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HSSB786: Ascending to the heavens and seizing the moon


As the sword-light slowly rose from the sword box, an evil and ferocious, greedy and tyrannical aura also suffused the area.

Enveloped by the black sword-light, an ancient, rustic sword appeared where the sword box opened.

Having originally seemed to be forged of copper, its lustre rapidly changed from red to dark brown.

Its material instead resembled bronze now.

The Northern Ocean Clone reached out and grabbed the hilt of the ancient bronze sword before drawing it out of the sword box.

Instantly, black light suffused the area.

The sword-light transformed into a massive black hole, hanging high within the air.

Evil Sword Taotie!

Where the gloomy, indistinct black sword-light passed, the blazing fire was instantly devoured!

After devouring the blazing fire, the black sword-light appeared no weakened at all as it instead seemed to have been strengthened!

Seeing this, the youth enveloped by the phoenix silhouette raised his brows, lining his palm into a sabre as he chopped out towards the Northern Ocean Clone.

Blazing flames condensed into numerous sabre-lights which intersected in mid-air.

The fiery red sabre-lights were incomparably condensed, each of them resembling threads of silk.

Incalculable sabre-lights intersected in mid-air, forming a massive net which enveloped the entire area, densely descending down upon the Northern Ocean Clone in an all-encompassing manner.

The Northern Ocean Clone did not let down his guard as he wielded the Evil Sword Taotie against it.

Yan Zhaoge arrived behind the Northern Ocean Clone, lining his index and middle fingers into a sword and tapping down on the Northern Ocean Clone’s back.

The sword-intent of the Immortal Ending Sword which contained infinite variations instantly projected a set of sword arts that was compatible with the Evil Sword Taotie, the sword thus enabled to better unleash its might.

The dense black light transformed into a boundless black hole, expanding outwards without end.

It seemed limitlessly huge as it went to oppose the opponent’s Phoenix Wings Heavenly Shifting Sabre.

“This evil sword is of a very high quality…” The youth amidst the flames knit his brows as he saw this.

His strength far surpassed ordinary experts of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone who had yet to reach the Immortal Bridge stage did not possess sufficient strength to wield the full power of the Evil Sword Taotie.

Under such circumstances, that the Northern Ocean Clone was actually able to block a sabre of his again surpassed his expectations.

He snorted coldly, suddenly extending a hand.

The dark red glow flickered, landing in his hand.

It was the high-grade Sacred Artifact which had previously been kept on his body just for defensive purposes.

As the glow faded, gazing over, Yan Zhaoge found that it was actually a bow.

The other party pulled back the bowstring, blazing flames agglomerating at his fingertip which rapidly formed a fiery red arrow that was aimed straight at Yan Zhaoge.

This was a high-grade Sacred Artifact bow.

Its true power had not been displayed at all as it had been used for protective purposes earlier.

Only now could this person be considered as truly utilising this high-grade Sacred Artifact.

The bowstring twanged.

A streak of fiery light pierced through space, its momentum shocking the heavens and shaking the earth as it shot straight at Yan Zhaoge!

There was no time gap between when the arrow was released and when it arrived before its target.

Also no fiery traces were left blazing in the air between Yan Zhaoge and the other party.

This arrow seemed to completely ignore the boundaries of time and space.

Only when the black sword-light of the Evil Sword Taotie flickered did the fiery arrow appear, being blocked by the black hole.

Yet, the black hole was unable to devour the fiery arrow this time.

Bright light erupted with this fiery arrow actually penetrating through the obstruction of the sword-light, still shooting off in the direction of Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone.

The power of this bow as wielded by the enemy was already limitlessly close to the full power it was able to exert, being truly terrifying as it merged with his mighty power that was comparable to that of Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had long been prepared for this as the Extreme Yang Seal descended from the sky, slamming down upon that fiery arrow.

The fiery arrow whose power had already been diminished greatly from penetrating through that black hole was instantly extinguished beneath the pressure of the Extreme Yang Seal.

A severe look appeared within the youth’s gaze as he felt vexed at his failure to take down Yan Zhaoge.

He had already faced Yan Zhaoge with all solemnity, yet was helpless against the fact that he had a greater foundation to back him up, possessing more treasures.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry at this.

In terms of foundation and accompanying treasures, it was extremely rare for him to lose out to someone.

Never would he have thought that he might be pressured by someone from the lower worlds in this aspect one day.

