome sword-qi amidst real and illusory.

As compared to the Earth Devouring Burner, the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box possessed greater offensive power as befitting of the name of a sword box.

Making use of the black vortex manifested of the Earth Devouring Burner, Yan Zhaoge resisted the attacks of these myriad swords, yet was unable to continue advancing.

He did not want to make use of other treasures for such might hinder him from refining the Heaven Devouring Sword Box as he so desired.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, “I really don’t believe that this sword qi is infinite and endless.”

The sword-qi was indeed not infinite and endless.

Yet, they did exist in massive, shocking amounts.

The assaulting sword-qi battered down like a tempestuous storm for nearly fifteen minutes before their momentum gradually deteriorated.

Still, they did not vanish completely, simply becoming less violent and more scattered than before.

If they had resembled a merciless landslide before, they were more like a calm, flowing stream now.

Yan Zhaoge nodded.

Things should rightly be progressing this way.

Earlier, it was because sword-qi which had been accumulated for a long time in the sword box had been instantly released that this had resulted in their vast momentum as they had seemed infinite and endless.

The sword qi within the mental world had been vented.

Yet, the sword qi still existed in the sword box of the actual world, just that all their sharpness which had been suppressed had just erupted.

If Yan Zhaoge’s consciousness retreated from the sword box now, when he entered it again, he would still have to face the eruption of an all-encompassing rain of swords.

With the black vortex protecting him, the dense rain of swords was already unable to obstruct Yan Zhaoge’s advance now.

Yan Zhaoge strode forward, a towering silvery mountain now appearing before him.

The mountain peak had originally not been silver.

Yet, its exterior was currently covered by a layer of flickering silvery light.

Those were countless sharp swords embedded in this mountain peak.

The swords were embedded densely within such that the silvery sword-lights all seemed connected as they enveloped the entire mountain peak, hiding its original appearance.

These sharp swords that flickered with silver light would shoot into the sky once in a while, changing into silver-white sword qi which spun in mid-air before heading straight for Yan Zhaoge down below.

Gazing carefully over, Yan Zhaoge saw that silvery light flickered on the other side of the mountain as well.

Still, it was from some swords descending from the sky and landing on the mountain peak.

With this, while sharp swords would transform into sword-qi and attack Yan Zhaoge, the amount of swords embedded in the mountain peak was never reduced.

The increment and the reduction had attained an equilibrium.

Feeling interested, Yan Zhaoge went over to the other side of the mountain where what appeared before him was a massive pool which appeared as wide as a lake.

Gazing downwards, there was no water within the pool.

Instead, there were various different kinds of spiritual qi within that were all congregated there as they ceaselessly circulated all over the place.

Yan Zhaoge paid some attention to this, finding that the situation here was somewhat similar to that of the blood pool that existed outside in reality.

Various complex smells had emanated and intermingled from the blood pool, also resembling many different existences all congregated together.

“The spiritual qi within the blood pool has been drawn over to support this place all along,” Looking downwards, Yan Zhaoge saw a massive whirlpool in the middle of the pool that rotated unceasingly.

The various kinds of spiritual qi outside were all drawn towards the depths of this whirlpool before vanishing without a trace.

Next, sharp swords which emitted silvery light flew out from the centre of the whirlpool, drawing arcs through the air as they landed on the mountain peak next to the pool, becoming a part of the myriad swords.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge nodded slowly.

The devouring ability of the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box was not as powerful as that of the Earth Devouring Burner.

However, the forces it swallowed would be transformed into piercing sword-qi.

The owner of the sword box should be able to externally emit all this sword-qi to harm the enemy.

The concept possessed by this Myriad Phenomena Transformation Sword Pool would transform the myriad phenomena which it had swallowed into sword-qi.

Yan Zhaoge’s heart grew solemn.

He calculated the power possessed by the sword-qi in reality.

One of them might be nothing at all, but when there were these many of them exerting their might all at once, such would truly be terrifying.

This would especially be so if the other party did not know of the ability of the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and attacked rashly.

Their own attack would be swallowed and alleviated by the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box before they would be simultaneously assaulted by the myriad swords, likely being unable to react in time.

Battles between experts of the same cultivation level would often be decided with a single exchange of note.

With one side possessing the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box, almost all opponents faced by them would be meeting tragedy.

Yan Zhaoge appraised the surrounding area.

With the sword-qi still continuing to assault him, this entailed that he had still yet to pass the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box’s trial, still being unable to refine this treasure.

The Heaven Swallowing Sword Box’s trial seemed not just to be surviving the baptism of the rain of swords.

“The Earth Devouring Burner has a more prominent suppressive effect on one’s mind, requiring one to suppress the fluctuations of their emotions as for one to refine it, apart from one’s cultivation base having reached a certain cultivation level, more of it depends on victory in mentality.”

The Heaven Swallowing Sword Box was likely to share the same logic.

At this point, Yan Zhaoge made a bold decision as he suddenly ceased to wield the Earth Devouring Burner.

The black vortex which devoured the sword-qi was retracted as Yan Zhaoge stood right where he was and bore the tempest of swords that descended from the heavens.

The sword-qi penetrated through him, yet he was completely unharmed!

Yan Zhaoge soundlessly laughed.

The trial of the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box required one to possess a firm will, being brave and fearless as they dared to take risks which might render them dead, thus overcoming the heart’s weakness between the boundaries of life and death.

While the rain of swords had not ceased with the trial still ongoing, Yan Zhaoge was currently already feeling extremely relaxed as he already understood how this trial should be passed.

Yan Zhaoge approached the Myriad Phenomena Transformation Sword Pool, looking at the various kinds of spiritual qi that roiled within.

Then, he leapt right in without any reservations whatsoever.

As the spiritual qi spun unceasingly, Yan Zhaoge was rapidly dragged to the centre of the whirlpool.

He exhibited no fear in the least as he instead moved his arms and legs, accelerating his fall into the whirlpool’s embrace.

There should be another existence beneath the whirlpool.

This was a sword box, after all.


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