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HSSB784: Did I allow you to leave


Even as he controlled the two formations to circulate in reverse, Qi Wei speedily left, not wanting to die alongside Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge instead laughed, “Did I allow you to leave”

He raised his palm, the Extreme Yang Seal rising and directly locking down the Green Sky Devil Descending Formation that roiled with thunder overhead.

Meanwhile, the thirteen flags were allowed to shatter.

The thirteen great flags all shattered successively, the great earth breaking apart though the sky remained.

However, beneath the influence of the black holes in the surroundings, an intense distortion force was formed by the deficient, broken formation.

The heavens and the earth circulated in reverse, instantly sweeping the escaping Qi Wei back over!

Qi Wei’s expression changed slightly, the Blurry Shadow Woven Robe on his body transforming into a clump of black shadows which enveloped him, leading him along in instantly dodging to the side.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge struck out with the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, reversing causality and effect and causing the heavens to flip and the earth to overturn with the power of two extremities forcibly distorted.

The black shadows formed of the Blurry Shadow Woven Robe which enveloped Qi Wei instantly shook somewhat as they were pressured greatly by the palm force of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

The black shadows switched between real and illusory, struggling to regain their tangible form.

An expert of the mid Seeing Divinity stage coupled with a mid-grade Sacred Artifact could exert shocking power.

Even Yan Zhaoge striking out with the Cyclic Heavenly Seal was insufficient to immediately cause their concept to circulate in reverse.

However, Qi Wei was still obstructed by Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

The numerous black holes surrounding the underwater palace all became connected together now as they transformed into a boundless deep, dark abyss.

Yan Zhaoge kept the Extreme Yang Seal and guarded himself.

The Green Sky Devil Descending Formation broke apart as well following the formation of thirteen flags that previously exploded.

Qi Wei who had wanted to deal with Yan Zhaoge through the joint destruction of his two great formations was instead swept along by the power of the formations as they both shattered.

The two formations which should originally have fallen apart together were instead extinguished one after the other beneath Yan Zhaoge’s interference.

The distorted power of extermination that was born as a result instead enveloped the original owner of the formations, Qi Wei, next dragging him towards the black hole.

Qi Wei was truly unordinary as he controlled the Blurry Shadow Woven Robe to resist the suction force of the black hole while striking out consecutively with his palm in mid-air.

The scattered light of thunder congregated once more as the Green Sky Devil Descending Formation which had originally already broken apart and dispersed actually appeared once more.

The other formation could not be easily restored due to the thirteen flags having been shattered.

Still, the Green Sky Devil Descending Formation was re-established, heaven thunder roiling and exploding unceasingly before the black hole, allowing Qi Wei to gradually regain his stability.

After the light of thunder broke apart, the electricity leapt about as it was still sucked within the black hole in the end.

Still, with the Green Sky Devil Descending Formation blocking for him, Qi Wei was saved from the fate of being directly engulfed by the black hole.

“Marvellous!” Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly even as he arrived before Qi Wei.

The Extreme Yang Seal which was upraised high in his hand mightily slammed downwards!

Qi Wei’s eyes looked on the brink of imploding.

Yet, he had nowhere to evade to, only being able to parry Yan Zhaoge’s blow with all his might.

In the end, he was mightily slammed backwards by that collision with the Extreme Yang Seal, stumbling into the Green Sky Devil Descending Formation.

The Green Sky Devil Descending Formation which had originally already been on the brink of collapse beneath the mighty pressure of the black hole instantly exploded once more.

The roiling light of thunder shot out in all directions.

Yan Zhaoge raised his palm to block it, jolted backwards alongside the Extreme Yang Seal at the force of the collision.

Yan Zhaoge showed no intention of forcibly taking it head-on at all, instead making use of the force of the collision to fly backwards as he ensured that he and the Extreme Yang Seal would not be captured by the suction force of the black hole just like Qi Wei.

As for Qi Wei, he was no longer able to stabilise his figure as he was engulfed by the black hole along with the surrounding electricity.

The lower half of his body descended completely into the black hole, with only the upper half visible on the outside as he struggled on desperately.

Now, a bright sword-light flew over from the distance.

