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HSSB787: A good chance to kick them when they are down


A long time had passed, the Extreme Yin Bout long since having become a thing of the past.

The Extreme Yin Crown had already not been Feng Yunsheng’s sole goal in life for a long time.

Still, seeing how she had finally obtained the object of her desires following so many tribulations, Yan Zhaoge still felt rather emotional as he was happy for her.

Around eight years ago, she should already have possessed all this.

It should also not have taken this long afterwards.

Still, the unpredictability of the world’s events had made it such that Feng Yunsheng ultimately remained unable to claim the Extreme Yin Crown by just a little bit.

Even her chances in the Extreme Yin Bout had disappeared for good.

Fortunately, perfect, satisfactory closure had finally been achieved.

The youth that was enveloped by the phoenix silhouette watched this expressionlessly, “People from mere lower worlds actually possess so many supreme treasures.

Are you not afraid that you cannot bear their weight You should know that an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.”

Feng Yunsheng was not of the Martial Saint realm at the end of the day, also being depleted greatly from her battle with Meng Wan.

Despite having won the Extreme Yin Crown, she was no longer able to battle, unable to continue wielding both the Extreme Yin Crown and the Cold Moon Divine Sabre.

Yan Zhaoge and the Northern Ocean Clone were already at their limit simultaneously wielding the Extreme Yang Seal and the Evil Sword Taotie.

With a great depletion of his true essence that the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture were unable to keep up with, Yan Zhaoge would soon be unable to continue wielding high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

Still, the chance that he was waiting for had already arrived.

Even as Feng Yunsheng defeated Meng Wan and obtained the Extreme Yin Crown, Yan Zhaoge retrieved a crystal which he promptly shattered.

He snapped his fingers, “Pan-Pan”

In the blood pool formed of the Taotie’s heart, Pan-Pan whose figure now resembled a mountain peak lowered his head, looking at the crystal which had originally been hovering in mid-air before him which had suddenly seemed to shatter due to an external force.

Pan-Pan blinked, a dark blue lustre still roiling on his body surface as he shot out of the blood pool.

As time passed, while the region of palace in the vicinity of the blood pool had not turned into a black hole as well, it was still in the midst of breaking unceasingly apart.

As Pan-Pan shot out from the palace through one of these gaps, his figure expanded yet further.

His body which had seemed as massive as a mountain peak expanded non-stop, occupying space high above as he blotted out the sky and concealed the sun.

At the end of it, he had become even more massive than the wreckage of the palace!

A violent look again appeared in Pan-Pan’s eyes.

He roared before directly opening his mouth and chomping down on the underwater palace that was on the brink of collapse.

The location it chomped on was precisely the already dried up blood pool where the Taotie’s heart had been.

Pan-Pan chomped down on the blood pool before swallowing it.

The region of wrecked palace that had originally surrounded the blood pool could instantly no longer be maintained as it hence broke apart completely.

The broken walls and wreckage of the palace that surrounded Yan Zhaoge and the other combatants were all reduced to nothing as well now.

The sky reappeared up above, the heavens of the World beyond Worlds already clearly within sight.

Gazing all around, ferocious, roaring seawater had formed a massive whirlpool in their surroundings.

They were currently at the centre of the whirlpool.

Meanwhile, it was completely dark down below where existed the massive black hole formed from the collapse of the Taotie’s carcass.

That black hole was vast, encompassing a wide territory and viciously devouring all things up above, seeking to drag the myriad lifeforms down into it.

The blood pool was swallowed by Pan-Pan, the underwater palace completely breaking apart.

The guy enveloped by the phoenix silhouette immediately realised that something was wrong.

The terrifying devouring power from the black hole down below was now acting on him as well.

Streaks of black light were actually emitted from the whirlpool now, sweeping over towards him!

He frowned, hurriedly concentrating his power as the fiery phoenix soared high into the air lest it ended up locked down by the black hole down below.

With his cultivation base, even protected by a high-grade Sacred Artifact, if he really fell within the black hole which afterwards collapsed, it would most likely be fatal for him.

Soon, however, a black sword-light flashed before him whose aura was extremely similar to that of the black hole down below.

