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HSSB785: The evil sword is born


That dazzling speck of blue was extremely bright and eye-catching as it dyed half of the space that shone with the light of blood blue.

That was the final lifeblood of the Taotie which originated from the depths of its blood vessels.

Currently, it was condensed at ultra-high levels in preparation for its revival.

This was something that outsiders would be extremely hard pressed to achieve with secret arts, even if they completely extracted all the demonic blood in the Taotie’s body.

It was only possible for such a thing to occur under unique circumstances such as these.

As the lifeblood appeared, the shaking of the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box instantly increased in intensity.

The ancient copper sword in the sword box seemed no longer able to seal the demonic soul now.

The deafening roar of the Taotie was such that it made all who heard it wish that they were deaf.

The image of the Taotie stretched out its neck from the surface of the sword box, virtually turning tangible as it sought to charge out of the sword box and into that blood pool, merging with the drop of blood within as well as its fleshly body which was currently in the form of this underwater palace.

Now, however, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone suddenly moved!

With the Earth Devouring Burner, the Northern Ocean Clone slapped straight down on the top of the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box with his palm.

The legs of the Earth Devouring Burner that resembled a small black incense burner gradually began merging with the exterior of the sword box as it rested atop it!

At this moment, the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner came together as one.

The Earth Devouring Burner seemed like it was an accessory which had always existed attached to the top of the sword box like this.

The light of fire suddenly surged within the black incense burner, resembling ashes being rekindled!

The manifested demonic soul of the Taotie which sought to escape from the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box instantly halted momentarily in its tracks before it emitted a piercing, enraged roar.

The Northern Ocean Clone spread his palms apart, roaring, “Pan-Pan!”

Radiance flickered within his palm as a chubby, black and white figure leapt out from within, responding to his call as it leapt into the pool of blood!

It was precisely Pan-Pan.

He had exited the Myriad Dragon Palace previously, remaining at the blood pool instead of following Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

He had already long since been awaiting this moment.

Entering the blood pool, Pan-Pan blinked before his tongue shot outwards, directly swallowing the lifeblood of the Taotie which resembled a deep blue gemstone into his stomach.

A layer of blue light instantly surfaced about Pan-Pan’s body.

Yet, his eyes had turned bloodred.

A violent, ferocious aura emanated from Pan-Pan’s body as his figure irrepressibly expanded.

Pan-Pan usually remained shrunk, maintaining such a form.

Now, however, he was unable to control his body any longer as he swiftly regained his original size, becoming as massive as a mountain peak.

Even so, streams of bloodred light surged unceasingly on the surface of his body, seeming as if his blood vessels were about to burst with the interior contents all spraying out of his body.

This dead Taotie had possessed a considerably powerful cultivation base.

Even whilst dead, its one drop of lifeblood was the agglomeration of the essence of its entire body’s demonic blood.

The power it contained was still far from what Pan-Pan could safely devour and absorb now.

The Northern Ocean Clone had long been prepared for this as he raised the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box above Pan-Pan’s head before putting it down.

The protective fire on the sword box flickered, instantly emitting an immense suction force which helped Pan-Pan to bear some of the pressure.

The wildness and pain within Pan-Pan’s eyes vanished as they regained their cool.

Pan-Pan’s massive body did not shrink as he directly descended into the blood pool down below.

Pan-Pan additionally began absorbing the remaining demonic blood within the Taotie’s demonic heart in large amounts as well.

As the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and the Earth Devouring Burner merged completely, the demonic soul of the Taotie which had previously only been a single step away from escaping was instantly trapped within once more.

A streak of light flashed across the surface of the ancient copper sword, sweeping along the demonic soul which roared in unresigned fury as it returned within the sword.

The streak of light transformed into a single dot which unceasingly traversed the blade of the sword.

The piercing shrieks that resembled the wailing of infants gradually transformed into the ringing of a sword, emanating from within the sword box and endlessly expanding into the surroundings before finally reverberating about the entire underwater palace.

That powerful aura soared high into the heavens, shocking everyone’s hearts.

Kang Ping, Gu Hong and the others were all stunned, “This…this is the birth of a high-grade Sacred Artifact! Moreover, it is an extremely powerful high-grade Sacred Artifact, being a peak existence amongst all Sacred Artifacts!”

