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HSSB781: Those looking for trouble should go line up


Yan Zhaoge’s strength was superior to Meng Wan who was bolstered by the Extreme Yin Crown.

Of all those present, he was the first to notice the arrival of that phoenix of flame.

Upon witnessing the phoenix silhouette suddenly manifesting from Tang Yonghao’s body and seeing the white and black dawn mist of moral virtue, Yan Zhaoge had come to a realisation on things.

That descendant of the Southern Exalt’s lineage had initially come to the underwater palace for this phoenix bone.

This phoenix bone only contained the dawn mist of moral virtue, lacking the true intent of the other four virtues.

With the other side still valuing it so highly, there was just one sole possibility which existed.

While the Phoenix True Form Scripture of the Southern Exalt possessed the true intent of the phoenix, it truly did lack the complete five virtues.

It was a certain thing that they possessed secret techniques for cultivating in the thick earth of meritorious virtue, the white qi of nether virtue and the blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue.

It was uncertain for the water ripples of holy virtue.

Still, from the looks of it now, they likely lacked a technique for cultivating in the dawn mist of moral virtue.

It was due to this that this person had risked trespassing onto the territory of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, coming to the Royal Reed Sea.

His target had been this phoenix bone.

This also explained why Wang Hui’s group had previously actually dared to try to ruthlessly silence Ye Xin who was of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage.

If the Southeastern Exalt were to learn of this matter, it would be very hard for them to succeed.

The relationship between the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and their southern Blazing Heaven Territory had never been all that good.

If the phoenix bone fell into the hands of Golden Court Mountain, they would most likely use it as a hold over them, demanding harsh conditions.

The fiery phoenix spread its wings to envelop Tang Yonghao, wanting to capture him alive and refine him to restore the precious bone.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge cleaved out with a sword.

With him having slain a descendant of the Southern Exalt’s lineage, Li Jing, there was already enmity between him and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

It would clearly be detrimental to him if the Southern Exalt’s lineage improved in strength.

That flame phoenix was merely a puppet.

After being struck by Yan Zhaoge’s sword, its flames were instantly dispersed as the feathers of its entire body seemed to be falling off non-stop.

“You again!” The phoenix raged.

Yan Zhaoge said casually, “Only having the arts, not having its significance.

So what if you obtained this phoenix bone You still wouldn’t be able to successfully attain the dawn mist of moral virtue.”

That phoenix descended from mid-air, the flames of its entire body gradually being extinguished.

It had been chopped into half by Yan Zhaoge’s sword blow, no longer being able to easily move.

Its aura gradually deteriorated as the spiritual qi and martial fist-intent that had originally been contained within dissipated as well.

Before the phoenix had vanished completely, it gazed at Yan Zhaoge, “After having obtained that bone and cultivating in the art of virtue, I will naturally do some things that make it convenient for me to accumulate moral virtue, successfully attaining the black and white dawn mist.”

“What I usually think of doing and what I do when cultivating are two different things altogether.

It is not that I will always need the dawn mist of moral virtue to deal with my enemies.”

“I cultivate in the arts of the phoenix to become stronger and not to cultivate myself into a phoenix.

Focusing on accumulating the five virtues through my deeds is solely for cultivation alone.”

The other party’s emotions had already calmed now, “People cultivate in martial arts, rather than martial arts dictating peoples’ actions.

Being controlled and restricted by martial arts is just akin to keeping the box and returning the pearl, this being an incomparably foolish thing.

Who would do it”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “For this kind of thing, it is really to each his own.”

The light of fire gradually dispersed, a phoenix folded of paper instead appearing before their eyes.

It appeared jet-black and sooty as it gradually burned and was reduced to ashes.

“I heard those words you said at the end.

So, you are not related to the Exalted Solar Luminary at all, only having obtained the Extreme Yang Seal through luck and chance.”

Looking at that paper phoenix amidst the flames, Yan Zhaoge seemed to be smiling whilst also not.

The other party said mildly, “While it is currently chaotic in the passageways of this underwater palace, I already know of this place.

Just wait for a short while.

This Zhuang will be right there.”

