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HSSB782: You cannot stop me from killing who I want to kill!


Zhang Chao did not recognise Qi Wei.

Still, from the reactions of Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan, he knew that he must be a Grand Xuan Dynasty expert.

When Qi Wei activated a formation, Zhang Chao instantly recalled that he was the formations grandmaster who had formerly surrounded and attacked Yan Zhaoge along with several Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners in the Heavenly Inheritance Region and the Suffering River Region.

This caused Zhang Chao to feel much more reassured.

However, before he could even sigh in relief, the vicious light of thunder was already headed in his direction!

Only then did he suddenly recall with a start that Yan Zhaoge was similarly formidable in formations.

According to Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan’s words, this was someone whose formation attainments had already reigned supreme in the entire Eight Extremities World when just a Martial Grandmaster.

Now that Yan Zhaoge had already long since Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood, would his proficiency in activating and deciphering formations not have improved

Zhang Chao already had no time to continue thinking.

Already having been gravely wounded from his detonated arm, currently faced with Qi Wei’s Green Sky Devil Descending Formation, he was very likely to perish!

Zhang Chao evaded to the side with all his might.

Yet, there was still half of his body that ended up being utterly engulfed by that heavenly thunder.

Amidst the violent currents of electricity, Zhang Chao emitted a tragic groan, his flesh and blood all indistinct as he was badly burnt.

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, “Zhang Chao, you’re pretty good with your Turtle Divine Art, soldiering on and outliving all other experts of your generation and finally gaining a chance to stand at the top.

Did you think that having outlasted everyone else, you would be the last one laughing at the end”

A magnificent streak of sword light was emitted from his Glorious Rainbow Sword, hacking straight at Zhang Chao, “Sadly for you, there is still my Broad Creed Mountain to take care of you at the end.

Ancestor Exalted Heaven Shaker let you go, but I won’t!”

Qi Wei’s expression was livid.

Already having heard from Kang Maosheng about Zhang Chao’s intention to switch sides, he immediately unleashed his formation to obstruct Yan Zhaoge.

“This person is under my protection.

Stop it with this impudence!”

Yan Zhaoge’s sword did not cease as he simultaneously used the Extreme Yang Seal to lock down the changes in Qi Wei’s formation, next executing the Yin Yang finger once more.

The power of the formation which had originally been obstructing him instantly struck towards Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan.

Qi Wei was helpless against this as he could only first move to protect the Kang brothers.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Who did you say that you want to protect earlier”

Where his sword-light passed, Zhang Chao who had already been heavily wounded and on the brink of death instantly had his head separated from his body!

His head flew into the air, eyes staring wide.

The number one expert in this history of the Sacred Sun Clan who had once reigned supreme in the Eight Extremities World, the Purple Sun Martial Saint Zhang Chao, died with unresolved grievances!

Not only did he die with unresolved grievances, Qi Wei’s eyes virtually seemed to be spewing out fire.

As a lofty expert of the mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint realm, he had actually been unable to protect someone he wanted to protect!

He was even more unable to accept this with the person who had done the killing right in front of him shockingly being a mere mid Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

The usually calm Qi Wei could only feel fury shooting straight to the top of his head at this moment which was virtually impossible to repress.

Still, he was left feeling shocked by Yan Zhaoge’s abilities as well.

He had once battled Yan Zhaoge when he had been at the first level of the Martial Saint realm, already having been shocked then.

Still, that shock was still less that what he was feeling now.

Yan Zhaoge was just so different from others, from he himself and from all the other experts he knew, like Kang Ping, He Dongcheng, Gu Zhang, King Xuanmu and the rest.

His increase in strength every time he advanced even seemed to be greater than others when they achieved a cultivation breakthrough.

It just surpassed one’s expectations by far too much.

Qi Wei felt that under normal circumstances, with Yan Zhaoge breaking through from the first to the second level of the Martial Saint realm, while his strength would surely rise, it should not be rising as exaggeratedly as this.

His experience with others seemed not to apply to this youth before him at all.