The water of the blood pool dried up, the demonic heart of the Taotie gradually separating from the remainder of its fleshly body.

The remainder of the Taotie’s fleshly body all transformed completely into black holes now!

Countless black holes gradually merged together as one, forming an utter deep abyss which devoured all things and lifeforms that existed within.

Endless Magnetic Storms ran rampant in the seas of the Royal Reed Sea’s Clear Scenic Region.

Yet, those storms actually gradually abated at this moment.

Yet, this was naught but the calm before an even greater storm.

The seas of the entire Clear Scenic Region, including other places in its surroundings that were connected to it such as the Desert Mountain Region, all began collapsing inwards now!

A massive black hole appeared at the bottom of the sea from which emanated a terrifying devouring force that unceasingly swallowed everything that existed up above.

The underwater palace at the depths of the sea had already vanished completely.

Those who had originally been inside it were all now trapped by the black hole which dragged them downwards.

That terrifying force was something that even the likes of Kang Ping who had already attained the Immortal Bridge stage were greatly troubled by as they were hard pressed to extricate themselves.

Whether it was Kang Ping, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang or Luo Zhiyuan, Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu, none of them had any time at all to care about their earlier opponents now.

All of them strove upwards with all their might, attempting to break free of the restrictive forces of the black hole.

The Taotie had not revived successfully, its demonic soul instead completely being refined into a part of the treasured sword as an unparalleled brutal sword had thus successfully been born.

However, the power of its remaining flesh and blood had already been completely stimulated.

Without the demonic soul possessing the body now, its power instantly ran amok, descending into a final frenzy.

Its flesh and blood was fully ignited, transforming into a terrifying black hole which would devour all things before directly collapsing into extinction.

At that time, it would be ashes to ashes and dust to dust for all lifeforms which had been devoured by the black hole.

The sole area which was less affected was the Taotie’s demonic heart which had been preserved.

The demonic heart and the region of flesh and blood surrounding it existed as the only remnant portion of the underwater palace, barely maintaining its original form as it also strongly resisted the pull of the black hole down below.

In the palace in the vicinity of the blood pool, that fiery phoenix had already soared over before Yan Zhaoge.

He too was shocked by the sudden turn of events, “This palace is formed of the carcass of a Taotie, with a high-grade Sacred Artifact being hidden within it as well”

“Wrong, the Sacred Artifact was only just completed.

Ancestor Hei should already have died long ago.

This was a ritual mechanism left behind before his death that has lasted all the way till today”

The figure of a youth appeared amidst the projected phoenix, his brows knit tightly, “I would never have thought that the phoenix bone aside, Ancestor Hei actually left such a thing behind as well.

If I had known about this earlier, it would not have been this problematic.”

The youth’s gaze turned towards Yan Zhaoge and Tang Yonghao, his brows relaxing, “Fortunately, this place is still stable.

I should retrieve the phoenix bone before looking for that Sacred Artifact.”

He directly extended his hand and grabbed towards Yan Zhaoge and Tang Yonghao beneath his gaze.

The phoenix of flame flapped its wings, all-encompassing blazing fire sweeping the area.

The light of the Extreme Yang Seal flickered.

Yet, it was blocked by a dark red glow which also lit up atop the body of the enemy.

While his high-grade Sacred Artifact was inferior to the Extreme Yang Seal, with his cultivation base far surpassing Yan Zhaoge’s, he was able to exert more of the might of a Sacred Artifact.

Still, Yan Zhaoge’s expression remained composed.

The next moment, an extremely ferocious aura emanated over.

The Northern Ocean Clone appeared before everyone with a massive black sword box on his back.

The blazing fire formed by the flapping of the phoenix’s wings was instantly absorbed within, vanishing without a trace.

The other party raised his brows, the fiery phoenix descending with shocking momentum.

The Northern Ocean Clone put down the sword box, mightily clapping down on its top.

The sword box opened with limitless sword-qi shooting out frenziedly from within!

The sword-qi unceasingly collided with the blazing fire in mid-air, the sword-qi hacking apart the flames and the flames incinerating the sword-qi with both sides in heated battle.

Yet, following the emission of that sword-qi, a sword-light now slowly arose from the sword box.


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