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HSSB780: Phoenix bone


Yan Zhaoge’s figure flashed, his finger dictating extremities as yin and yang circulated around him.

Zhang Chao’s full-powered Purple Sun Wheel changed its trajectory slightly, slamming directly into the leg of Kang Maosheng with whom he was currently allied.

Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his movements.

Even as he used the Yin Yang Finger with his left hand, the Glorious Rainbow Sword in his right hand unleashed a solitary arc of extermination, hacking at Zhang Chao once more!

Zhang Chao’s heart was overwhelmed by a desolate chill.

He could virtually predict how any of his techniques that were used to block Yan Zhaoge’s attack would most likely be useless.

His own technique would be strangely led askew by Yan Zhaoge, descending on Kang Maosheng.

As for Kang Maosheng’s attacks, they would conversely descend on him.

They seemed eternally unable to attack Yan Zhaoge, only ever able to attack the other.

Even as they faced each other’s attacks, they still had to deal with those seemingly indestructible swords of Yan Zhaoge’s.

Forcibly bearing those injuries, Zhang Chao roared, his figure shifting to the side like the sun moving across the heavens, horizontally traversing the sky.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s Leap of the Rising Sun far surpassed that displayed by other Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners as it was executed by the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint Zhang Chao.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light grew even swifter as it pursued Zhang Chao, not giving him a chance to escape.

When he was a set distance away from Kang Maosheng, Zhang Chao finally moved to block Yan Zhaoge’s sword.

Yet, a shocking glow suddenly erupted from that sword-light that was shrouded by white qi.

Where the white sword-qi passed, the shadow of death instantly hung over Zhang Chao’s heart.

Illusory scenes of the end of the world and great destruction actually appeared before the eyes of the usually lucid him.

All things walked towards extinction and their eventual end, the heavens collapsing and the earth splitting apart, the earth flowing with fire as the great thousand worlds were destroyed all at once.

Zhang Chao groaned tragically, fresh blood simultaneously spurting from his wounded left shoulder and left hand and catching ablaze within the air.

He forcibly spun to receive Yan Zhaoge’s sword with his left arm.

As he was struck by the sword, Zhang Chao’s left arm directly erupted in a haze of blood.

This was actually him having shattered his left arm on his own accord!

As his shattered left arm was enveloped by Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light, its flesh and blood instantly fell apart all at once.

The bloodied mist which suffused the heavens and the earth instantly dispersed.

Still having been blazing hot blood, muscles and bones a moment ago, they all shattered, dissipating into the wind.

How incomparably sturdy was the flesh and blood of Seeing Divinity Martial Saints Zhang Chao had chosen to forsake his own left arm, his flesh and blood directly exploding in a terrifying rain of blood.

Ordinary martial practitioners beneath the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm would be directly blown apart by this if they had drawn near.

Yet, as this terrifying explosion was enveloped by Yan Zhaoge’s sword-light, it instantly dissipated completely as it was like the loud sound of thunder but tiny raindrops, being all bark but no bite.

As this scene landed in the eyes of Zhang Chao and Kang Maosheng, their hearts immediately sunk into the deepest, darkest pits.

Zhang Chao clutched the wound on his left shoulder from which blood was spurting like a geyser with his right hand, his entire left arm up to the shoulder already being no more.

“Never, really never would this old man have thought that not dying in the hands of Zhan Dongge, I would instead ultimately fall to one of his descendants of a few generations after.”

Zhang Chao gazed at Yan Zhaoge, “You even possess that supreme treasure, the Extreme Yang Seal.”

“A pity, a pity.

This old man did not want to provoke the Nine Underworlds that year, not risking it by going down into the deep abyss of the Earth Domain.

Otherwise, if this old man had obtained the Extreme Yang Seal which suppressed the crevice to the Nine Underworlds, everything afterwards would have been different.”

Zhang Chao sighed, “A pity, a pity that there are no ifs in this world.

Having battled half my life, I have actually still ended up in such a state in the end.

If only!”

Following that sword, Yan Zhaoge no longer looked at Zhang Chao, his expression instead changing slightly as he looked in another direction.

Fiery light suddenly shot out from a passageway of the underwater palace.

