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HSSB778: A battle long overdue


Meng Wan looked calmly at Feng Yunsheng, smiling, “Senior apprentice-sister Feng, I may have been waiting for this day all along.”

It was not freely giving the Extreme Yin Crown up to Feng Yunsheng that she spoke of.

Instead, she looked forward to battling it out with this bosom friend of hers, seeing who the strongest Maiden of Extreme Yin truly was.

Even though she had once reigned supreme in the Extreme Yin Bouts of the Eight Extremities World, presiding over all others, Meng Wan had never forgotten that she had merely been Feng Yunsheng’s substitute at the start.

If an accident had not befallen Feng Yunsheng that year, no one knew how things might have turned out.

In the second Extreme Yin Bout, the injured her had been ousted by Jade Sea City’s Chen Suting.

In the fourth Extreme Yin Bout, she had inadvertently allowed Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Fan Qiu to obtain victory as she cultivated in a new technique.

There was also the Sacred Sun Clan’s third Maiden of Extreme Yin and her substitute, Yun Xiuqing.

Meng Wan possessed absolute confidence against all of them.

As long as no problem cropped up with she herself, she was the absolute monarch of the Extreme Yin Bouts.

Chen Suting, Fan Qiu and the others would all be unable to threaten her position.

Even less had to be said about Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Ling Hui and the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Nian Lei.

Feng Yunsheng having stopped cultivating for two years, she could no longer catch up with her.

But what if those two years had never happened If they all had been cultivating normally, would she have been able to surpass and obtain victory over her senior apprentice-sister Feng

This was the sole thing which Meng Wan was unable to grasp regarding the Extreme Yin Bouts.

The Extreme Yin Crown was an object that Feng Yunsheng constantly strived towards.

As for Meng Wan, she too felt many regrets over the events of back then.

Now, there was finally going to be an answer to this question.

Feng Yunsheng had actually miraculously made up for those two lost years, possibly even walking faster and further than her.

While Meng Wan felt happy for Feng Yunsheng, she would definitely not surrender just like that.

Even if she had not been brought up to the World beyond Worlds by the Radiant Light Sect, still remaining in the Eight Extremities World, she would not just surrender despite being faced with a Broad Creed Mountain that dominated over the entire Eight Extremities World.

Looking at Feng Yunsheng before her, Meng Wan smiled, “Senior apprentice-sister Feng, sadly, we are going to be opponents now.

Even without the Extreme Yin Bout, a battle would still be necessary between us.

You are a Broad Creed Mountain disciple, I a Sacred Sun Clan disciple, and Broad Creed Mountain destroyed the Sacred Sun Clan.”

“While I do disagree somewhat with many decisions of the clan, of senior apprentice-granduncle Huang, senior apprentice-uncle Huang and senior apprentice-brother Huang Jie, I am still Master’s disciple at the end of the day, a disciple of the Sacred Sun Clan.

It was with Master’s tutelage that I gradually came to attain what I have now.”

“For Master, for the Sacred Sun Clan, I cannot lose.

I cannot even have the long overdue Extreme Yin Bout with you.

With how things are now, I definitely must use all I have in order to obtain victory.

I must use the Extreme Yin Crown as a weapon to clash against Senior Brother Yan, clash against you.”

While Meng Wan’s expression was mild, her gaze was determined as it did not waver in the least.

Feng Yunsheng might be one of the people who understood Meng Wan the most in this world.

From her understanding of Meng Wan, Meng Wan should be opposed to turning their backs on the Radiant Light Sect and switching allegiance to the Grand Xuan Dynasty just like Tang Yonghao was.

Unlike Tang Yonghao who currently had no way to influence Zhang Chao with his martial prowess, the current Meng Wan had the ability to say ‘no’.

Still, she had not done so.

She was not acquainted with Zhang Chao.

Still, thanks to the Sacred Sun Clan having groomed her, she was willing to listen to Zhang Chao’s opinion, thinking of the Extreme Yin Crown as something which belonged to the Sacred Sun Clan rather than something which belonged to she herself.

Such an attitude might not persist forever.