“How much true essence have you, to be able to simultaneously wield two high-grade Sacred Artifacts and survive their depletion”

Finding it inconceivable, this youth said not another word as he directly drew his bow and shot another arrow.

In the end, however, it was still blocked by Yan Zhaoge!

He stared wide-eyed, “How is this possible One second level Martial Saint, one fourth level Martial Saint-how is it possible to continuously activate two high-grade Sacred Artifacts simultaneously”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was deep but calm as his majestic true essence that was usually accumulated by the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and Cyclic Heavenly Scripture was swiftly depleted.

The Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture circulated, helping him to unceasingly regain his lost essence and qi.

At this moment, he was not as relaxed as when he had battled Zhang Chao and Kang Maosheng earlier as even with the help of the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, his true essence was still being depleted greatly.

Still, Yan Zhaoge did not feel panicked at all as he waited for a suitable opportunity.

This opportunity lay with the battle currently ongoing between Feng Yunsheng and Meng Wan.

A great battle that shocked the heavens was raging on there as well.

Despite feeling slightly dazed after Zhang Chao had died, Meng Wan had quickly regained her concentration.

That aside, the intensity of the battle between she and Feng Yunsheng seemed no inferior at all to the battle Yan Zhaoge was currently in.

The two of them went all out in their battle with neither one appearing as the clear victor.

A bluish-black fire dragon and a silvery-white phoenix were locked in battle.

While they were within the palace, the battle between the two caused great changes in the actual sea of stars above the sky of the outside world.

The cold, desolate Moon Star of Extreme Yin traversed the sky up above, seeming to replace the position of the sun.

At the same time as this, the black fire of devilish qi overflowed, devouring radiance.

Accompanied by this boundless power of corrosion, the power of the Rahu star of the eclipse manifested.

The grand power of the true Nine Luminaries began partially penetrating through space, successively descending on the Extreme Yin Crown and the Extreme Yang Seal with neither given the advantage.

At the start of the battle, Meng Wan somewhat grasped the upper hand.

At the end of the day, the Extreme Yin Crown was an actual high-grade Sacred Artifact, being perfect and without flaw.

The Cold Sun Divine Sabre was still in the midst of recovering, still having yet to truly regain the flair of the former Rahu Sabre.

The full power of the Cold Sun Divine Sabre which Feng Yunsheng could unleash now could only be maintained for a rather short amount of time.

In her battle with Meng Wan, she did not use such a risky move.

Yet, as the battle progressed, the radiance of the cold sun in Feng Yunsheng’s eyes flourished, the sabre-light of the Cold Sun Divine Sabre growing brighter as well.

The ferocious black fire of devilish qi surged as well, being stimulated non-stop.

After the battle, Fen Yunsheng won back the situation in their favour as the also began switching from attack to defence, standing at a great advantage.

Eventually, the tides turned in Feng Yunsheng’s favour as she switched from defence to attack, having gained the upper hand.

The battle between dragon and phoenix of the past Extreme Yin Bouts reappeared.

This time, however, the phoenix descended, the dragon’s roar resounding throughout the nine heavens!

The radiance of the cold sun and the black fire of devilish qi intermingled, forcibly pressuring down on the cool, clear moonlight.

Feng Yunsheng paid the price of a few injuries as she forcibly jolted Meng Wan away from the Extreme Yin Crown.

She inhaled deeply, right hand wielding her sabre as she reached out through space with her left hand, resembling a true dragon extending its claw as it extended into the radiance of the Extreme Yin Crown.

Meng Wan forcibly suppressed her injuries, still not giving up on the Extreme Yin Crown.

Yet, the bluish-black radiance of the Cold Sun Divine Sabre flickered, keeping her at bay.

The dim blue radiance of the cold sun faded from Feng Yunsheng’s eyes, the acupoints of her entire body pulsing in unison as streams of cool, clear moonlight surged from within.

Just like Meng Wan’s, they were that of the purest Extreme Yin Physique.

A formless stairway seemed to appear before her which she now ascended.

At this point, Feng Yunsheng was already almost completely depleted, no longer being able to battle.

The fatigue from wielding the Cold Sun Divine Sabre overcame her, making her feel extremely weak.

Still, Feng Yunsheng’s gaze was fixated on the Extreme Yin Crown up above as she stood tall, striding all the way up.

The dragon of light soared through the heavens, seizing the moon as its own.

“So, in the end…” Meng Wan sighed, Tang Yonghao’s expression appearing complex as well as he was filled with emotion.

Seeing the light dragon ascending to the heavens and seizing the moon, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Finally…”


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