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HSSB779: Wherever you go, my Broad Creed Mountain can still take care of you


Beneath this Yin Yang Finger, Zhang Chao’s fist force instantly reversed where Yan Zhaoge pointed.

Zhang Chao was greatly shocked.

Fortunately, due to his cautious personality, he had not unleashed his full strength when striking as he still had the time to change his stance.

With his left hand in front and his right hand behind, Zhang Chao’s twin palms jointly moved to block and dissipate the force from Yan Zhaoge’s finger.

Yet, with this finger of Yan Zhaoge’s, the variations in yin and yang were much too swift, not having the slightest delay at all.

Zhang Chao was not in time to exert power with his left palm as the centre of his palm was pierced straight through by Yan Zhaoge’s finger!

Pale radiance opened a bloodied hole at the centre of Zhang Chao’s palm, penetrating through it and then continuing forward.

With this obstruction, Zhang Chao’s right hand managed to agglomerate force in a timely manner as his supremely yang true essence finally blocked the finger’s power that was supremely yin in nature.

Amidst the interaction between yin and yang, another transformation was about to take place.

Zhang Chao dared not hesitate in the least as he hurriedly retreated, avoiding this finger of Yan Zhaoge’s by the narrowest of margins.

He felt shocked whilst also enraged.

Already having broken through space and seen true Divinity, attaining the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm, the power unleashed by him as he executed the Supreme Yang Fist was even more fearsome and unparalleled.

In terms of prowess displayed in a frontal battle, Zhang Chao was extremely outstanding amongst martial practitioners of the same cultivation level even in the World beyond Worlds.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge cultivated in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture and was versed in the Yin Yang Finger, this just happening to perfectly counter his Supreme Yang Fist, completely leaving him at his mercy.

He had all the strength that he possessed, yet lacked a field on which to display it!

Kang Maosheng could only join forces with Zhang Chao now, expanding the sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword which transformed into a long river of time, hacking down towards Yan Zhaoge.

Beneath the sword-light, Yan Zhaoge’s speed seemed to instantly decrease.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as beneath his feet, a black qi appeared on one side and a white qi on the other.

The black and white qis intermingled, rising up Yan Zhaoge’s legs and being unleashed via his spine.

The finger of his left hand pointed at Kang Maosheng’s sword-light, his fingertip vaguely appearing black and white.

The fishes of yin and yang intermingled, a Taiji diagram vaguely manifesting.

As the Taiji diagram circulated, Kang Maosheng’s sword-light was instantly led askew, instead hacking towards Zhang Chao!

Kang Maosheng and Zhang Chao simultaneously stared wide-eyed at this.

Kang Maosheng who had already attained the early Seeing Divinity stage had already long since accomplished perfect control of his martial dao and true essence, controlling it thoroughly and unleashing and revoking it as he so desired.

Unless his opponent was much more powerful than him or had martial arts which just happened to counter his Time Flowing Sword, even if Kang Maosheng lost, he would still be able to demonstrate his full martial prowess at the very least.

How had such a thing as this ever happened, where his sword-light had gone askew on its own accord, with even revoking it being difficult

With his sword being led askew by Yan Zhaoge, things became really tragic for Zhang Chao.

His Laogong acupoint on his left palm had been pierced straight through by Yan Zhaoge’s finger, unable to exert force as true essence was unceasingly leaking from it.

It could be considered as temporarily useless.

Having paid such a tragic price to avoid Yan Zhaoge’s attack with much difficulty, before he had the time to catch his breath, Kang Maosheng’s Time Flowing Sword had already appeared before him!

Enveloped by the sword-light, Zhang Chao’s figure instantly slowed, his left shoulder being struck as blood spurted out from it like a geyser.

Fortunately, as Kang Maosheng exerted his full power in revoking this sword, Zhang Chao managed to barely survive.

Yet, in the meantime, after leading Kang Maosheng’s sword-light askew with his finger, Yan Zhaoge hacked outwards with his own Glorious Rainbow Sword!

Where his sword light passed, all things headed into extinction.

There was only a single speck of brilliant light before Kang Maosheng’s eyes which expanded non-stop, occupying the entire heavens and earth.

The next instant, it seemed like the sword-light was about to stab between his brows, penetrating right through his head!

He roared severely, a layer of water-light surfacing atop his entire body as he seemed to have sunk within the long river of time.

Time flowed swiftly.

Enveloped by the light of time, Kang Maosheng’s speed suddenly increased as he barely evaded Yan Zhaoge’s sword by the narrowest of margins.

Boosted by this secret technique, while his movement speed was higher, his longevity too was also flowing away at an increased rate.

Even so, however, a red dot appeared between Kang Maosheng’s brows as he saw stars and a pain stabbed through his head.

At this crucial moment of life and death, Zhang Chao did not dare to hold anything back in the least.

