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HSSB789: Closure at last


Yan Zhaoge was very happy kicking his enemies when they were down.

Despite their wonderfully supreme cultivation bases, the pitiful Kang Ping and co were unable to do much because of the black hole down below.

Yan Zhaoge went round after round, one sword per person as he whacked all of them below before going for another round.

Kang Ping included, everyone was forcibly dragged back into the depths of the sea by the black hole.

Below the whirlpool, the massive black hole began swallowing them all up while distorting non-stop.

It was already not long before it completely collapsed for good.

Kang Ping raised his head, shooting a hateful look at Yan Zhaoge in the air above him.

He made a sword seal, raising the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword up high.

Seeing this, Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng sighed, making the exact same sword seal as well.

Three great Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of the same lineage executed the Time Flowing Sword together.

The three streaks of sword-light fell on the surface of the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword together, sword-light that resembled rain scattering off it which enveloped the entire black hole.

Time seemed as though it had been frozen in the depths of the sea at this moment.

The black hole no longer distorted restlessly.

Yet, Kang Ping and the others were locked down in the space between the black hole and the World beyond Worlds with this.

The entire deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region seemed to have been separated from the World beyond Worlds, forming a separate dimension of its own.

Luo Zhiyuan and the others of the Radiant Light Sect were like insects sealed in amber now.

The massive whirlpool on the surface of the sea was gradually quelled as the seawater no longer sunk downwards.

With the terrifying suction force down below having vanished, those on the surface of the sea no longer had to stand on Pan-Pan’s back to be able to keep their balance.

Yan Zhaoge kept the Evil Sword Taotie as he gazed at the black hole that was enveloped by a blurry layer of light down below.

The endless Magnetic Storms gradually showed signs of re-emerging.

Yan Zhaoge suddenly raised his head, looking into the distance.

Two sword-lights streaked through space, approaching rapidly as they were in front of Yan Zhaoge and the others in an instant.

As they halted, two people appeared, one whose aura was as sharp as a sword and another who always wore a smile on his face.

They were none other than disciples of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage, the ‘Shadow Mountain Sword King’ Lin Hanhua and ‘Green Plains Sword King’ Mu Jun.

Glancing at the black hole down below, Lin Hanhua asked, “Have there been any disciples of the Southern Exalt’s lineage who appeared here”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, answering slowly, “There was someone who appeared.

He called himself Zhuang Chaohui.”

Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun exchanged glances, “Zhuang Chaohui-it was actually him who came”

Hearing their explanation, Yan Zhaoge’s earlier guesses were affirmed.

‘Flame Phoenix Expelling Sun’ Zhuang Chaohui, also known as the ‘Phoenix Prince’, was the young son of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen and renowned throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

Lin Hanhua’s expression was rather stern as the smile on Mu Jun’s face was also reduced as a result.

A late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint expert had previously entered the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory’s Royal Reed Sea from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

They had therefore rushed over to deal with him.

From the looks of it now, it had been the scheme of drawing the tiger away from the mountain as this location might be where their true target had lain.

Mu Jun regained his smile, “Does Little Friend Yan know what Zhuang Chaohui came here for”

They were currently in a state of passivity primarily due to not knowing their opponent’s true aims.

Yan Zhaoge pointed at the black hole, “This was the estate of some senior expert which contained a few of his treasures.”

“One of them should have been a phoenix bone.”

Shocking radiance erupted from Lin Hanhua’s eyes, Mu Jun’s gaze narrowing slightly as well, “…Phoenix bone”

Yan Zhaoge elaborated, “This phoenix bone contains the true intent of the dawn mist of daoist virtue, one of the five great virtues.”

At this point, Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun immediately understood it all.

Lin Hanhua chuckled, “To think that such an object was actually hidden away within the lands of my southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

Mu Jun’s smile had faded greatly, “With this, Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope has gotten what they wanted…”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Far from it.”

The expressions of Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun both flickered as their gazes then fell on Yan Zhaoge, “Could it be…it has landed in your hands”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, pointing at Tang Yonghao who stood by the side, “I do not have it.

Instead, this Senior Brother Tang, Tang Yonghao, obtained it through a stroke of fortune.”

“He obtained that phoenix bone a step before Zhuang Chaohui did, somehow refining it within his own body.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Zhuang Chaohui wanted to refine him completely to obtain that phoenix bone, and I stopped him from doing so.

Now, the phoenix bone is still within Senior Brother Tang’s body.”

Lin Hanhua pondered for a moment before asking Tang Yonghao, “Are you willing to follow us back to Golden Court Mountain”

Tang Yonghao had already long since learnt what kind of place Golden Court Mountain was by now.

The Radiant Light Sect and their Chief, Luo Zhiyuan, were currently all trapped within that black hole down below.

Tang Yonghao could never bring himself to pledge allegiance to the Grand Xuan Dynasty which had destroyed the Sun Moon Peak.

Still, Golden Court Mountain seemed a good choice.

If there was ever a sliver of a chance to be had in rebuilding the Sacred Sun Clan, it might exist there.

Tang Yonghao bowed towards Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun, “This junior is willing to go.”

He straightened and turned to look at Yan Zhaoge who seemed completely composed as there were no fluctuations within his gaze in the slightest.

Golden Court Mountain’s lineage was unlikely to refine Tang Yonghao to extract that bone from him.

On the contrary, he might be treated well at Golden Court Mountain, perhaps even gaining a chance to become a disciple there.

Tang Yonghao’s expression was somewhat complex as he looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Tang Yonghao actually thought the same as Meng Wan regarding the former Sacred Sun Clan.

While he disapproved of the decisions of Huang Guanglie, Huang Xu and Huang Jie, that had been the clan which raised him at the end of the day.

That the other party was too powerful with the difference in their abilities being too great would never become a reason for Tang Yonghao’s hesitation.

Yet, he had to admit that he would find it difficult to raise his sword against Yan Zhaoge now.

Whether or not he was ultimately able to become a disciple of Golden Court Mountain, if not for Yan Zhaoge, he would already long since have died at the hands of Zhuang Chaohui.

There was approval and admiration within Mu Jun’s gaze that was on Yan Zhaoge.

The Southern Exalt’s lineage would definitely never give up on Tang Yonghao and that phoenix bone.

While this would be a tricky thing to have for Yan Zhaoge, it was the ultimate card to manipulate the southern Blazing Heaven Territory with for Golden Court Mountain.

There was so much that Golden Court Mountain would be able to do based about this phoenix bone.

In just a mere moment, Mu Jun had already thought of several good ideas himself.

Mu Jun glanced at Yan Zhaoge.

The youth before him had truly been of great help to Golden Court Mountain this time.

The positive effects of his assistance existed tangibly there, being far superior to that from him having earlier seen through the secret of the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation and helped to obstruct Wang Hui and Li Jing.

While considering this, Mu Jun peered at the sea of the Clear Scenic Region down below, casually asking, “Little Friend Yan, it is said that the Radiant Light Sect obtained the Extreme Yin Crown.

Is that treasure currently also in the black hole at the depths of the sea”

Yan Zhaoge was silent for a moment before smiling, “No, it is currently with my wife.

In the Eight Extremities World many years back, my clan fought over this with the Sacred Sun Clan that the Radiant Light Sect supported for many years.

Finally, it has entered our hands for good now.”

Mu Jun was rather taken aback as he glanced at Yan Zhaoge and smiled, “Then, it is closure at last.”


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