Kang Maosheng and Kang Jinyuan too looked at Yan Zhaoge with complex expressions on their faces, finding it very hard to see through him.

Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan both fell into a short, momentary daze.

Even though they did not agree with Zhang Chao’s actions, he was the most legendary and colourful figure in the entire history of the Sacred Sun Clan at the end of the day.

He was like a legendary existence to all disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan, being even more of a lofty, incomparable existence than Huang Guanglie who had once reigned domineeringly up high.

Even though Meng Wan had already been superior to him with the help of the Extreme Yin Crown, such a fixed impression was not easy to get rid of at all.

Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan had not personally witnessed the deaths of Huang Guanglie and Huang Xu.

Now, witnessing Zhang Chao’s death in person was naturally an immense blow to them.

“Senior apprentice-uncle Qi, there was someone who came here just now.

The technique he cultivated in seems very similar to the Phoenix True Form Scripture of the Southern Exalt’s lineage.

This Yan Zhaoge made an enemy out of him,” Kang Maosheng suddenly seemed to think of something as he quickly added, “That person said that he was surnamed Zhuang.”

Qi Wei was shocked, “Cultivating in the Phoenix True Form Scripture, surnamed Zhuang”

Cold light was visible within his eyes as he chuckled coldly, “There really was that The person who ventured into the depths of the sea with a phoenix projected about him earlier indeed cultivated in the Phoenix True Form Scripture.

It is just unexpected that he is actually surnamed Zhuang.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly.

Tang Yonghao too was jolted back to reality, regaining his wits.

Qi Wei smiled coldly at Yan Zhaoge, “Having come from a lower world, there are indeed many things that you are unclear of.

You probably do not know that the Southern Exalt is also surnamed Zhuang.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he jolted slightly, “It is no wonder that he was already accompanied by a top-grade Sacred Artifact before having stepped into the Immortal Bridge stage.”

Looking at Qi Wei, he smiled relaxedly, “Then, which major figure is it that stands behind you, or rather the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s initial King Xuanwen, Shen Lingzi and Daoist Shi Can you say it”

Gazing fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge, Qi Wei could tell that he was not feigning his composure, instead truly being composed and at ease.

“Even I have to express my admiration here,” Qi Wei said slowly, “I wonder if you are fearless in your ignorance or truly possess that courage in knowledge.”

“Still, this is not of any consequence at all.

You did not wait securely under Lin Hanhua’s protection, instead running over here and seeking death yourself.

Now that you have fallen within my net, I will gladly grant your death wish!”

As he said this, Qi Wei formed hand seals with both his hands, retracting them before his chest before simultaneously pushing them horizontally forward.

The thirteen yellow flags expanded amidst the air, streams of yellow smoke arising from below.

Dark clouds densely filled the air overhead, the light of thunder shooting in all directions.

The pincer attack of the two formations jointly trapped Yan Zhaoge in between them!

With a composed expression on his face, Yan Zhaoge wielded the Extreme Yang Seal.

Now, however, his heart suddenly jolted.

At the centre of the blood pool in the depths of the underwater palace, the Northern Ocean Clone who was in the midst of refining the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner abruptly opened his eyes.

The blood pool before him began surging and falling intensely, having lost its original stable tempo as it became more and more hurried.

It was like the beating of a heart had suddenly accelerated.

The sacrificial forging of the treasured sword within the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box that had already reached its final juncture was affected by this as it instantly became unstable as a result.

The entire underwater palace was currently quaking intensely.

Yan Zhaoge realised, “The Immortal Bridge Martial Saints like Kang Ping and Gu Hong have already encountered one another, currently being in the midst of a battle outside the underwater palace.

The disturbance stirred up by this is too great!”

The light flow within the blood pool had originally agglomerated about the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box, unceasingly extracting spiritual qi and supplying it to the sword box.

At this moment, however, the sword box suddenly shook intensely.

The stream of light up above abruptly began circulating in reverse!

An immense suction force emanated from the blood pond, wanting to forcibly draw out the existence inside the sword box!


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