Before that paper phoenix was completely incinerated, it glanced discreetly at Meng Wan through the corner of its eye, murmuring in a low voice that was indiscernible to everyone, “How similar…”

The phoenix disappeared, and everyone exchanged looks.

Tang Yonghao looked at Yan Zhaoge.

While his expression was rather complex, he still thought to cup his hands towards Yan Zhaoge and thank him for his assistance in saving his life.

Glancing at that fallen pile of ashes, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “There are many who want to look for trouble with me.

You need to line up.”

Now, he suddenly gazed elsewhere.

The hearts of Kang Maosheng and Zhang Chao also jolted slightly now as they sensed a powerful aura suddenly approaching from another direction.

After carefully feeling those power fluctuations, Kang Maosheng blurted out, “Senior apprentice-uncle Qi!”

A tall, middle-aged man sped over, his face yellowed and his gaze cold.

Yan Zhaoge had seen him several times before, thus being aware that he was called Qi Wei and was the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s current number one grandmaster in formations in the Royal Reed Sea.

He was also the descendant of Daoist Shi who had previously come with King Xuanwen and Shen Lingzi and conquered the Royal Reed Sea.

Seeing this, Kang Jinyuan was instantly overjoyed, “It is great that senior apprentice-uncle Qi has come!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, flipping his palm as a great golden seal then instantly appeared in mid-air, resembling the blazing sun in the sky as its power was much more terrifying than Zhang Chao as he unleashed the Purple Sun Wheel.

Just having drawn near, still having yet to properly distinguish the situation at hand, Qi Wei’s field of vision was engulfed entirely by all-encompassing sunlight.

As the mighty, authoritative Extreme Yang Seal struck down towards Qi Wei’s head, he was instantly rendered dazed.

He was proficient in formations.

If he was given sufficient time to set them up, he would be able to battle one against many with his strength far surpassing other experts of the same cultivation level.

Yet, he was conversely a little on the weak side in terms of his martial prowess.

While Yan Zhaoge was not at the Seeing Divinity stage, as he wielded the Extreme Yang Seal now, he still nearly bashed Qi Wei’s head in.

It was only thanks to a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Blurry Shadow Woven Robe, that Qi Wei was able to guard against this.

Qi Wei regained his wits, his gaze instantly turning colder as he saw Yan Zhaoge and the wounded Kang Maosheng.

Without saying a word, he immediately retrieved thirteen yellow flags, flinging these outwards.

The thirteen flags expanded as they flew, light emanating all around as streams of radiance connected together, enveloping this region of space.

The environment of this underwater palace was complex with many intersecting tunnels.

With Qi Wei only just having gotten here, it was impossible for him to have set up a formation beforehand.

Still, he was indeed truly skilled in formations as he had already reached the point of being able to set up one anywhere with just the wave of a hand.

“Nice!” Yan Zhaoge could not help but nod in admiration at this.

Still, despite his admiration, Yan Zhaoge did not hold back in his movements at all as he struck out with a palm, the Extreme Yang Seal now unleashing a ferocious strike once more.

A great glorious sun landed within the formation, blocking an essential node as this prevented Qi Wei from properly starting up and circulating the formation that he had just finished setting up.

Beneath the all-illuminating sunlight, the thirteen flags shook simultaneously, the formation becoming unstable.

Qi Wei snorted, controlling the main flag with one hand as he took out another treasure with the other.

He sought to set up a second consecutive formation!

Even as Yan Zhaoge wielded the Extreme Yang Seal, he had already long since hacked outwards, his sword targeted straight at Qi Wei himself.

Qi Wei’s movements slowed as he invoked the Blurry Shadow Woven Robe to guard his body, a clump of black shadows winding round his body and instantly helping him to evade to the side.

Then, a formation which flickered with the light of thunder appeared above Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Thunder rumbled, heavenly thunderbolts mightily descending from overhead!

Yan Zhaoge moved, his exquisite footwork subtly deciphering the path of the formation as he evaded the mighty, full-powered attack of the thunderbolts.

Then, he executed the Yin Yang finger, Finger Decreeing Yin Yang as causality and effect were shifted.

Numerous thunderbolts hence instantly changed direction, heading in the direction of Kang Maosheng and Zhang Chao!


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