Qi Wei glared at Yan Zhaoge, “You…”

Before he could finish his words, the sword-light directly struck the top of his head!

As a mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, he was pathetically unable to evade or block as he could only be slain by Yan Zhaoge’s sword like a living target!

Retracting his sword, Yan Zhaoge sighed, “A pity.

Your skills in formations were truly unordinary.”

As Yan Zhaoge saw it, while Qi Wei was a fifth level Martial Saint, under certain set circumstances, the threat he posed would not be any inferior to the likes of Kang Ping in the least.

It had not been a wise choice at all for Qi Wei to have met him in close quarters.

Such a formations expert would be able to influence things immensely if they hid at the back and went on with their scheming.

Since the other party had chosen to assail his strong point with his weak point, Yan Zhaoge would naturally accept it with glee.

Qi Wei had wanted to leave Yan Zhaoge behind here for good.

Yet, he had not known that Yan Zhaoge intended for the same.

Yan Zhaoge similarly valued talents.

Yet, he would never care about such with his enemies.

As Yan Zhaoge retracted his sword, Qi Wei’s body began collapsing around the area of his wound as it gradually dissipated completely into the wind as dust and ashes.

The Immortal Ending Sword extinguished all things.

Following Qi Wei’s death, his powerful fleshly body as a mid Seeing Divinity Martial Saint of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm was unable to bear the powerful sword-intent of the Immortal Ending Sword as well as it collapsed non-stop.

With him dead, his power dissipating, he was no longer able to resist being devoured by the black hole.

Qi Wei’s body was still in the midst of collapsing as it was engulfed by the black hole, shattering completely as it vanished without a trace.

As Yan Zhaoge retracted his sword, he flicked it upwards, the sword-light bringing back a Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Yan Zhaoge was rather interested in seeing what a formations grandmaster like Qi Wei might be in possession of.

Still, he did not have the time to examine the things inside that Shadow Shrinking Pouch now.

While Qi Wai had been slain, a more powerful aura was currently headed rapidly in this direction.

The cry of a phoenix repeatedly resounded, fire wreathing the area as the surrounding temperature instantly rose.

Yan Zhaoge did not need to carefully distinguish it to know who the newcomer was.

For the sake of Tang Yonghao’s phoenix bone or to get rid of him, Yan Zhaoge, thus venting his emotions, the other party cared not about the abnormalities in the underwater palace and the revival of the fearsome Taotie as he still insisted on forcibly charging over nevertheless.

The dazzling light of fire lit up on the body of the fiery phoenix, instantly illuminating the entire region of space.

A dark red treasured-light also flickered on its body, making for a truly shocking sight.

This person was an expert of the late Seeing Divinity stage who was accompanied by a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Not even considering weapons, this person was superior to other experts of the same cultivation level like King Xuanmu, Luo Zhiyuan and Zhou Haosheng whilst even empty-handed.

Yan Zhaoge who had clashed with him before even felt that this knave might not be any weaker than Luo Zhiyuan and King Xuanmu with the Sun Moon Wheels and the King Xuan Spear in hand at all.

This was someone who could surpass levels, battling experts of the Immortal Bridge stage.

The higher the cultivation level, the fewer the experts who stood there.

All those who had attained such heights would definitely be outstanding in some area or other.

Those who were ordinary would have long since fallen out from the race, no longer being able to continue chasing after their footsteps.

Being able to surpass levels in battling even for the sixth and seventh levels of the Martial Saint realm, this person here was not simple at all.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had already came to predict all of this when he had obstructed him from killing Tang Yonghao and obtaining the phoenix bone.

Looking at the rapidly approaching phoenix of flame and the underwater palace that was already gradually crumbling beyond recognition all around him, Yan Zhaoge communicated mentally with the Northern Ocean Clone.

The Northern Ocean Clone had also arrived at a critical juncture at the blood pool with the demonic heart.

He had to directly face the demonic soul of the Taotie seeking to merge with its fleshly body whilst also risking being devoured by the Taotie.

Yet, the Northern Ocean Clone’s expression remained calm as he continued stabilising the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner while gazing at the blood pool down below.

The bloodied waters of the roiling blood pool suddenly split apart to the sides now.

A dazzling speck of blue surfaced within the crimson water.


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