The cry of a phoenix resounded within the palace.

While it was not as clear and crisp as Meng Wan’s, it appeared more authoritative and orthodox.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that it was a phoenix of flame.

The fiery phoenix did not charge towards Yan Zhaoge.

This was not the expert of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory who was here in person.

Instead, it was a puppet that he had created with a secret art which could be maintained for a short period of time, its power being equivalent to that of an expert of the Merging Avatar stage.

The fiery phoenix expanded its wings, charging towards a wholly unexpected person.

Tang Yonghao!

As Zhang Chao battled Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan battled Feng Yunsheng, Tan Yonghao just stood to the side, with Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng not attacking him.

While Tang Yonghao did not agree with Zhang Chao’s decision to abandon the Radiant Light Sect and pledge allegiance to the Grand Xuan Dynasty, he would never just flee solitarily.

Now, he was silently standing a distance away, waiting for the battle to ultimately be decided.

He too was taken aback by the fiery phoenix that suddenly shot towards him now.

Yet, Tan Yonghao soon realised, “Could it be because of that bone which I just obtained”

The blazing phoenix was swift as its wings of flame instantly came to envelop Tang Yonghao.

The blazing fire seemed set to incinerate Tang Yonghao into ashes.

While the difference between their cultivation bases seemed absolute, Tan Yonghao had no intention of giving up and begging for mercy as he stood tall against his powerful opponent.

Stimulated by those flames, a five-coloured glow was suddenly emitted from Tang Yonghao’s body.

This sudden change took Yan Zhaoge, Zhang Chao, Meng Wan and Kang Maosheng by surprise.

The silhouette of a divine bird actually manifested above Tan Yonghao’s head now.

The head of a chicken, the jaw of a sparrow, the neck of a snake, the back of a turtle, the tail of a fish, resplendent in threads of colour as it bore the five virtues-it was clearly a phoenix of flame!

The flame phoenix was surrounded by the five virtues, with the water ripples of holy virtue, the thick earth of meritorious virtue, the white qi of nether virtue and the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue all appearing illusory.

Yet, the black and white dawn mist of moral virtue was tangible, not ceasing in its circulation.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge was greatly surprised, “I have never seen Tang Yonghao like this.”

Gazing over, he saw that there seemed to be an existence that flickered with radiance within Tang Yonghao’s body.

The phoenix silhouette and the dawn mist of moral virtue both originated from it.

It was not fully integrated with the rest of Tang Yanghao’s body, appearing to be independent as it should be an external object and supreme treasure that he had just obtained.

The treasure was integrated within Tan Yonghao’s body but had still yet to merge completely with it.

That fiery phoenix uttered, “This is something that belongs to me! What qualifications have you to take it as your own”

He had not previously known about the existence of the Heaven Devouring Sword Box.

It was solely for this phoenix bone that he had come to this underwater palace!

This phoenix bone contained the true intent of moral virtue, its value not simply existing here.

More importantly, this could make up for the deficiencies in his Phoenix True Form Scripture, its significance surpassing the heavens as it was worth even more than a high-grade Sacred Artifact to him!

Unexpectedly, however, it had inadvertently been obtained by Tang Yonghao after entering the underwater palace, having unexpectedly merged into his body as well.

That fiery phoenix cared not even about Yan Zhaoge now as it unleashed blazing fire which descended and enveloped Tang Yonghao’s entire body.

While the phoenix bone had already merged with Tang Yonghao’s body, it had still yet to completely integrate with it.

The fiery phoenix’s only chance now was to refine Tang Yonghao and the phoenix bone simultaneously, shedding the fleshly body to regain the original look of the phoenix bone.

Moral virtue propagated the dao and spread virtue throughout all worlds, being the source of the myriad arts.

The black and white dawn mist surrounded Tang Yonghao’s entire body, unceasingly restoring the blazing fire back into its original form of harmless spiritual qi.

Yet, the gap in their cultivation bases being too great, the blazing fire finally gradually engulfed him.

Seeing this, Meng Wan wanted to temporarily extricate herself from her battle with Feng Yunsheng, first charging over towards that phoenix.

Still, it was already a little too late.

Now, a sword-light flew over, the blazing fire instantly being extinguished!


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