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HSSB775: Advancement to the second level of the Martial Saint realm


Yin and yang coexisted with the birth of four phenomena, extreme yang, extreme yin, minor yang and minor yin all gradually appearing and stabilising to form an equilibrium, becoming connected.

Making use of the principles of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, the many martial arts which Yan Zhaoge had learnt began to show signs of merging together as one.

A fish of yin and a fish of yang came together to form a Taiji diagram, seemingly able to project the myriad principles of this world.

Here, Yan Zhaoge ceased absorbing the various haphazard kinds of spiritual qi in the blood pool.

He had already gained some minor attainments in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, beginning to sort out the various elite martial arts he had cultivated in till now in preparation for further improvement and advancement.

From the initial Eight Extreme Arts and the Coiling Dragon Sleeve to the Six Spirit Demonic Fists and the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm to his self-created techniques like Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder.

The Clear Qi Profound Art, the Imperious Ocean Cold Dragon Art, the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, the Sacred Heavenly Fire Scripture, the Extreme Yang Scripture, the Dark Moon Pill Scripture, the Xuanmu Fist Scripture and the various other secret arts were all manifested in Yan Zhaoge’s martial true intent as well.

With the Peerless Heavenly Scripture as the basis, the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture, Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and Immortal Ending Sword Manual as the foundation and his remaining martial arts as the interior contents, Yan Zhaoge’s martial true-intent gradually manifested in the form of various runes.

These illusory runes began to be inscribed on Yan Zhaoge’s spirit beneath his vigorous true essence.

He re-entered his mental world, his figure manifesting in a half-transparent state.

Numerous runes were imprinted on his body, merging deep within.

Yan Zhaoge could clearly feel his thoughts becoming more acute as he also gained a deeper understanding towards the profundities of the various martial arts.

When advancing from the first level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Merging Avatar stage, to the second level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Merging Avatar stage, one would have to further combine the true martial intent of their martial avatar which had previously combined with their fleshly body upon Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood with their spirit.

When the body and avatar combined, one would have Transcended Mortality, entering Sainthood.

When the avatar and spirit combined, one would have stepped into the mid Merging Avatar stage.

The combination method was imprinting runes manifested of one’s martial true-intent on the spirit.

Within the actual world, Yan Zhaoge sat cross-legged atop the Heavenly Swallowing Sword Box at the centre of the blood pool.

While his eyes were closed, spiritual light unceasingly surged above his head, fully enveloping him.

The aura emanating from Yan Zhaoge’s body was rising ceaselessly.

If not for how his surroundings here at the heart of this Taotie served as a natural barrier, were he in the outside world, Yan Zhaoge would currently be sufficient to invoke strange phenomena between the heavens and the earth, influencing all things existing in the surroundings to shake alongside him.

Even so, however, the powerful force still caused the blood pool below him to shake, causing waves to surge from the bloodied water.

Yan Zhaoge’s whose accumulation had already been abundant beyond compare thus successfully broke through to the second level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Merging Avatar stage.

He had done so with relative ease, not breaking a sweat.

However, it would be sufficient for everyone to feel a chill run down their backs.

It had, after all, not been long since Yan Zhaoge had Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.

Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, his gaze relaxed.

He smiled, getting off the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box.

The Northern Ocean Clone held the Earth Devouring Burner in one hand and the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box in the other, his figure floating above the blood pool as he too was in deep concentration with his eyes closed.

He had never ceased in refining the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box.

With the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner both submitting to him, the evil sword in the sword box that was soon to be born would likely too fall under Yan Zhaoge’s grasp.

As this sword had still yet to be completely forged, it would be far easier for Yan Zhaoge to refine it than the likes of the King Xuan Spear.

The key here rested with the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was extremely careful.

The original owner of this sword had employed a risky, extreme method, using the fleshly body of the dead Taotie as a treasure with which to seal and sacrifice the fierce beast’s own demonic soul.

If he did not handle this appropriately or was negatively affected by events occurring outside, the consequences would really be disastrous.

It was very possible that such might result in this Taotie coming back from the dead!

Just looking at the majestic spiritual qi within this blood pool alone, it could already be imagined how powerful this Taotie had been before it had died.

According to Yan Zhaoge’s predictions, if it were to be compared to human martial practitioners, this Taotie should formerly have possessed strength equivalent to a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint at the very least.

It was also possible that it could have possessed strength equivalent to the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm.

If this Taotie was really allowed to revive through its corpse, even with its deficient body and spirit as it remained heavily wounded, even the combined forces of everyone currently within the sea would still be hard pressed to stand against it.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone currently had his full attention on the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner, not daring to let it drift in the slightest.

As for Yan Zhaoge himself, he too extended a hand now, pressing the exterior of the sword box.

Yan Zhaoge’s extraordinary strength had always been remarkable.

Moreover, his cultivation base had just successfully advanced further.

With the help of Yan Zhaoge himself, the Northern Ocean Clone’s speed in refining the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner increased unceasingly.

The martial true-intent and those other traces that the original owner had merged within the treasures were currently being unceasingly erased by Yan Zhaoge’s fist-intent.

Meanwhile, the concept of the sword dao that Yan Zhaoge cultivated in was unceasingly being imprinted on these treasures, gradually replacing the will of their original owner.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge’s heart suddenly jolted at this moment.

Soon after, towering waves suddenly surged from that blood pool below them, wanting to engulf Yan Zhaoge, the Northern Ocean Clone and the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box all at once.

Yan Zhaoge reacted swiftly to evade the assault of the bloodied water.

At the same time, the Taotie’s heart and the blood pool shook in unison.

This seemed to be unrelated to the ritual, coming from the outside world.

Yan Zhaoge immediately reacted, “Someone is destabilising this underwater palace.

Also, it is not just at a single area!”

He frowned.

This evil sword was already at the final juncture of being forged.

Just a short time was still needed before the forging would be a success.

Sadly, others had entered this place as well as they were causing such a major disturbance outside.

If he were just the least bit careless, the forging of this high-grade Sacred Artifact being unsuccessful aside, immense danger could also befall them as a result.

Those who had caused this disturbance might not have realised this.

Even if they had, being on the outside, they might still have a shot at fleeing.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge who was right beside the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box would definitely be the first to have harm befall him from this.

He was even able to feel the sealed demonic soul of the Taotie that was sealed within the evil sword suddenly becoming active now.

The lifelike image of a Taotie appeared on the surface of the ancient copper sword, seeming about to charge out from within.

The weeping of infants resounded, piercing to the ear.

Yan Zhaoge focused his mind and pondered for a moment.

Then, he left the Northern Ocean Clone behind to continue refining the sword box as he himself shot outwards via the way he had entered.

As he sped along, the path forward was chaotic beyond compare.

Beneath the interference of the golden light, it was difficult for one to find their bearings and sense the flow of spiritual qi within.

Yet, after heading outwards for a bit, the sound of voices suddenly resounded by Yan Zhaoge’s ear.

Along with the voices and the intense fluctuations of spiritual qi, two sides were currently clashing.

Still, both sides vaguely appeared like they had no real intention of battling.


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