Still, it was like this for the current moment at least.

It was the same for her battle with Feng Yunsheng now.

By her own personal wishes, she would prefer to have this long overdue Extreme Yin Bout with Feng Yunsheng, seeing who the most powerful Maiden of Extreme Yin truly was.

Yet, she was not battling as herself now, but as a member of the Sacred Sun Clan against a martial practitioner of Broad Creed Mountain, Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng said, “Little Wan, I do not want to shake your determination.

Actually, I am the same as you, also wishing to clash with you.

Still, there is something that I should tell you.

Broad Creed Mountain did not exterminate everyone of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Your Master too is not dead, currently being safe and sound at Turbid Wave Pavilion.”

“If you have a chance, you should return to the Eight Extremities World and pay your Master a visit.”

Of the entire Sacred Sun Clan, there were only two people whom Meng Wan was truly concerned about.

One of them was her Master, the other being Feng Yunsheng.

Meng Wan was only ever her most authentic self in front of them.

Hearing this news, a smile blossomed on Meng Wan’s face.

“If there is a chance, I will definitely return to see Master.

If, if I do not die beneath your sabre in this battle, senior apprentice-sister Feng,” Pure moonlight manifested in the form of a pure white phoenix above Meng Wan’s head, emitting a clear cry as it soared high into the air.

“Even though Master is still alive, I still have to account to the Sacred Sun Clan in this battle by giving it my all!”

Meng Wan’s expression was solemn as alongside the expanding of the white phoenix’s wings, the surrounding space was tinted with a layer of clear radiance that was cold and tranquil, piercing to the bone.

With the Cold Sun Divine Sabre in hand, Feng Yunsheng’s aura rose unceasingly, the great ice-blue sun illuminating the surrounding area.

“No need to worry, Little Wan.

I understand your intentions,” Feng Yunsheng said, striding forward, “For mine are the same as well.”

“Broad Creed Mountain once gifted me a new lease of life.

A high-grade Sacred Artifact holds great significance and bears mighty power.

I wish to obtain it for my clan.”

The sabre rose, brilliant blue light emitted that illuminated the surrounding heavens and earth.

“Be careful, Little Wan.

This sabre of mine might not be any inferior to the Extreme Yin Crown.”

Saying thus, Feng Yunsheng chopped out with her sabre, space directly being broken through.

That might seemed no inferior to the full-powered blow of a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint in the slightest!

A great, shocking collision ensued from the clash between cold sun and the power of extreme yin.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “A pity that we cannot just quieten down and spectate this battle.”

The Glorious Rainbow Sword appeared in his hand.

As he sliced outwards, that sword-light of Kang Maosheng’s which resembled a long river of time instantly rippled intensely, seeming as though it might be cleaved apart at any moment.

Seeing this, Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan both inhaled a breath of cold air, “Father once said that his sword arts are extremely formidable, surpassing one’s belief.

Yet, without witnessing it in person, who could really imagine that it actually possesses such power”

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instead laughed, “Still indeed a martial art originating from the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Sadly, it is the Immortal Ending Sword that I cultivate in and not the Immortal Trapping Sword.”

While this was what he was thinking, Yan Zhaoge appeared perfectly relaxed as he sent a palm in Zhang Chao’s direction even as he hacked at Kang Maosheng.

Zhang Chao simultaneously punched outwards, two great golden suns intersecting, a fist force that was extremely tough and blazing moving to parry Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

Yet, just as the two forces met, the golden sunlight instantly dimmed, the blazing heat beginning to instead turn cold.

The extremely tough and blazing power of Zhang Chao’s fist was completely reversed by the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, hence formlessly dissipating.

Not giving Zhang Chao the time to react, Yan Zhaoge’s palm technique changed.

He furled four of his fingers, only his index finger remaining as it pointed at Zhang Chao.

A pale, tragic light appeared at Yan Zhaoge’s fingertip.

Guided by that light, the power of Zhang Chao’s fist that had been reversed from the extremity of yang to the extremity of yin instantly surged back towards his own body!

Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Finger Decrees Yin Yang!


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