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HSSB790: Wealth even greater than the Southeastern Exalt’s


“The Extreme Yin Crown is just like the Extreme Yang Seal, not being simple at all…”

As he thought about this, Mu Jun sent to Lin Hanhua via sound transmission, “This Little Friend Yan is truly blessed by fortune.

That treasured light and spiritual qi which shot to the heavens earlier was a high-grade Sacred Artifact as well Of great quality that is rare throughout the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

“From the looks of it, it also originated from this underwater estate, its aura being the same as that of that black hole as they likely stem from the source.”

Mu Jun smiled, “Good fella! The Extreme Yang Seal, the Extreme Yin Crown, this high-grade Sacred Artifact from this underwater estate.

From the news sent over by junior apprentice-brother Chen, they even offed the current generation Xuan King and seized the King Xuan Spear.

Additionally, a treasure which seems somehow related to the Rahu Sabre of the past is also in their possession.”

“To be honest, eldest apprentice-brother, even I feel a little tempted to go slaughter and make off with the goods.”

Lin Hanhua said mildly, “People have their own fortunes.

One cannot envy and also need not do so.”

“The King Xuan Spear and the Sacred Artifact from this underwater estate aside, the Extreme Yang Seal, the Extreme Yin Crown and the Rahu Sabre are all not simple objects.

One can only wait and see to know if they spell blessing or disaster.”

Mu Jun laughed, “Who would say otherwise Those blessed by great fortune generally suffer greater calamities as well.”

“That which they surpass grants great fortune blessed by the heavens.

Yet if they fall to a tribulation, they can only perish with their dao dissipating as a result.”

After laughing, Mu Jun instead sighed, “He and his clan behind him lacks even a single Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, yet possess this many high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

This should be completely unprecedented throughout the World beyond Worlds’ history In terms of quality, even our Golden Court Mountain’s entire wealth cannot compare to its abundance.”

Hearing his words, Lin Hanhua too could not help but smile.

Mu Jun said, “An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth.

Possessing so many valuable treasures, there may easily be many people eyeing him.

We ourselves are not, but we cannot say for sure that other people won’t.”

Lin Hanhua said, “Having gained this phoenix bone that contains the true intent of the dawn mist of moral virtue, he can be considered as having helped us out.

I will look out for him.

Still, it would be impossible for me to be by his side all the time.

More of it will still have to depend on he himself.”

Mu Jun looked at the region of sea down below, “What will happen to Kang Ping and the others”

“From the looks of it now, they will not die.

Having been locked down, that black hole is already unable to rapidly and violently collapse.

It will simply fall apart gradually over time.”

“After a few years, when the black hole has been whittled down sufficiently, they will be able to exit safely.”

Mu Jun said, “There is also no need to worry about Yan Zhaoge or Gu Hong coming over to kill them.

It is a fragile equilibrium that exists here.”

“Before the black hole completely vanishes, if the equilibrium is broken, the black hole will collapse at once.

It will be impossible for Yan Zhaoge even with that high-grade Sacred Artifact which shares the same concept as the black hole.

He too would have to die alongside them, this being irrational.”

As he spoke, Mu Jun gazed at Lin Hanhua, “Still, might there be any other accidents Should we lend them our help If all three of them die here, I fear Golden Court Mountain might fall under suspicion on reneging on our agreement.

It would be difficult for Master to speak to that person at that time.”

Lin Hanhua said indifferently, “Master only gave them permission to be active in the Royal Reed Sea, not asking for any interventions.

Whether they can succeed and whether they die in the process, our Golden Court Mountain has never made a guarantee on such things.”

“It was due to their personal enmity this time that they pursued those of the Radiant Light Sect here, becoming trapped by the black hole.

How is this our responsibility at all If the person behind them is dissatisfied, they can go explain it themselves.

We are in no way obligated to provide assistance.”

Lin Hanhua’s gaze was cold, “They have already stirred up trouble long enough in our southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Now, I feel it is quite good that we can have peace and quiet for a few years.”

Mu Jun nodded neutrally, “That’s also right.”

Looking down below where Kang Ping and the others had joined forces to sustain a barrier of sword-light, entering a standoff with the black hole, Yan Zhaoge could not help but smile, shaking his head.

He who bore the Evil Sword Taotie and Pan-Pan who had swallowed the Taotie’s heart could only barely resist the devouring force of the black hole.

That destructive power that was able to decimate the heavens and earth which would erupt outwards when the black hole collapsed was not something that could be resisted easily.

If he were to try to end the lives of Kang Ping and the rest now, it would be equivalent to sacrificing his life to take them down along with him.

“Still, it should be quite a while before the black hole down below naturally disperses,” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “The passing of time and the changing of seasons; the whole world may be different in a few years.”

Seeing Yan Zhaoge gazing in a trancelike manner at the black hole down below, the Lord of North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Gu Hong could not help but ask, “Little Friend Yan, there is something that I wonder if you are aware of”

Yan Zhaoge looked over at him, “What is it, Pavilion Lord Gu”

Gu Hong said worriedly, “North of the Radiant Light Sect’s Sun Moon Peak, in the region of sea above the Spirit Inheritance Region, there exists a wound of the sky.”

“According to the words of the Radiant Light Sect’s Chief Luo, this wound of the sky leads to the Eight Extremities World where you were born.”

“The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s King Xuanmu did not pursue us here to the Clear Scenic Region.

He should have led troops to attack your Eight Extremities World…”

Gongsun Wu looked at Yan Zhaoge, not knowing how he might react after hearing such news.

King Xuanmu was himself an expert of the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage.

He was also accompanied by the Grand Xuan Spear and countless other experts.

If such a force was to attack a lower world, even with their cultivation bases suppressed by the power of dimensions, it would still be like a chaotic, unstoppable tide.

Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu believed that faced with such pressure, the Eight Extremities World and Yan Zhaoge’s lineage would definitely not be able to stand against it.

With so much time already having passed, everything would long since have been settled over there.

Yan Zhaoge had probably come directly to the Clear Scenic Region, still not knowing about all that had happened over at the Spirit Inheritance Region earlier.

Gu Hong looked rather worriedly at Yan Zhaoge, thinking about how he should comfort him.

If Yan Zhaoge was overwhelmed by fury, wanting to seek vengeance with King Xuanmu, Gu Hong felt that he should still accompany him in doing so.

After all, King Xuanmu who possessed the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear, had high martial prowess comparable to that of Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

If Yan Zhaoge went to look for him then, he would not be like Kang Ping and the others earlier who had been trapped by the black hole and unable to retaliate.

While Yan Zhaoge possessed more than just a single high-grade Sacred Artifact, he still might not be able to defeat King Xuanmu.

This would especially be so if King Xuanmu had already returned to his capital, possessing the home advantage.

It would be even more difficult if Yan Zhaoge attacked him then.

Hearing Gu Hong’s words, Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Thank you for telling me this, Pavilion Lord Gu.

Still, I already knew this before coming to the Clear Scenic Region.

In truth, this Yan actually came to the Clear Scenic Region via the Spirit Inheritance Region.”

Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu were both taken aback, “Then, the situation at the Spirit Inheritance Region now”

Before Yan Zhaoge could answer, Mu Jun had already smiled, replying, “The current Xuan King and his troops who invaded the Eight Extremities World were all slain, all perishing in the region of sea close to the Spirit Inheritance Region’s wound of the sky.

This includes the current Xuan King.”

“The Grand Xuan Dynasty’s high-grade Sacred Artifact, the King Xuan Spear, is currently precisely in the hands of this Little Friend Yan.”

“!” Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu were both rendered dazed by this.


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