He rose and leapt, striking down towards the top of Yan Zhaoge’s head from above.

While he was unable to use his left hand, the fingers of his right hand were clenched into a fist that slammed down towards Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Bright golden light agglomerated unceasingly, gradually turning purple.

Zhang Chao seemed to have manifested into a great purple sun in his entirety which plummeted downwards from above the sky!

This great purple sun was even more terrifying than a great golden sun, as though the heavens and earth had reached their end with major calamities descending, till everything eventually collapsed!

The strongest technique of the Supreme Yang Fist, self-created by Zhang Chao, the Purple Sun Wheel that surpassed all the martial arts ever created by the past ancestors of the Sacred Sun Clan!

As he punched outwards, some of the authoritative might of the Extreme Yang Seal actually vaguely seemed to be displayed within!

“Zhang Chao, wherever you go, my Broad Creed Mountain can still take care of you,” Yan Zhaoge instead laughed, using the Yin Yang Finger once more, a hint of black and white appearing on his fingertip which circulated a rotation.

Zhang Chao’s Purple Sun Wheel that was tough and ferocious to the extreme instantly skewed off slightly in its direction.

The violent fist force no longer targeted Yan Zhaoge, instead targeting Kang Maosheng!

While Kang Maosheng had avoided death from the attack by the sword qi of Yan Zhaoge’s Immortal Ending Sword, his head was currently throbbing as he was completely unable to focus his mind now.

Facing this sudden fist of Zhang Chao’s, he could only barely take evasive manoeuvres.

Yet, the tough, ferocious Purple Sun Wheel still struck Kang Maosheng’s leg, directly breaking a leg of this descendant of the Time Flowing Sword!

Kang Maosheng clenched his teeth tightly, not uttering a sound.

Two Seeing Divinity Martial Saints joining forces against a Merging Avatar Martial Saint was a matter which would be felt inconceivable by anyone, anywhere.

Even more inconceivable was how the two Seeing Divinity Martial Saints were unable to defeat their opponent!

Yan Zhaoge moved freely despite their joint attacks, instead leaving them struggling and flustered.

What caused a chill in their hearts was how Yan Zhaoge’s mind seemed to be elsewhere.

His mind was elsewhere…

“My attacks have increased the speed at which the sword that seals the Taotie’s demonic soul is being sacrificially forged.

Still, some time is still needed for this to be accomplished,” Yan Zhaoge communicated mentally with the Northern Ocean Clone in the blood pool even as he clashed with Kang Maosheng and Zhang Chao.

Even so, however, he was still leisurely and at ease beneath the joint attacks of the two great Seeing Divinity Martial Saints.

With his attainments in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, Yan Zhaoge completely did not fear being attacked simultaneously by multiple opponents at all.

He had originally already possessed the profundities of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture that reversed two extremities and the self-created Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder which swiftly returned his qi.

Now that he cultivated in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, yin and yang merging and coexisting in variations between two extremities, he possessed a top-tier method of dissipating and borrowing force as his rate of recovering his qi was even more powerful.

Simultaneously battling two Seeing Divinity Martial Saints, with yin and yang boosting and birthing each other, his true essence had virtually seen almost no depletion at all.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone did not fear being simultaneously attacked by multiple opponents due to the high speed that it possessed.

Unless the enemy had someone whose speed was at least close to his, being able to tie him down, the Northern Ocean Clone would be able to easily battle one against many based on his advantage of speed.

As for Yan Zhaoge himself, he was even more proficient in battling against multiple opponents and clashing intensely in long, protracted battles than the Northern Ocean Clone now.

There needed to be an opponent whose strength clearly surpassed his or one who could suppress the variations in the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture for Yan Zhaoge to feel pressured.

Otherwise, it would be useless however many people came.

Currently, however, Zhang Chao and Kang Maosheng clearly did not meet such criteria.

Zhang Chao felt extremely bitter, a feeling of despair arising within his heart.

Back then, he had stepped into the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar stage, having been in high spirits as he prepared to reign over the entire Eight Extremities World.

Yet, Zhan Dongge too had unexpectedly improved, attaining the second level of the Martial Saint realm.

In the end, he had been forced to trap himself inside a volcano.

Now, Zhan Dongge had long since passed away, while he had become the first person to successfully ascend to the World beyond Worlds from the Eight Extremities World.

This seemed to sufficiently prove that he who can laugh till the end is the true victor.

Yet, the currently Yan Zhaoge left him feeling despaired!

The person before him was another expert of the second level of the Martial Saint realm.

Zhang Chao was already incomparable to the past, having attained the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm in breaking through space and seeing Divinity.

His strength had soared by leaps and bounds, no longer being comparable to how it had been in the past.

Yet, all of this was still useless.

Facing another Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioner, he was still proved the inferior!


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