Yan Zhaoge was attacking once more.

Just looking carefully at it, the other party instantly felt a chill run through his heart.

Having swallowed the Taotie’s heart, the blood vessels of Pan-Pan’s body expanded once more, streams of light surging madly as he was unable to repress the fierce light flashing within his eyes.

Yet, standing atop the air, despite being drawn by the black hole down below, he was still able to keep himself stabilised now.

Yan Zhaoge kept the Extreme Yang Seal.

Still, the sword-light of the Evil Sword Taotie in his hand flickered, possessing a high resistance against the black hole formed of the Taotie’s fleshly body.

Yan Zhaoge leisurely chopped out with a sword.

He asked, his expression composed, “We have clashed two times.

How should I address you”

That youth ground his teeth, “Wutong Slope, Zhuang Chaohui.”

Wutong Slope of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory’s Phoenix Ritual Mountain was where the dao arena of the Southern Exalt was located.

Zhuang Shen was the name of the Southern Exalt.

As Zhuang Chaohui blocked the sword-light, his figure that was shooting upwards was immediately swept along by the streams of black light down below which dragged him downwards.

Frowning, he glanced at Yan Zhaoge, still shaking his head in the end.

Under these circumstances, the black hole down below which devoured all things had become Yan Zhaoge’s greatest assistance.

In clashing here, it would be as though Yan Zhaoge possessed the home advantage, this advantage also being one which could be expanded virtually infinitely.

Yan Zhaoge would not have to exert too much force.

Just blocking the path, Zhuang Chaohui would be locked by the black hole’s influence very quickly.

If he was dragged completely into the black hole, such would spell a situation of near-certain death.

Zhang Chaohui was unable to pay too much attention to Yan Zhaoge as he devoted eighty percent of his energies to resisting the suction force of the black hole that seemed able to swallow the heavens and devour the earth.

Controlling a high-grade Sacred Artifact did indeed take a lot out of Yan Zhaoge.

Still, before he ran out of stamina, Zhuang Chaohui would first have been engulfed by the black hole.

The blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue which left one impervious to fatal tribulations flickered on Zhuang Chaohui’s body, resisting the black light.

The fiery phoenix flapped its wings, shooting into the heavens with all its might as that treasured bow which flickered with dark red light assisted in blocking the attack by the Evil Sword Taotie.

A wisp of the white qi of nether virtue appeared, seeking for life amidst the hardest of predicaments as it found the route where existed the greatest possibility of his survival.

The fiery phoenix soared upwards, breaking free of the terrifying devouring force of the black hole.

Passing by Yan Zhaoge’s group, he attempted to take Tang Yonghao away along with him.

Yan Zhaoge had long been prepared for this as he blocked this with a sword.

Clear resentment and regret appeared within Zhuang Chaohui’s eyes.

That phoenix bone which Tang Yonghao possessed was of the utmost significance to him, to the southern Yang Heaven Territory and to the Southern Exalt.

The disciple of the Southern Exalt’s lineage Li Jing had been killed by Yan Zhaoge, their disciple Wang Hui also having been captured because of him.

All this commotion had actually been for this phoenix bone which contained the true intent of the dawn mist of moral virtue.

That had been Zhuang Chaohui’s ultimate goal in coming to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory this time, its significance surpassing even the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Evil Sword Taotie.

He sighed slowly towards the heavens before his figure spun, the phoenix’s wings sweeping away the wholly unguarded Meng Wan by the side before they soared into the skies and fled the Clear Scenic Region.

“Little Wan!”

“Junior apprentice-sister Meng!”

Feng Yunsheng and Tan Yonghao both exclaimed in shock.

Yan Zhaoge was rather taken aback by this as well.

Even if he wished to vent his fury, it should not be on Meng Wan…

Now, the whirlpool down below roiled as several figures successively shot out from the sea below.

Yet, all of them were hounded by black streams of light which were unceasingly attempting to drag them back into the depths of the sea as their predicaments were much worse than Zhuang Chaohui’s had been earlier.

Yan Zhaoge blinked.

Amongst those first to emerge was Kang Ping.


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